I'm so alone, a dignity I don't own, the reason you can't see what you've done to me, is that you're now blind to the friendship contract we both signed, it's like you don't mind that you weren't very kind when you broke my heart and left me in the dark with a giant mark staining the bark of the tree roots I grew trying to protect you from the pain, but I guess that was all in vain, you couldn't see that the most important person to me was you, and when you broke my heart in two, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't grieve, all I could see was the failure in me, I fell to my knees, that's when I dropped down to my all-time low, I had nowhere to go, no one to see, because no one else used to believe in me, but I couldn't leave, the tears blocked everything else out but me, so I became detached, my eggshell refused to hatch, I stood alone, all I could do was moan, I thought the world was going cold, by now my trust was getting old, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, because you didn't feel the same, I was going insane, I felt so lost, friendship comes at a cost, You stayed so fine, whereas I, I was broken inside, when you chose her you let me see that you were never there for me, I was just a fool, you were cool, I was full of tears and fears, Of being left alone in the cold, with no one to hold, for a person like you to love a person like me, was crazy talk as anyone could see, I desperately needed a guide, to show the light, tell me everything was going to be alright, because I couldn't fight, I had no right to let the others know of the strain, the pain, you left me in, because you were my everything, even though our connection was lost, it ended with a heavy cost, even though these things fall through, I really had something special with you.