Once upon a time; I needed a home.

You took me in and loved me.

You cared for me and fed me.

We played everyday and slept every night.

Then one day the man came.

The man with the scary eyes.

He came and you screamed.

I bit him and he hurt me.

He took you and I howled.

He stole you from me.

He stole you from us.

They couldn't find you.

They left me outside.

I reminded them of you.

Of the times we would play.

The times you'd laugh.

The times you'd cry.

I was your friend.

The man took you from me.

The man with the eyes.

One night I escaped.

I escaped and I looked.

I looked for years.

Looked for you.

Until I was here.

Under this tree; in the dark.

It was here we played.

It was here you loved me.

You cared for me and you fed me.

It was here the man came.

The man that took you.

The man that stole you.

I knew I was dying.

I would never save you.

We would never play again.

Once upon a time; I had a home.

It was with you.

My friend.

My sister.

My baby.

My mother.

Your heart.