A Note from an Author

This is the world I have created
You're welcome so come along
Whilst it's here, lap it up
Enjoy it before it's gone

Here is a little piece
A part of my mind and soul
I wanted to put my all into this
For that has always been my goal

There's so much that I want to share
Their lives, their joys, their fears
My characters are a wild lot
Some are asses, some are dears

All of this is real to me
So what you say, I take to heart
My words are like paint on a brush
To make a piece of art

And like an artist, with care and time
I work hard on what I make
And when you take the time to leave a line
That's the icing on the cake

Thank you all so very much
For support and keeping me on your mind
Thank you all for being there
And for being so damn kind

~ Zukafu Chirimoarimoto

A/N: I'm not one for leaving Author's notes anymore. Namely, because I babble about things no one truly cares about. Secondly, I'm not much of an conversational instigator. But it's been a good five years on here and I have so many kind, supportive people to thank for that. I dedicate this to you guys.

And so, this concludes my little message...
All the best,