He was walking on the sidewalk on a surprisingly sunny day, a heavy backpack on his back.

And then he saw Her.

It was like time had completely stopped.

She was perfect.

Her back was to him, but he took his time admiring her scantily clad body, and he felt himself getting excited by the sound of her laugh. Then he frowned.

Why was she laughing in public? More importantly, who was making her laugh? He wanted to know. He had to know.

He walked faster and then decided to just walk across the middle of the road. He didn't care if any cars were honking at him. He hid behind a tree, and then looked to the direction of Her.

She was gone.


He spent a few hours that day looking for Her, and decided to go home because he saw the usual criminals lurking in the shadows, grinning at him.

-Line Break-

The next day, he couldn't wait for the bell to ring. He amused himself by imagining what he would do when he caught Her.

He tried to stab the swollen belly of his biology teacher because she decided to keep them ten seconds after the bell rang.

-Line Break-


He sprinted down the hill to the road, and after the initial pang of disappointment when he did not see Her, decided to wait.

Twenty minutes later, he saw Her.

A slow smile spread across his face.

He went up to Her and said, "Hey there."

She looked up from her phone, and he took the opportunity to glance at the screen. Her screen brightness was low, but he was able to see that she was texting someone. Her phone vibrated when the person on the other side texted back a lengthy message. "Yes? How can I help you?"

He silently swore. Even her voice was divine. Nobody else deserves to hear that voice. He did not reply, but snatched her phone from her hands, turned, and ran as fast as he could. Good thing she didn't lock her phone.

He heard Her yell, and he almost slowed down but then he took one look at her screen and felt rage bubbling up. He had to reach a safe place where she wouldn't follow him. He looked back. She was still running after him. Her legs could go on for miles, and they were exposed. He would have to fix that soon.

He ducked into the next alley, and breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he did not see or hear Her. He directed his attention to her phone, glad that it didn't turn off, and began to sift through her texts.

The person that she was texting was a girl. He looked at her other contacts, and felt affronted when he saw that she had been in contact with another male. Dad, the name read.

How dare that cretin communicate with what was his?

He deleted that person, and in his rage, threw the phone on the ground. The screen cracked. The phone turned off.

He felt someone jumping on his back, and the sound of his screams and the other man's grunts and moans were the only thing that were heard that night.

He reached out, whimpering in pain, and gripped the now destroyed phone. His body was numb, and it was only the thought of seeing Her that kept him going.

-Line Break-

He was getting desperate now.

He needed Her.

Today was not the best day. His whole body, especially his butt, was sore, and any movement was agony for him.

His biology teacher asked him if he was okay.

He ignored her and elbowed her stomach. She fell back, stiff, and he was suspended.

He spent the day waiting on the road for Her, but did not see Her.

He remembered what one of the texts said: "I'm going to crash at Maya's house for the next few days. I feel like I'm being watched. It's at XXXXXXX XXXX, if you were thinking about coming over. I know you two don't like each other, but her house is the closest one to mine."

He knows where that is.

-Line Break-

He's looking at her through the window.

She has a beautiful and delicious body. Oh, the things he will do with her…

He moans in pleasure when she arches her back, happy that he has such good luck. Finding Her showering, her body covered in soap…

It was obviously meant to happen.

He can't restrain himself anymore. He discreetly opens the window and goes inside. He strips, throwing his clothes out. Her back is to him, and he's glad that her friend has such a big bathroom.

He decides to strike.

Quickly covering her mouth, he is overwhelmed by the pleasure that quickly follows.

-Line Break-

"There you go. Nice and cozy, just like you."

She whimpers as he locks the cage, and he smiles.

"You're mine. All mine. Remember that."

-Line Break-

When he comes home, he checks on her. Everyday.

One day, she decides to defy him.

He remembers feeling amused at first, softly cooing at her. She was adorable, the fiery little vixen. The little kitten, acting like she has claws.

But when she started to get hysterical, she lost some of her beauty. He didn't like it, so he decided to…subdue her.

He fetches the scalpel that he stole from the lab at school, and then quickly gets in the cage with Her.

"It'll be over before you know it."

He broke the scalpel trying to cut through the bone, so he ended up biting her wrist, trying to sever it in any way that he can.

The sound of the crunch and her wails was like music to his ears. He couldn't stop.

Heavily breathing after he was finished, he had his way with her.

-Line Break-

He comes down to check on Her, but all he sees is her broken and bruised body, lying on the ground. Her chest is still.

He runs up to her, shakes the cage, yells at her, but she never stirs. That's when he sees the blood everywhere.

How dare she die on him?

In his anger, he roughly opens the cage, almost breaking it, and yet again has his way with her.

When he's done, he caresses her back, narrowing his eyes when he sees the bruises that litter her previously fair skin.

How dare anyone touch what was his?

Adrenaline pumping through his body, he punches the wall, repeatedly, with all his might. He doesn't stop until he knows for sure that his hands are done for. The walls are concrete. His voice is coarse.

He slumps to the ground, defeated. How is he going to live if she isn't here with him anymore?

That's when he makes up his mind.

He can't.

She quickly became his life, his everything. His every walking moment revolved around Her, about her body, about her face, about her voice, about Her.

And now she was gone.