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WARNING: Drug-use and light smut!

I could feel my blood boil beneath my skin, fueled with rage, and it was all directed at him. The damn Tech of the ship. He was supposed to be one of the top Techs in the galaxy. You'd think he'd be a professional; you'd think he wouldn't dick around fixing things on a fucking spaceship. Well, you'd think wrong. The shit I ask him to fix, "Always seems to FUCKING FAIL!" I let the words fly from my mouth without hesitation.

I know it would've been better to keep it to myself – keep my cool around the rest of the crew. They didn't seem to think it out of the ordinary, seeing as this was something that happened often these days… Me getting mad at Strauss and fuming up and down the hallways cursing up a storm.

I just couldn't take it anymore. I am a nice, easy going guy – or I would like to think that I am – but with him...

"Fucking Strauss," I muttered under my breath this time. I had become so weary of his games. Even with my photographic memory, it was too tiresome to remember and navigate without the Nav system to help me along.

It didn't help that the Captain was breathing down my neck for proper routes, schedules and all that fun stuff. It was more work than it needed to be mapping out and putting all the cords in by hand and remembering everything. "Aaaaaaaah," I pulled at my face dramatically and continued on the well known route to Strauss's room.

I could feel the adrenaline of rage slow as I stepped down to the lower floor, my hand dragged along the metal wall. "What can I even say to make him smarten up?" I thought out loud. "He's a stubborn, no-good, dirty feline. He should just follow a ball of yarn down a deep, deep hole!" Stopping in front of one of the few windows on the ship, I placed my forehead on the cool glass.

"He never fixes anything properly, no matter how many times I tell the Captain to get rid of him. He likes to play more than work… I bet I could do a better job." I complained while absently tracing a circle around one of the stars from the Tagal-May system.

"What am I supposed to doooo?" I once again went all dramatic and slammed my opened palmed hands against the windows and pulled down slowly. I gave a small chuckle to my theatrics.

"Do something nice for me and I'll fix whatever you like. Just like new," a smug voice cooed.

I spun around only to see the dirty feline himself; like a switch the rage came back. My eyes fumed at Strauss and it wasn't lost on him.

"Are you telling me you want me to suck your fucking dick to get shit done around here?" I was nearly screaming at the top of my voice to him, my hands balled at my side.

"Hey, I wouldn't deny it, and it would give me some much needed motivation." Strauss was smiling wide, but it soon faded seeing I was not he held his hands up in surrender, "Look, I heard Dove. I'm sorry the Cap's givin' you grief over the Nav being down. I already had a chat with him... and it's fixed, permanently." He gave a smug toothy grin, "I swear, you won't hear anymore about the Nav being down." He dropped his hands and moved his messy black hair from his smoke covered face.

With that being said I could feel some of the rage come to a simmer. Strauss set his orange cat eyes on me – he looked dangerous. It never helped when we were alone because the air sang a buzz that started a warmth throughout my body. It always got my nerves going.

"For the hundredth time, stop calling me Dove." I crossed my arms at him, the atmosphere was making it hard to think straight. "So does this mean that I won't have to call on you every other damn day to fix the fucking thing?"

It had been a few months since Strauss had started doing this to me and it got progressively worse since. He would make perverted advances with me too, which made me learn to keep my guard up around him – or try to. Being in charge of Communications and Navigations, I was used to staying aboard and rarely came into contact with hostiles. Not that I couldn't handle myself... something about being around Strauss just made my mind numb.

"Maybe not to fix the Nav, but you can call on me anytime you like Dove." He gave a soft chuckle "Sorry... Dover." He was teasing me with a smooth voice.

"Pfft, like that would ever happen." I struggled to keep my guard up as I pushed back into the window using a hand to steady myself. He took a step towards me. One more, and we'd be chest to chest. "Y-you know I don't like it when you tower over me like this. M-move back." I couldn't hold his eyes anymore, nerves started to take hold of my body and I could feel my defenses falling already. I looked down the corridor in hopes that someone would come by and let me escape.

No one would come. We were on the lower floor and it was not a place people were wandering often. Strauss was the only crew member that stayed on this floor, so it was just him and I.

"Don't be so mean Dover, I can get down to your level if you like. Just ask me sweetly." He bent down till we were eye to eye, closing the gap in the process, placing a hand on the window behind me.

My hands shot up to push him back, but at most they were just temporarily holding him in place. I took a deep breath in and put up my defenses again. "Don't fucking do this with me Strauss, I don't need a dirty Tom trying to rub up on me." I paused for a moment, gathering more defense. "I'm not fucking gay, so back the fuck up before I beat you off!"

Strauss roared with laughter. "Y-you, you want – pffftt hahahaha, you want to–to beat me off Dove?" He moved back to grab his sides and continued to laugh hard.

I was a bit dumbfounded by the sight of Strauss laughing so much about a beating. I didn't dwell on it long, I used this moment to make my escape and went around the laughing buffoon. At the bottom of the stairwell, I heard Strauss call out.

"Doooove, come back! Hahaha! COME BEAT ME OFF!" The feline roared into another laughing fit once again.

I ran up the stairwell my mind occupied once again by Strauss. He always said such dirty things and I played right into it, leaving a wide opening. He would be using that every time he sees me now. This is such a horrible day...

"FUCKING ST-," My foot caught the edge of a step and I went flying forward into a very soft landing.


Peeling myself off a chesty woman, I stepped down in a daze, it was Ophelia.

"O-O-Ophelia!" My voice went high and squeaky.

"What the hell you doing shoving your face in me chest?" She was standing up now, her long golden hair cascaded in waves down to the stairs. She sounded irritated at most.

"I-I." I started to make random gestures with my hands to explain I had simply tripped.

"Well spit it out, why don't 'cha." She wasn't looking at me and the mess I was, she focused on adjusting herself and her weapon belts. Her pink tinted skin had a dim shimmer to it in the under-lit stairwell. Her green eyes snapped up and softened upon contact, "Sorry Dover, didn't mean to scare 'ya."

She started to pull her hair together and up; how she dealt with so much was beyond me. As I watched her play with her it, I thought about how it would feel to have it all draped around me as she sat atop. "The Cap's been on every ones tails lately and it's been teeing me off. Not one stop anyplace for more than half e'day." She patted the last of her long hair into place and drew herself up happily."Hey Dover." My eyes gazed to hers. I gave an awkward smile to show that I was paying attention. "Think I should do as them Gaelic twins 'n get meself a sex-pet?" Her face was serious as she waited for my response.

I could feel my face burn up as she watched me fumble with my words, "W-well, I don't. I-I've never t-thought. You could, could always..." I squeezed my eyes shut. I just wanted this day to be over.

"Bwahahahaha, oh geez Dover. Why don't cha lighten up, it was just a joke." She stopped for a moment to give me a good look over. "Hey Dover, you been talking to Handel?"

The mention of Strauss was all it took to get words to fly from my mouth. "I don't know what is wrong with that guy, but I think the Captain should just throw him off the fucking ship!" My body even came out of the daze of being in Ophelia's presence. "I'm sorry Ophelia, I tripped. I never meant to... to put my f-face..."

"Haha, don't worry a bit 'bout it. I know you wouldn't do somethin' like that on purpose, Dover." She gave me a playful punch in the shoulder that made me take a step down. She chuckled at it, "Handel sure knows how to put you in a twist."

Before I had a chance to defend against the accusation the door at the top of the stairs opened and it had both our heads turning. A smaller, pink skinned, girl poked her head through.

"Ophelia, there you are!" She flung the door open with more strength than you'd expect from such a small girl. "I SWEAR, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE OLDER ONE AND HERE YOU ARE SLACKING OFF LIKE A DAMN BUM!"

Ophelia seemed unfazed by the vocal level of her little sister, but I was cringing at the sound.

"Chill out Hel, I was just taking a break n' talking to Dover here." She tilted her head in my direction.

"I don't care what you were doing! Get your lazy ass to work!" Helena's voice was calmed, but still quite loud and the authority was not lost.

"Tsk, you're goin' to work me to death little Hel." Ophelia turned to me and placed a firm, heavy, hand on my shoulder. "You should really just f-"

"OPHELIA!" Helena was not one for patience– really neither sister was from the what I'd seen in the last two years.

"Whatever. See ya later Dover," She gave me a cute wink that made me smile sheepishly.

Helena was waiting at the open door for her sister to make her way through. I watched Ophelia and her apple bottom ascend to her sister. It was entrancing until her ass disappeared around the corner and I was left with a death stare from Helena.

"Get your shit straight Tokay." Although young, Helena was seriously strict and not someone you'd want to mess with. No matter how hot her sister was. She was right; I needed to get my shit together.

I was left alone in the quiet stairwell and it made me sink down to the steps. This year was getting hard for me, dealing with all the dynamics of the crew and not being home for so long. I heard a slight squeaking coming from below and my eyes felt heavy as they searched for the source in the darker corners.

Suddenly a deep thunk behind me had me spinning around in a second. I was met with big yellow eyes and a wet nose that touched the tip of mine. I sighed a sigh of relief. "Noosa... man I've had a bad day..." I wrapped my arms around the small fuzzy monkey like body and felt something soft and firm under its foot. "Huh, what's this thing?" I pulled out what looked like a small stuffed fish and turned it over in my hand, noticing a small zipper in the belly of it.

"Where did you get this Noosa?" The strange, mousey-faced, animal just tilted its head and its large ear flopped slightly at the tip. "Hmm, going to be stubborn like that. Well from the looks of it, it's probably that nasty cats toy." I seethed at the thought of the man, looking down at the fish. Curiosity got the best of me. "Maybe it will be something that can give me the up on Strauss for once, hey Noosa?"

Noosa squeaked and chipped at me in response, then took off in a hurry. I shrugged at the action; it wasn't the first time Noosa would bring me a kind of 'prize' and I would be left to return it to its proper owner. Although it would be a first, bringing me something of Strauss's. I unzipped the belly of the fish and dug inside it.

My fingers were met with another smaller plastic bag, I held it up to the light and tried to make out what it was. I couldn't see what it was well enough in the thick plastic baggy, so I focused on trying to open it. It was sealed really well and this fueled my curiosity and promise for something good to have on Strauss. Just as I was wiggling a finger under a flap, Strauss's voice boomed in the stairwell.


My finger slipped with the sudden volume change and the small bag popped open. The substance fluttered down – on and around me – in a giant puff. It was almost like... gold? I stood, trying to brush it off of me, and with every brush I could smell a sweet aroma burst from the gold like substance.

Soon Strauss was panting at the bottom of the stairs I stood in the middle of.

"Where the fuck. Is. That messed up monster pet of yo-" He stopped and sniffed the air seriously, "Did... did you?" His eyes looked a flame – with what, I wasn't sure. I'm pretty sure it was in the range of, you know, anger.

But I didn't care about how bad his day was going. He had just harassed me and I couldn't stop being a blubbering idiot in front of the hottest chick on the ship.

"Here's your fish. I'll pay to replace what was inside of it... Noosa, kind'a... umm. She-she tore it up and ran. So yeah." I held out the empty fish to Strauss, but he made no move to take it from me. "Come on Strauss, just tell me the price and I'll pay you back. You know how Noosa is… I'll leash her for a while if that makes you happy."

"Shut up Dover, just tell me... did... did it get all over you?" He started to climb the steps but it looked like he struggled with each one he took and his eyes burned into me uncomfortably.

"I-I... yeah I think so but it's mostly on my clothes." I pulled at my shirt to show him and check for myself. "It smells nice. I tried to brush some of it off but it just sticks to me." I held up my hand to show him the shimmer of gold on my hand. He was only four steps from me when I felt the air around us change. It buzzed right through me and made my body tingle all over.

Locking eyes, Strauss stopped for only a moment before closing the gap between us with steady steps. He was face to face to me a step down and even then I still had to look up to keep eye contact.

I could feel a light breeze with the quickness of him closing the gap and with it wafted a sweet, almost citrus, scent. It was amazing as it wrapped around me. Something I had never noticed before. I started to look Strauss over. His hair was wet and his skin clean, something that I had never seen in the two years I was aboard. It had made me come to the conclusion that he never showered to begin with.

But standing in front of me was a marvelous looking man on the edge of breaking. I never thought I would see Strauss in this kind of light. It was becoming dangerous being so close. Whatever was in that small bag was having a strange affect on both of us.

My body froze the moment I felt Strauss's hand grab a firm hold of my hips. I hesitated. "Strauss... what's going on? What was... was in that... that fish?" My body heated with the contact and made my mind wander in a haze how it would feel with direct skin contact. I felt my legs start to lose strength, and the aroma around us grew heavy. Everything was going fuzzy and before I knew it I was looking at the ground. Strauss had scooped me up and thrown me over his shoulder in one clean motion. I had no chance to protest.

"Nnn, why do you smell soo... good Strauss?" Over his shoulder I pulled at the back of his shirt to get a deeper wiff of the scent. "I could live with this smell for the rest of my life... mmhmm." I was lost in the sweet citrus scent when I saw the exposed flesh below. My body was in a daze and reached out for the firm tanned skin. My fingers set ablaze and my hands soon followed.

I had never felt heat like this before just by touching someone. It was a new sensation I was indulging in, but in one instance I was thrown from Strauss's shoulder onto a bed.

I whined at the lost heat and pushed myself up to take in my surroundings, "Strauss?" The whole room smelt of the sweet citrus scent and I took a deep breath in.

"Stop calling my name, you fucking brat with your stupid damn pet!" He pulled his shirt off in one motion, "Strip." He was talking through gritted teeth.

"S-strip!?" I clung tight to my shirt and was hit with another scented wiff; it made my head spin and I slumped down.

"For fuck..." Strauss came over to me in just his briefs, his knees pushed in the edge of the bed. "...sakes... you're not making this easy for me, Dove." His eyes seemed to be hazed over, maybe it was just my blurred vision. I was tingling all over with anticipation, Strauss was at the edge of the bed nearly naked. I shouldn't enjoy this. Fucking fish.

His fingers worked their way under my shirt and I would've protested more but I was lost in the side effects.

To me it was all slow-motion his hands slid up my body. It felt like he was mapping it out all in his head as his fingers twitched and glided along my skin. "Hnn, Strauss... you're making my ski-aah-n... burn!" I was holding onto his arms, trying to push him off but the added contact made my body ignite.

He growled low in the back of his throat, quickly bunching up my shirt to the neck line, and pulled me forward with it. In one move he slid off my shirt, my arms simply moved to the motion of it all. I fell back just catching myself on my elbows – it felt like a blanket of heat was lifted from me. I moaned at the pleasure of relief.

Strauss was looking at me almost like I was some dirty sock he just spotted in the corner. I looked down at my pale chest; the dark markings swirled and twisted down my sides and around to my back. It was common among my people to be born with such markings, it was nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Before I could remark on his look, Strauss' fingers were on my body tracing out the marks. It made my shoulders go slack and I fell back into the bed, "W-wait Strauss, it's... it's making me so... dizzy... nnh." I really read his look wrong. If I was feeling this way from just his touch, I could only imagine what he was feeling – he was holding back.

I fought to focus my eyes on him. He looked amazing in the haze. Strauss' body was firm and well trained. He didn't look really fazed by it at all, but I was having trouble reading him holding back so much. I felt his fingers trace down to the hem of my pants and I froze for a moment. "Strauss, no..." My voice was just above a whisper. I wanted to be more assertive in my protest, but the aroma in the room was having heavy side effects on me and instincts to flee dwindled away.

I whined at a small pull at my pants and Strauss growled back.

"Are you a damn idiot Dover? " He unbuttoned my pants. "If... if we don't get this stuff off of you, you'll be left like this..." His fingers ran down either side of my hard on for emphasis and it made me moan out. The edge of his lips curled up ever so slightly and his eyes ignited; he was starting to lose his cool as he worked at my zipper.

"W-wait, aaah. Strauss." I was caught up in all the other fun parts of this drug and I never noticed the tent pitched down below until it was too late. It was a sex drug!? "B-but you're not... " I looked pointedly down at his not-so-tented briefs.

He followed my gaze. "Fuck." Strauss' shoulders shifted and his eyes rose back to mine with a new flame ignited in them. Not taking any more time, he pulled at my pants and me along with them. Before I fell off the bed, my pants came flying off. This time it didn't feel like a blanket of heat was lifted from me, it was like my body was set to high sensitivity.

"They hide... boners, Dove." Strauss was kneeling at the edge of the bed, in between my open knees. "The briefs. Because... every time..." He wasn't looking at me, he was keeping his gaze down and breathing unevenly. "You drive me... so crazy. All the things I imagine I would do to you..." His hands started to trail up my inner thighs. Instead of being sane and snapping my legs closed, the contact made my legs open, my head roll back, and my hands grab the blankets.

It made my breath hitch when his hands came so close to my twitching member. I was whirling in a drug induced pleasure. I let out my remaining breath with a moan as his hands ran past my groin and gripped my hips hard. He was teasing me – I knew that for sure. My cock was aching now and I needed more than just his firm grip on my body. I wanted – needed – something to make contact with my dick. Something to relieve me and get rid of this high. I wasn't even sure if releasing would do anything with the amount of fish dust that fell on me.

"S-strauss. I-I can't take it anymore," My body started to squirm and wiggle in his grip. "When… when will it be over?" I felt like a complete mess. This wasn't right. I wanted so bad to be doused in the pleasure of being touched that my hips tried to wiggle against Strauss's grip to force some kind of contact. He held me in place, right where he wanted me.

I was hot all over and I'm sure it showed in my face. I shouldn't've wanted any of this, but here I was begging for any kind of contact from Strauss to relieve everything that was happening to me.

"You're being such a slut for me, Dove." I could see it in his orange eyes - his pupils were narrowed vertically in slits like a cat that is playing with its lunch. He was drinking in every moment of this. It was like an electric whip to my senses, his tongue swirling along my stomach while he kissed and nipped a trail up to my neck.

"N-no…aah-hnn… this – this, aah! I-isn't me…"

Something about what I said must've hit the sane part of his mind. Strauss stopped everything and growled into my neck, something that he seemed to do in protest of his next actions. It sent goosebumps rippling down my body.

Some of the elders said that a rare few of our people would be born with the ability to see through slowed time and move as if the universe had no affect on them. My eyes grew wide at the sight of Strauss pushing himself away from me. I didn't complain because of the distraction in front of me; the best part was… it was all slowed. It just could've been the drug, but right then my mind didn't want to think about that.

I was all focused on the slow way Strauss ran his hands down his firm chest. I was unknowingly drinking in every inch of Strauss, something I didn't think I'd regret later. His hands slid down his washboard abs and then to the edges of the V; fingers disappearing below the boner hiding briefs.

I wanted to touch myself with the anticipation he was putting me through. My hands twitched as they held onto the blankets.

"Damnit, Dover… " He removed his eyes from me. "You don't know how much I want to wreck you right now and blame it all on the drugs." He came to kneel in front of me.

I hesitated. He may have been right, but the drugs didn't want me to acknowledge that fully. I pulled myself up to wrap my arms loosely around his shoulders. I felt that burst of heat. "Please Strauss, I-I need a release." My voice was softly begging into his ear; I could see his skin burst into small goosebumps all over. He growled and I held onto the sensation.

"You'd let me mark you up?" He bit hard into my shoulder making me cry out in pain and sending a jolt through my body. "You'd let me spread these cheeks, Dover?" I could hear it in his voice that he wasn't happy. Strauss grabbed hard at my ass while digging his nails into the cheeks, and it made me whine out this time. Another jolt hit me. Fear was bubbling up. "Fuck Dover, slut at heart… never would've thought, but if you want it." He kissed roughly at my neck – sucking and biting, "I bet you would just spread these legs for anyone with something to make you feel good. Huh, Dover?"

He was being so cruel; everything was switching from pleasure to shame. I had never taken anything like this before in my life. I was coming down off the high and it was not in a good way. I would never be like this with someone, but my body was so sensitive to everything. How could I be like this? Throwing myself to a man I fought relentlessly with for well over a year, just because of a drug?

"Stop… no, I-I would never." I could feel the tears well in my eyes. Strauss was being overly rough tounging my skin. I was now in a mix of fear, pleasure, and shame.

His hands abandoned my ass and moved to grab my thighs roughly, "Hold on, Dove."

My body didn't argue as much as my mind did silently. My arms wrapped around his neck and held tightly. His actions may have jolted me back a little closer to reality but I still didn't want to go back just yet. He pulled me right up to his body and lifted me off the bed, the contact on my still hard cock made me moan out load. I bit my lips mid-moan, trying to restrain my slutty self, but the pressure made my body rock against his. My legs wrapped around him, pulling my body ever so close, and I was grinding on him like a feline in heat. I let out a half-moan, half-laugh at the thought. I was losing hopelessly to the drug. I thanked Strauss silently at his restraint and cursed him as well – craving a release.

I nuzzled into his neck, the sweet citrus scent was fading and replaced with a salty scent of sweat. Somehow, it brought me to another place I was quickly ripped from before I could explore it. A bright light was flicked on, making me squint my eyes so they had time to adjust. Strauss had carried us into the small bathroom; It was an odd place to go in the moment, but whatever made him comfortable.

I nuzzled back into Strauss's neck as he bent down, being so close I wanted to taste him. I placed a soft trail of kisses up to his human ear and watched, entranced as goosebumps exploded down his body.

The pleasure was only a moment before the cold water hit my back and shook me from everything I was just drowning in; my eyes blinked slowly. I took in my position at the moment

I had wrapped my arms around his neck; my legs around his body, holding on for dear life. Even if Strauss could hold me up with no effort, I clung to him. My eyes trailed up to his thin lips; he wasn't happy. No emotion at this point just a glint of pity as our eyes met. He quickly withdrew his gaze.

I could feel my heart drop at the motion and my legs loosened their grip. He let me slide down his wet body and it wasn't feeling right. Just before setting me down, he dangled me for a moment, holding me tight to his body. I felt like I was losing hope, but what was I hoping for?

His arms disappeared from around me and with a step back I was standing alone in a cold shower. My body shook from the lack of heat but Strauss was quick to adjust the water to a soothing warmth. I watched as his body stretched around me, his muscles strained to stay just far enough from me but darling so close to touch. I wanted to close that gap, but no – it was still the drugs.

"Better?" He pulled back and stood out of the water's path and I could only nod in response. I wasn't sure what to say. I was torn between blowing up completely for even having something like that fish lying around, or throwing myself at him in hopes to cling to that last little bit of pleasurable high. I just stood there, staring at him. Two small freckles on the right side of his chest, a thumb or two above his nipple. Four small scars on his left side that trailed to his back. The water rolled down his toned body, it was like watching them go for a ride – up, down, in between the shaped muscles. It was the drugs.

"Dover." His tone was sharp, as if annoyed at this point. My eyes snapped up, but I was not met with his orange eyed gaze. He was looking to the opened curtain. "Everything you need is here, with the water… you shouldn't have to worry anymore about... effects. So wash up quickly."

With that he left, I stayed motionless till I heard the door close again.