Dear Lucy,

Shall I compare thee to a winter's day? For you have been so frigid that it is making my very soul freeze over. I have become smitten with the very idea of being around you. All three fates would agree that you and I were destiny. Surely you can see that all of our time together should not be wasted on a pelting argument. We are worth more than a few misplaced words. Losing you is like losing someone I can't replace. I hope you feel the same; because I am going insane, please make the first move, because our relationship needs to be proved.

It's hard to talk in such a truthful manner when I know I'm going to be mocked. Leaving myself wide open and vulnerable is a risk I'm willing to take for the sake of another chance, a new hope. We need to bide our time and rethink the courses of our lives, because I'm the only one who has to aby for these mistakes. For me to sit here and lay breath about our woes is possibly pathetic, but as you will not speak to me in person, I feel like it is my duty to let you know my thoughts.

I never so wish to speak to you, even after you let me go in ever such an ungraceful manner. For this part you will need to become an auditor, as I have much to disclose. Dare I say that in those last few days you became a tyrant, yet no one else could see, because they were wrapped in the illusions you had spun them in. I say, do you enjoy my misery? The fact that I have come crawling back? The lights in your eyes wane as they look upon me, as if unhappy with what they are seeing. I lost my privilege to look upon you long ago, yet I never give up hope. I linger around you, hoping for a change of heart. To leave the thoughts of you behind would be like being set free, but, at the same time, that has become near impossible. Stand forth then, I say, look me in the eye, for is this really what you want? To lose me forever? If you are ready, then, by all means, step forward. Relive me from my suffering. Tell me your answer.

Your dearest friend,