The Zachwegians (Zach-we-gi-ans) of Zachorway (Zach-or-Way) under the command of King Zachgurd. Invaded Zachgaland (Zach-ga-land) with hundred of longships with hundreds of warriors. The Zachaxon (Zach-ax-on) kings rallied their forces. Most ranged from the age of five to fourteen. Who also were nothing more than farmers.

At the beaches of East Zachglia the longships arrived. Hundreds of warriors met the farmers and labors. The Zackarls (Zack-arls) on both sides protected their kings. As with tradition roars, taunts, and the bashing of shields. The Zachaxons for their part resisted. Throwing axes, glass, and stones. Reinforcement were arriving from Zackondon catching the Zachwegians off guard. Unlike the levies these were mercenaries and profession Zachary warriors. For six hours the beach was filled with the groans of the dying. Neither sides shield wall was breaking. The farmers fighting for their land refused to yield.

Finally a break a small force of Zackarls found a weakness. Led by a Zachane (Zach-ane) known as Zackoffa of Cheddar. They carved down the invaders. All hell broke loose as the Zachwegians wall broke. In the chaos king Zachgurd fell in battle. In his dying words he told of an invasion. The

Zachens of Zachenmark would come from the north. Zackinish from Zackinland would arrive east. Finally the Zackedish (Zack-e-dish) along from Zackeden. Leaving the kings of Zachgaland no time to cheer.

Battered hundreds of defenders were dead or wounded. It was indeed a costly victory for us Zachaxons.

Zackeofwine (Zack-eof-wine) Zachaxon Chronicle 789

Thanks for reading all names and cultures were inspired by real cultures :D