"Come with me. Run away with me. Let's get away from all of this. We can be together for the rest of our lives and never have to think about other people or their opinions. I just want to be with you forever." She looked up at him expectantly, waiting for his reply. "I'm so sorry Clara, but...I can't." Her stomach dropped and her eyes started watering. "W-why not? I thought this was exactly what you wanted to do." He turned his back on her and started walking away. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. "Hey! You can't just leave me here without an explanation!" He stopped walking and looked over his shoulder at her. "I can't...because I don't love you."

She jolted awake, panting with tears pouring out of her eyes. She sat up and walked over to the little sick and mirror in the corner of her cell. "Geeze, Clara, why are you crying? Was he...important?"

"Talking to yourself again?" She spun around to find one of the guards standing at her cell door. He was very tall and handsome. He had dirty blonde messy hair and blue vibrant eyes. He wore black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt, but he always left the two top buttons open. "Yeah, but what's it to you?" He shrugged. "Just wanted to know if you remembered anything."

"Well, I remembered a man, but I don't remember his name." The guard nodded and then opened the cell door. "Come on, it's lunch time." Clara walked through the door and into a long hallway with no doors but the one at the very end. The cell door closed behind her and she turned to look at the guard. He stared at her before taking out his baton and shoving it into her back. "Walk." He ordered. She processed to walk with a 1..2..3 pace. She knew that if she sped up, she would be tranquilized. The facility had installed a security system that tracks ankle bracelets and if the person wearing them is walking too fast, tranquilizer darts shoot out of the walls. It is kind of extreme, but they haven't had an security problems since they got it.

She stopped in front of the door and let the guard use the fingerprint scanner to open it. That's another extreme security measure. If anyone but a guard tries to open a door with a fingerprint scanner, they get tranquilized. It's weird to Clara. She knew that they definitely didn't want the inmates getting out of there, but they didn't want to kill them either. She entered the empty cafeteria and grabbed the one plate on the counter top. It was hot and freshly made. She also thought that was odd.

After she ate, she was sent back to her cell to shower and wait five hours until dinner. She hated showering in her cell. The water was always freezing cold and had a black tint to it. She also didn't like that she had to be monitored during her showers. The facility was afraid that she would try to drown herself or something like that. When there wasn't a guard standing at her door, there was always one watching the camera in her room. She had told them that they had noting to worry about. She had tried to kill herself three times before but never succeeded because she always chickened out. She supposed that she still had a sliver of will to live.

While waiting for dinner, she decided to update her calendar. Every day she would pull a feather out of her mattress and put it in the pile in the corner. Then, when she was bored, she would sit on the floor and count each one. She decided that she was somewhere in the five hundreds, but she hadn't counted them in a while so she wasn't sure. Then, with nothing else to do, she went back to sleep.

"You are so stupid! Seriously! You can't do anything right! What the hell is wrong with you?" Clara laid on the floor as a lady repeatedly kicked her and hit her with a broom. "You are just a waist of space and air!" The lady screamed. "Mother, please, don't say those things! Please! Stop hitting me! Please! I didn't do anything wrong! Please! Stop! I love you!" Suddenly the woman stopped. "Don't ever tell me you love me. It is a sin to love a demon, and that's all you are. You are an evil entity sent by the devil to ruin me. Well I won't let you. You have your father tricked, but not me." The woman continued to abuse Clara as she cried for her to stop. When she was finished, Clara just stayed on the ground, afraid to trigger another outburst. "But Mother...I do love you." Clara whispered.

"Hey! Clara!" She sat up, covered in sweat. The guard was standing at her cell door with a frown plastered across his face. "Dinner time."