Hey guys this is a new story. And this time it's gonna be an action/Adventure with some drama here and there. It's gonna be a bit like Bleach and little bit of Fullmetal Alchemist also bit of Soul Eater. And I will also add that Fate/Zero and Berserk was a big inspiration to this story. But the biggest of them all has to be feudal Japan. I can't tell how many chapters is gonna be this time but it is defiantly gonna be longer than the last one. Now sit down and enjoy the first chapter of the Samurai's honor

A dark day and a village is burning. And every people who lives there runs for their life. But some people died during the fire and many children cries for their lose of their parents and brothers and sister every family members. And one little boy with white hair and golden eyes is staring at a house and he sees two people a man and a woman suffering in the fire. The boy could't move he was full of shock.

The Samurai's honor

The same white haired boy wakes up from a bed. But he's older. Right next to him there's a bald old man who only wears his pant. he's holding a hammer in his right hand and at his left his holding a sword that he's making. He hit the sword with his hammer. He looks at the boy

The man: "So you're finally awake huh? Deku?"

Deku: "Yeah I am"

Chapter 1: The Samurai order

The man: "It looked like you had a bad dream"

Deku: "No not a dream. Just an old memory that I rather forget"

The man: "I see. Well you better wake up. Cause you can't just lie there."

Deku: "Uncle why do we have to live in such a small house like this? There's only one bed and you always have to sleep on the floor"

Deku's uncle: "Instead of complaining you should be grateful. After your parents died in that fire years ago."

He hits the blade with the hammer

Deku's uncle: "And you got nowhere to be. If it wasn't for the Samurai leader Zillia. You would have been left in the street. So tell me would you like living in the street?"

Deku: "No you're right"

Deku's uncle: "Good. One day you'll be a blacksmith just like me"

Deku: "I don't want to be a blacksmith"

Deku's uncle: "What?"

Deku: "I want to be a samurai"

Deku's uncle: "That crap again huh? Well sorry but you're gonna be a blacksmith end of discussion"

Deku: "Why do I have to be a blacksmith"

Deku's uncle: "Because my father was a blacksmith. And I his only son. I became a blacksmith when he died. And I don't have any sons or daughters. Therefore you're the only one who can take my job when I die."

Deku: "Why?"

Deku's unlce: Because it was decided for you. There has to be someone who can make the blades for the samurais. You have to understand you're the only family I have left"

Deku: "Thats stupid. And who cares what you say. YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER"

Deku's uncle didn't say anything he stopped using the hammer and then Deku goes outside of the house and he meets a dark haired girl

The dark haired girl: "Hey Deku whats up?"

Deku: "Tsubaki? What are you doing here?"

Tsubaki: "I'm just walking around. And here you are all of the sudden"

Deku: "Oh okay. Well let's go to the order"

Tsubaki: "What? Why?"

Deku: "I want to be samurai"

Tsubaki: "Again? You have asked Zillia like millions of times"

Deku: "I haven't asked her that much. But I want ask her again"

Tsubaki: "Well if you say so. Come lets go"

Both Deku and Tsubaki walks together. They're walking in a street in a village

Tsubaki: "Why do you want to be a samurai?"

Deku: "Because I don't want to end up being a blacksmith just because my uncle wants it"

Tsubaki: "Is that the only reason?"

Deku: "What other reasons do I need?"

Tsubaki: "Well it's just that. There are so many jobs here that you can be. So why a samurai?"

Deku: "Because they are the only who actually do something. I don't want to live in a boring farm"

Tsubaki: "Sigh whatever you say"

After a while of walking they're in a castle. They walk inside of it and they meet a young man with grey hair and red eyes

The grey haired man: "Where do you think you're going?"

Tsubaki: "Brother please leave him alone"

Tsubaki's big brother: "I was just asking where he's going. Tell me why are you here?"

Deku: "... I'm here so I can be a samurai just like you Kuro"

Kuro: "Ugh. Why do you even try?"

Tsubaki: "Brother"

Kuro: "You be silent Tsubaki. Listen kid I don't like you. And I never will. I'm not trying to stop you because I don't like you. And it's not because you're an outsider. It's because you only want to be a samurai so you can be famous"

Deku: "Well Kuro you're wrong"

Kuro: "I hate your attitude. You think you have other reason. But you're just selfish. You don't have what it takes to wield a sword"

Deku: "Are you can just stand there all day. I got better things to do"

And then Kuro draws his sword and holds it in his right hand. He holds it right in front of Deku

Kuro: "You see this sword? Don't you see the beauty of it? I doubt it. You believe that you can only kill with this sword. But there are so much more than that. We samurais live with the sword, and dies with it. Do you understand what that means?"

Deku: "No and I don't care either"

Kuro withdraw his sword

Kuro: "Then you don't know what it means to be a samurai"

He then walks away

Deku: "God I hate your brother"

Tsubaki: "Please he only means well"

Deku: "What do you mean?"

Tsubaki: "I don't know how to explain it. It's just the kind of guy he is"

Deku: "He hates me"

Tsubaki: "No he don't hate you. He do care about you. In some way"

Deku: "I don't really care. Someday I am gonna be a samurai and when that day come I'm gonna beat him and become a way better samurai than he ever could"

Tsubaki: "Well first you have to be a samurai. Now lets go to Zillia's room"

Deku: "Yeah"

They start walking again and they enters to a room where an old woman dressed in black who has white hair. Sitting on her knees.

The old woman: "Deku? Is that really you?"

Deku: "Yeah it is me. Master Zillia"

Zillia rise up standing.

Zillia: "You have to forgive me for asking. My sight is not what it used to be. But I know that it is you standing there Tsubaki"

Tsubaki: "It's a pleasrue to see you again master"

Zillia: "So tell me what brings you here?"

Deku: "I want to be a samurai"

Zillia sighed

Zillia: "I knew you'd say that. Come with me Deku. Alone"

Deku: "Yeah sure. I'm sorry Tsubaki"

Tsubaki: "Oh it's okay. I have to go back home anyway"

Deku: "Okay then. See you later"

Tsubaki: "Yeah see ya"

And then Deku goes to Zillia and they walk outside and they're standing on a bridge

Zillia: "I understand that you want to be a samurai Deku."

Deku: "Yeah thats right"

Zillia: "You know you reminds me of my two sons"

Deku: "You have children"

Zillia: "Allow me to finish"

Deku: "Yeah sure. Sorry"

Zillia: "It's okay you don't have to apologize. Anyway like I said you reminds me of my two sons. They also wanted to be a samurai. And I was the leader back then as well so of course I made them samurai. They had a great time. Oh I remember how much they loved me. But all good things have to come to an end. A war started and I was the leader of course. I won the war but both of my sons died on it. And I don't have anymore children. So when I die. So will my family legacy."

Deku: "I'm sad to hear that. But when will I be a samurai?"

Zillia: "You don't get it. My sons was inexperienced. They only wanted to be a samurai so they could be samurais"

Deku: "But I will never have experience if you don't let me"

Zillia: "Well I won't argue you about that logic. But Deku you're only 15 years old"

Deku: "So. Kuro was at my age when he became a samurai"

Zillia: "He was different"

Deku: "How?"

Zillia: "... Deku no matter what I'm going to say to you. You won't understand. It's not because you're an outsider if thats what you think. You're not ready yet"

Deku: "I'm tired of hearing that same excuse all over again"

Zillia: "I'm sorry Deku. But I can't make you to a samurai yet"

Deku: "I hate this place."

And then he just runs away

Zillia: "When will that boy ever learn?"

Deku ran outside of the castle and he meet Tsubaki

Deku: "I thought you said you where going home?"

Tsubaki: "Well yes but I got bored so I went outside"

Both of them walks together and they walk into an inn and they sit at a table

Tsubaki: "So how did it go?"

Deku: "..."

Tsubaki: "Oh I see. Well I'm sure she'll let you join eventually"

Deku: "I don't understand"

Tsubaki: "Huh?"

Deku: "Why won't she let me join. Is it because I'm 15? No it can't be. Your brother was 15 when he joined the order"

Tsubaki: "Thats true. But his reason was different than yours"

Deku: "What was his reason then? Please tell me"

Tsubaki: "I'm sorry but I don't know"

Deku: "... Does this mean I'll never be a samurai? Do I have to be a blacksmith?"

Tsubaki: "No you can be whatever you want to be"

Deku: "But I want to be a samurai. But she won't let me"

Tsubaki: "Deku I..."

And then someone starts talking

A man: "Hey you. If you want to stay here. You must tell me your name"

He's talking to a dark haired man who's dressed all in black. And he has a sword on his back

The dark haired man: "My name is not important. I just want to sleep here for a day"

The man behind the desk: "I don't like your attitude young man"

The dark haired man: "And I greatly dislike your service. If a man don't want to share his name. Then he has a good reason for it"

The man behind the desk: "Well if you don't like it here. Then go somewhere else. I don't have time with punks like you"

The dark haired man: "You're losing my patience. Don't force me to use my sword"

The man behind the desk looks at an another man

The man behind the desk: "Take him outside"

That another man he was looking at walks to the dark haired man. when that man got to close the dark haired man draws his sword. His sword was long and it was completely black. The whole sword is black. And he swings it he cut the man half and killed him. Blood squire out from that man's body and drains out of it

The man behind the desk(In shock): "T-that sword... I know you. You're Kiora. Also known as the black swordsman. You're the most wanted man here in this country"

Kiora points his sword at that mans throat

Kiora: "Like I said. If a man doesn't want to tell his name. Then he has a good reason for it"

Kiora takes the sword away and put it back on his back

Kiora: "Well it looks like I have to go now"

Deku rise up from the table and he starts running

Tsubaki: "Deku?"

Deku runs right in front of Kiora stands there

Kiora: "What is that you want?"

Deku: "Teach me"

Kiora: "What?

Deku: "Please teach me how to use a sword"

To be continued