To Let Go.

I can't tell our story yet,
I like the pain we have to carry,
I feed off every fight and collect
the tears as hidden treasures.

We are not normal, we are incomplete,
we are mistaken, we are not okay.

You hold onto words like weapons
and shoot me down every time,
being the queen of silence I cut
through flesh with sharp steel eyes.

But hold me close, keep our flesh
together at the seams, I'm trying
to build a castle out of darkness and
clouds, holding sanity to my chest.

We cry and bite through existence,
the realization of death one breath away.

I cling to excuses and demand more
proof, of being able to survive it all,
the soundless screams and nonexistent
tears, we're so empty, already numb.

Finally you have no words, the silence
meets the gun, holding hands amongst the
chaos of our decisions, we had no power
to change anything, we had lost from the start.

We already knew we were doomed, but we had to
fight, like a disease clinging to a helpless body.

I will carry the corpse of our insistent
dreams, heavy on my back, you tie around
your wrists what was left of our hope, it
never felt right - our castle left behind.