I don't actually know how to write this. I want to tell you of the world I created, how it came to be, etc. But I don't know how to do so without somehow offending a good chunk of society. I claim to be a Catholic - Roman Catholic to be precise. Yet I am well aware my personal beliefs are not on par with the Church completely and never will be. My writing has always been influenced by my own beliefs, and though I have characters that don't agree with me in the slightest, the foundation of what came to be known as Crystal Prism is built upon that. I am a huge fan of the Narnia novels by C.S. Lewis. The Christian influence in his work stuck with me and clings to my own works. Even so, I'm going to try and tell you the origin story of Crystal Prism. Here goes.

This is the first part of a possible series called Crystal Prism Mythology. I was inspired by Wolfsea's Nasty Beasts stuff lately to sorta dig into to the myths of my world. Instead of the origin of CP itself, I ended up writing this.

Long ago, our universe appeared out of nothing. The how and why of this event is hotly debated, but that information is unimportant to our narrative. What matters is that, long after the universe had been going about its merry way - whatever way that is to you - a little human girl was born. Now that's nothing special. The human animal breeds like they are going extinct and must make enough to survive an eventual genocide. So one more random kid isn't that big of deal. You could remove her and universe would be just fine, right?


Ashleigh Danielle Jaelyn Cutler is the daughter of a set of second cousins, born premature and not expected to live at all. She is a short human, though not as short as some. Either due to the circumstances of her birth or just general bad luck, she wasn't gifted with stamina or physical prowess. She made up for her lack of physical skills with an imagination and creative nature that is unstoppable. She not only made "friends", but discovered another world only she could reach. From the age for three, she "told stories" and took to drawing in an attempt to share what she saw with everyone around her. She was still telling stories the day she turned fifteen.

Not everyone appreciated these efforts, particularly a devious creature that goes by several names. This being spoke with many voices, telling her to quit wasting her time and grow up. Playing in make-believe was for children, and she was no longer a child. When those tactics failed, the being tried taking away her father, the one person that truly understood her. The loss shook her to her core, but only made her gifts stronger. Withdrawing from a world she could not accept, she fashioned a new life for herself. She took the remnants of happier times and, like Arache at her loom, wove these threads into a tapestry. Then, much like the child others claimed she still was, she made a sanctuary beneath this warm, soft blanket.

Many tried to coax her from her safe haven, among them her mother, the only other who truly supported her gifts. Even so, when Ashleigh finally emerged, she did not do so as a human. No, from the safety of her shelter, a small yellow and white wolf pup crawled forth and at her mother's encouragement, sought others like her. She found a small handful, and began to share her stories with them, at last giving a name to the universe she had bore. The puppy grew into a sleek young she-wolf, and with her form, so grew her powers. The being could not stand to see her find her footing and struck once more, this time stealing her mother away to join her father.

It was too much for Ashleigh, or as she had come to call herself, AshWolf. She returned to her safe haven and, with power born of grief and a desperate need to escape, forced open the door to the world she had only imagined. Her safe place solidified, and around her a small territory appeared. She settled down to wait out the days until time reunited her with her parents. Her friends, those creatures she had brought to life through childhood innocence, fought to pull her back from the abyss to no avail.

Her parents watched from beyond in sorrow. Unable to help her themselves, they sought out a character she had long thought lost. They then used one of that handful others with powers like their daughter's to lure her out and return him to her. It was then that AshWolf realized her new home was accessible to more than just herself. Once reunited with his creator, this character began to seek - not replacements for her parents, but others would would be the support she needed most. In doing so, he not only found her a pack, but himself a family.

This pack, this family, was there when the being tried once more to destroy her will. They caught her before she could be swept away in the storm of loss and betrayal it sent her way. And with their support, AshWolf knew she could stand against whatever was thrown at her. Forever.