It's late afternoon. Right outside the classroom, in the corridor, here I am with my boy, Jeremy. There's no other students here because they've gone home, and some others are outside the building.

"I am going home now." I say, smiling at the taller boy before me. His staring eyes make my heart flicker.

He says nothing, but then he pins me on the wall behind me and brings his face closer to me. Closer...and closer...I close my eyes. I am ready for it. But,...

I open my eyes again and find that Jeremy stops there, staring at me out of his beautiful eyes. I gulp, a playful smirk starting to appear on his face. Just a little bit more, you may taste this lips.

"Damn! You tease me!" I shout and push him away.

Jeremy throws his head back and lets a loud guffaw. Damn it! He managed to pull my legs.

"I like your shy face. It is blushing red.'s cute." he finally says words after he's done laughing.

I huff, feeling the heat on my cheeks. This boy is really annoying, yet worth melting for.

He brings his face closer again to mine and says, "I can't imagine how would I miss your face so much."

A silence occurs for a while, letting the words to sink in.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I ask.

Jeremy looks at me, his face softening. Then he opens his mouth and replies, "I am going to leave this human's world. I am going back to my world. The world of vampires."

"No." I blurt. "You said you won't leave me."

"I...I know that. But, I can't survive in here any longer. I don't belong to this world."

"But, I can give you a lot of blood here. I can-"

"It's not enough for me. I have to kill more people if I need to be totally healthy. I don't want to do it. I am done with all of this. I have to get back to where I belong."

The tears start welling up in my eyes, but I blink it back. I don't want him to see me crying anymore, but I can't help it, I burst into tears.

Jeremy cups my face with his big, cold hands. Then he questions me, "You love me, don't you?"

I nod.

"What am I to you?" Jeremy wipes my eyes with his thumbs.

"You're my everything. I love you."

"So, if you love me, can you just let me go? I will occasionally come here to meet you."

I say nothing.

"It's better for both of us if I am leaving. You won't need to buy a lot of blood pockets to help me survive." he adds.

The tears roll down my face. Once again, he wipes my eyes and cheeks. "Don't cry."

"Jeremy, what am I to you?"

Jeremy smiles.

"Answer me. What am I to you?"

Jeremy gulps, then he opens his mouth, but not saying any words.

"What am I to you?"


His word is like a blade that rips my heart down its seams. I stand there, dumbfounded.

"I-" before he could say any words, I push him away and I run.

"Jeff!" he shouts my name and runs after me, but I won't budge. I keep running outside, towards the parking lot.

Just a little bit more and I will reach my car. But unfortunately, my anemia...oh won't happen!

Everything's blur. My knees tremble and I fall down. I only see darkness, and I don't know what happens then.

Opening my eyes, I find myself lying on a bed. My head aches as if it has been beaten. And I look around and see someone beside the bed. He gives me a worried look. Jeremy!

I sit up at once, wanting to protest but Jeremy puts his finger on my lips, shusing me.

"Don't you know that you've put yourself in danger?" he asks me, sounding cross.

"Why should you care?! I am nothing to you, aren't I?!" I shout, slapping his hand sideways.

"Sssh! That's not what I mean. I haven't-"

"You've been playing around with me. You're a jerk! You're a heartless vampire who doesn't know the meaning of love."

"Listen to me, Jeff!" he holds me by my shoulders.

The tears roll down my face again. Now I close my eyes and put my face down.

"I love you, Jeff." he says, stroking my hair.

"It's a lie. You said I am nothing to you."

"Don't judge too fast. That's not the point. That's not what I mean."

"That hurts me a lot. I care much about you, but you say that I am nothing to you. What a pity." I hold back my tears. "No wonder why you don't want me to be with you. You are leaving me because I am nothing to you. You don't want to stay here or take me with you because I am not-" he clamps my mouth with his hand and stares at me solemnly.

"Listen to me." he says, "Don't you know that nothing lasts forever?"

I don't say a word.

"I are my nothing because I want you to last forever. I am an immortal. But you are a human. You will grow old, you will die and leave me. Honestly, I also want you to be with me forever, but what can I do?" he pulls his hand away from me.

"Why don't you turn me into a vampire and let me stay by your side forever?"

He says nothing, but he rolls his eyes as if he is weighing what I've just said.

"I can't." he answers. "I don't want you to live as a vampire. You were not born a vampire. It's not easy to live as a vampire if you were a human before. You will suffer just like I do in here."

I shake my head. "If I'm with you, nothing's difficult."

Jeremy sighs. "You're so stubborn as always."

"I have nothing here. My parents don't love me. They can't accept what I am. I don't want to marry a girl in the future. I only have you, Jeremy." I sniffle.

Looking at me, Jeremy says nothing. His lips part as if he wants to say something, then he wraps his arms around me, comforting me.

"If that's what you really want, how can I refuse?" he says in my ear.

I circle my arms around his neck. "I love you. That's why, please take me out of here whatever happens. Then you can be with me forever."

We let go each other then he stares at me, wiping my tears away before he brings his face close to mine and plants a kiss on my lips.

"I love you." I murmur before pressing my lips onto his and letting him explore my mouth.

He deepens his kiss, pushing me back onto the bed, and now he is on top of me, on all fours.

"Want to do it?" he asks while he pins my hands down beside my head.

"What-what do you mean?" I blush.

He doesn't reply, trailing his lips from my cheek to my neck. He sucks it gently, making a moan escape from my throat.

Then he pulls his face away from me, giving me a smirk. "Nothing. I am just teasing you."

"Damn it!" I shout, wanting to let my hands off him but he is so strong that I can't do it. He laughs and kisses me once more.

This is the beginning of my new life. I will go to the eternity, forever and ever, with you, Jeremy.

To be continued...