I had fun in school today

I learned about the Milky Way

Our galaxy up in the sky

Where stars are born and where they die

I studied pictures of the earth

I saw the moon go round its girth

So pale it shone in darkest night

Without the sun it has no light

The sun stays still, a burning mass

It's boiling hot and made of gas

I found the planets and then I traced

Their journey around the sun in space

Mercury is the hottest one

Because it's nearest to the sun

Venus shimmers, gently gold

Mighty Mars is red and bold

I have seen the earth between

Swathed in shades of blue and green

The only planet that I know

That gives life to things that grow

Jupiter has a great red spot

And sixteen moons, that's quite a lot

Saturn next has rings that glow

They're made of ice, that much I know

Uranus is seventh from the sun

Neptune is the final one

At night, no matter how you try

You can't find it with your naked eye

Tiny Pluto was once last

But that distinction is in the past

Astronomers have now agreed

That Pluto is too small indeed

I think I heard a meteor shower

Is just a comet losing power

Tomorrow I will find out more

Can't wait to open up that door