"Men! Come on! Hurry up! We're not done until we hit port back home! Every fish counts!" I stomped up the deck and over to one of the men. "How are the nets?"

"They're good. The fish aren't biting as well as yesterday, but we are still getting a decent amount." I nodded and moved onto the next person, getting the report from them on their net. I did this until I went around to everyone's station once. At about twelve thirty, I let them take a lunch break and took over one of the nets. I cast it out and leaned against the railing, sighing. I was so tired and so ready to be back home. I missed my mom, dad, friends, and especially my little brother. I couldn't wait to be back in my own house and in my own bed. Just as I was about to pull the net up, something big hit the boat and rocked it so hard that I fell. I got up and turned around to find a bigger boat than ours tied to the side of my boat. Before I knew how to react, ten men jumped off the boat with huge guns and empty sacks. "Hey! Who are you and what makes you think you can be on my boat! Get off!" I yelled, storming over to them and getting face to face. The men heard me yell because they came running to see what had happened. They froze when they saw the other men. "Get off my boat! Now!" I yelled. The extremely large man that I was standing in front of just smirked and knocked me aside with his gun. "Hey! My boat, my rules! You're not allowed to be on…" Before I finished my sentence, the man put the barrel of his gun to my forehead and looked over to my crew. "Now men, either go get me all the money on this boat or I'll shoot her." They exchanged looks with each other and me before grabbing the sacks from the mystery men and walking into the cellar. "No! Men! Don't! Don't do it!" I screamed at them, pleading for them to stop. "Boss, we can't just let him shoot you. We will get more. It's okay."

"No! It's not! Don't!" But they didn't listen. They came back up to the deck with four sacks of one thousand dollars each and handed it back to the men. "Good, now your boss is in debt to you. But I am going to present you with another choice. Either join us for a year, help us raid other boats, and then go home to your families or refuse to join us and die. Your choice." He lowered his gun from my head and I walked over to the men. They were looking at me, begging with my eyes to give them guidance. I knew most of these men had wives and children, so telling them to stay loyal to me and risk their lives we selfish. "Go, do what you have to do." They reluctantly walked over to the ten men and each shook hands, I guess sealing the deal. Then, all of them looked to me. "I am the captain of this boat and I will not have my honor stripped by committing treason against myself. Go find someone else."

"Ha ha ha! Feisty one we have here. You sure we can't have a little fun with her before we throw her over?" one asked another. "Fine, but she dies when you are done."

Two hours later, I found myself standing on the railing of my boat in just my bra, underwear, and boots. They bound my hands and feet, even tying a small anchor to my legs. "Well, any change of heart?" a man asked, coming up behind me and putting his hands on the small of my back. I didn't answer, which said it all and he chuckled. "Too bad, you would have been a delightful play toy." Then my feet lost contact with the boat and I fell, hitting the water and sinking to the bottom rapidly. I struggled for breath, squirming and trying to break free to no avail. I looked up at my boat and watched as all my men leaned over, trying to see where I fell and if I was drowning. I continued to struggled until my head got incredibly light, like it was filled up with helium and black took over my vision.