Someone I Won't Know.


When I met first you,

I was unsure, I was shy, and I was lonely.

I opened up some more,

And then I got to know you.

I fell for you,

And I fell for you hard.

I couldn't describe it,

I couldn't understand why.

I had to leave,

I had to say goodbye.

I knew I couldn't stay,

I'd be forced to leave after mere days.

That's my biggest regret,

Having to return home again.

And now maybe you'll just be,

That someone I won't know again.

It terrifies me,

How we may become strangers once more.

I don't want that,

I want to be there with you.

I'm tired of keeping quiet,

I'm tired of having to stay away.

Without you I'm lonely,

With you I am not.

You make me forget,

Forget the things I shouldn't dwell on.

You're my break,

In this time of heightened stress.

You're still on my mind,

And I don't want you to leave it.

I still want you,

Please talk to me some more.

Please still be my friend,

Although we are now physically apart.

Because I am hoping,

Really hoping you won't be someone I won't know.