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Right after the incident, the police got involved and there was an arrest for all the staff who helped Alicia. However, Etoile has covered up the incident as a rogue incident and fired everyone who was involved, in hopes to sweep everything under the rug.

This incident was coined the Etoile Incident.

Nothing was reported on the news but only those who were involved knew what happened.

Takamura and Shizuka went back and explained everything to Ryuutaro and Fuji.

Satoru was scouted by Etoile to work for them again as he had talent with Musumes but he rejected the offer and went to work as a normal employee in a game development company.

Ayumu went to work for a company that researched on Musumes and their application in the daily lives of humans such as how they would be able to positively impact the world and prevent another Etoile Incident from happening again.

Mashiro disappeared right after the Etoile Incident and no one heard from him ever since…

A few months later.

"Taka! How long are you going to make us wait?" Fuji called out.

"I'm sorry. It's just that Aki-" Takamura was cut off by a elbow jab to his chest by Shizuka.

"Just whose fault was it again?" Shizuka asked in a threatening voice. "I don't remember it being mine."

"Right." Takamura gave an apologetic look. "Aki was busy putting up make up and being indecisive on what to wear for today."

Shizuka who had Takamura hand in hers, started to tighten her grip.

Takamura winced in pain.

Shizuka then let go of his hand. "Let's go guys and leave this useless boyfriend of mine behind." She turned around and stuck out her tongue at Takamura.

"She never changed at all. Takamura muttered under his breath as he caught up to them.

All their Musumes were sitting on their Masters' shoulders. As they walked down the main street in Akibahara, the group was greeted with a huge screen that was embedded in a building.

"Hello everyone! This is Suzuha Nao!" The idol that Takamura accidentally bumped into when he was trying to pick his first Musume.

"And this is Chiharu!" The Musume with long blue hair wearing matching idol clothes with Suzuha introduced herself.

"We're currently here to promote the Battle Musume Championships!" Suzuha said in excitement. "Anyone can join the Championships. It is a no holds barred, single elimination style of competition! The winner of this Championship will have various benefits such as having huge discounts when buying related Musume parts to getting free tournament only parts!"

"There are many other good offers for those who participate and get a good standing!" Chiharu continued where Suzuha left off. "All in all, there are really good prizes for everyone! Details will be released soon so check out the Etoile main webpage and register when it out!"

The screen then flashes to various highlights of Battle Musume matches that were recorded in the Battle Arena. Some of the highlights even showed Takamura's first battle.

"Hey, look!" Ryuutaro pointed out.

"That's us right?" Fuji exclaimed.

"Definitely! It's my first battle in that event!" Takamura said out loud.

The rest of them continued watching the clip as the monotone announcer promoted the Championship. The moment the highlights reel ended, the camera returned to Suzuha and Chiharu.

"Well, aren't all of you excited? We hope to see you at the Championships!" Suzuha waved goodbye.

"Master! Wait!" Chiharu stopped Suzuha. "You forgot this important information!"

"Oh… I'm so silly." Suzuha said as she stuck out her tongue. "Everyone who enters or buys tickets to watch the Championships, you will receive a copy of Suzuha's single – Light of Mirrors and you will have a chance to attend Suzuha's handshake and signature session during the day of the Championships!"

"With that, we bid you a good afternoon!" Chiharu waved and the video ended.

"That was some awesome news." Ryuutaro bounced with excitement.

"Ryuu… You don't mean?" Takamura was trying to read Ryuutaro's thoughts.

"Exactly what he meant!" Fuji cut in. "Let's join the Championships. All of us!"

"It'll be fun!" Shizuka bounced in excitement as well while grabbing onto Takamura's hand. "Let's go together! All of us!"

Takamura seeing that there was not going to be any way that he could refuse, gave in.

"We'll all join together when the registration is up on their main page." Takamura said. "For now, let's get some grub. I'm hungry."

The rest agreed and they slowly made their way to the nearest family restaurant to eat.

Just then, something caught Takamura's eye.

From the corner of his eye, Takamura saw a Musume with peach-pink hair running past him.

"Rei…" Takamura stopped himself half way. He watched the Musume ran up to her Master who was wearing a black trench coat. The man seemed to have noticed Takamura looking at it as he turned and waved his hand to greet Takamura.

Takamura thought the man looked familiar when Shizuka came up from behind him.

"What are you looking at?" Shizuka asked.

"Hm? Oh it's nothing." Takamura replied as he looked into her eyes. "Let's go. I'm hungry."

Takamura gave her a peck on her forehead which made Shizuka blushed.

As they moved on to join Fuji and Ryuutaro, Takamura took one last look behind him.

The man in the trench coat was no longer there.

"Mashiro? I don't think that's possible…" Takamura was thinking to himself when Ryuutaro shouted at them.

"Oi! If you two love birds aren't going to hurry up, we'll just ditch you!"

"Coming!" Takamura replied as he hurriedly joined them with Shizuka.

The four of them then headed off while talking about future plans to join the Battle Musume Championships.

The End