I'll Be Waiting

I'll be waiting. When your wings cry for being folded into your shoulder blades, when your heart is tired of beating for an unknown destination, when your legs are aching to be planted on something more solid than the promise of a thrill, when your eyes are watering from constantly seeking something new, when you are frightened by the insatiable lust you have for being on the move forever, I'll be waiting. I'll be your respite. I'll be the roots that will keep you grounded, I'll be the rest for your weary heart, I'll be the scene that'll anchor your eyes, I'll be the home that'll guide you in with warmth. Just so you can realize once again, how you love your wings unfurled, how you love taking to the skies, flying beyond the clouds, making a journey which will never end. Just so you can reclaim your wanderlust, just so you'll take off in order to travel so far, so long that you'll once again start longing for that home I provide, the warmth that'll keep you tethered. I'll be waiting, so that we can keep going in circles like this, for you are a traveller on the roads of Life, and I'm the place you wish to leave and yet the Home that you are travelling for.