I used to be normal, human even. Or so I had thought...but that all ended when THEY stole me away from my parents.

I was only 5 years old, a child, an innocent bystander to the war that raged around me, a war between dragons and humans.

The "demons" changed my body, invaded my mind, everything I was. I am no longer human. Apparently I never was; I am...something else, an abnormality, a monster, a demon to myself.

I knew even then that most of the other experiments weren't like me. They were, ARE, hideous, as if someone tore off their arm or leg and replaced it with a bear's or some other creatures limb. Or worse, the patchwork people, with so many different animal and monster's parts they could barely even be called human anymore.

But I, I am refined, my DNA blended almost seamlessly to create a living, breathing killing machine. But that perfection only exists on the outside.

They didn't have a dragon's wings, or sometimes its body and that dragon's voice intruding and taking over their mind, nearly driving them insane during the first five years in this place.

I hated it, the dragon inside me. I hated them, true, heartless demons who killed my parents, and experimented on me. I tried to fight, tried to escape their "experiments", their evil ways. Needless to say I failed; I was a child with no knowledge of how to fight. After that failed attempt, the experiments and injections increased in number.

My hate for them grew, simmering under a surface of complacence and learning. It was quiet, hidden and deadly, for I was only waiting for the right moment to strike, like a cobra hidden in the underbrush.

My name is Savannah Elise West. And I am Project NightFall.

Authors note

Hi guys! This is a new book that I'm in the process of writing, so let me know what you think of it, okay?

I welcome any constructive criticism you have, just PM ( personal message) me. Hope you guys liked it!

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