Anonymous Soul posted A Matter of Curiosity in 2011 regarding interest in the male anatomy. But she never continued her story beyond the opening chapter and it's been five years so I thought I'd give her premise a shot. I've changed the characters and the circumstances but I wanted to credit Anonymous Soul for the idea (and title).

A Matter of Curiosity

Sandi 's brother Danny was having a party! Their parents were out of state for the weekend and they (foolishly) trusted their kids to be well behaved in their absence but it was obvious that Danny had been planning the afternoon pool party for weeks. Sandi was offended when Danny banned her from the premises until 8:00 that evening.

"Why eight o'clock?" She wanted to know. "I live here too, you know."

"Brad Franklin's having an even bigger party tonight so we'll all go over there," Danny explained. "You can come back then."

"Make sure you clean up!" Sandi demanded. "I don't want to come home to your drunken mess!"

"Deal," he agreed. "You and your goofy little friends stay clear until eight o'clock and there will be absolutely no evidence that I even had a party when you get back," He promised

"What, you having girls over?" Sandi frowned. "Doing some skinny dipping and all that?"

"Never mind," Danny grinned. "Just stay away until eight o'clock."

Sandi knew there was no point arguing with Danny. He was two years older, unfairly popular with all the power and she learned a long time ago to stay on his good side and not challenge his authority. He paid her back by doing her favors from time to time so Sandi reluctantly agreed to vacate the house so Danny could have his perv skinny dipping party.

Sandi envied her brother's ability to have a good time and the sixteen year old felt like a lame inexperienced prude dweeb compared to him. She didn't even like to go skinny dipping when she was home alone, paranoid that someone would catch her or see her even though the pool was fenced in and buffered by high trees, plus the neighboring houses were spread far apart.

Sandi wished she was brave enough to have a skinny dipping party of her own but she was way too timid for that sort of stuff.

"Jesus, you don't even like it when I see you naked!" Sandi 's friend Poppy laughed, listening to Sandi rant about her brother's skinny dipping party as the two friends sat around Poppy's house killing time.

"I told you why," Sandi pouted.

"Yes, yes, one of your brother's creep friends barged into the pool house when you were twelve and saw your naked ass," Poppy groaned. "That was four years ago. God, get over it already!"

"You just don't understand," Sandi sulked.

"Guess not," Poppy agreed.

The two friends hung out until well after eight o'clock and then Poppy drove Sandi back to her house, Poppy being six months older and already able to drive. The house looked surprisingly neat and tidy (especially around the pool area) with no evidence that any sort of unscrupulous partying had taken place, much to Sandi's relief and satisfaction.

"You sure he had a party?" Poppy asked suspiciously as they did a sweep of the interior looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"Why would he make it up?" Sandi asked with annoyance but then she stopped short in front of her own bedroom, gawking at what she was seeing.

Poppy saw the frozen Sandi from where she was standing further down the hall. "What's wrong?" Poppy frowned as she hurried toward Sani. "Oh My God!" Poppy exclaimed when she looked past Sandi and saw what her friend was looking at.

A naked guy was lying bare-assed on his stomach on top of Sandi ' bed, his face partially covered by his hair.

"Do you think he's dead?" Sandi worried.

"Most likely passed out drunk," Poppy replied stepping into the room to examine the discovery more closely. "Jesus, I think it's Randle."

"Randle?" Sandi squeaked, her face white, her knees weak.

Sandi had never revealed who the jerk friend of her brother's was that had seen her naked ass on that unfortunate day of infamy. Poppy was the only one who knew about the incident as Sandi was too humiliated and embarrassed to want anybody else to know, especially Danny.

Now, as Sandi stood in the doorway staring at the naked ass of Jeff Randle, she supposed it was turn-about fair play revenge pay back because it had been Randle who had so rudely barged into the pool room without knocking that day. What hurt the most was that he had laughed when he saw Sandi's bare fanny and that was the most traumatic part of the shaming. He thought she looked funny?

Sandi had been torturing herself for four years. Randle never said a word about what happened, let alone apologized for so horribly violating her privacy, crossing uncross-able boundaries, and humiliating her to a point that she didn't even like getting naked alone. Sandi avoided Randle as much as possible but there were times when they passed in the school hallways, Sandi looking away and avoiding eye contact.

Randle – who was pretty good friends with Danny –stopped by the house on occasion but Sandi hid out in her room whenever he was around.

"I definitely smell booze," Poppy announced as she stepped further into the room. "The guy isn't the best looking one around but he's got a nice ass, doesn't he?" She laughed.

Sandi blushed but she couldn't help but sneak a few more peeks at his white buns. Was there something ironic in the fact that she was seeing him vulnerable just like he had seen her in the same way? Sandi hated the bastard but here she was unable to stop gawking at his bare ass. Was she actually feeling some sort of attraction all of a sudden instead of being disgusted by him like she had been for so long?

"Don't go any closer," Sandi warned Poppy. "What if he wakes up?"

"It would be pretty funny, wouldn't it?" Poppy giggled.

Sandi admired Poppy's free spirit and unabashed approach to life. She'd be the first one to jump naked into the pool if Sandi was ever bold enough to have her own skinny dipping party and Poppy wouldn't have cared if there had been guys present either! Sandi wished she could be that carefree and unconcerned about rules and modesty.

Poppy was unusually tall for her age and gender, thin as a telephone pole with long brown hair she wore to the top of her ass. Sandi was petite and even at sixteen she looked a lot the way she did when she was twelve when that son of a bitch Randle violated her privacy. He'd probably laugh again if he saw her naked now because she was still small-breasted (he didn't see those, thank God) and skinny-assed and that made her want to hate him all the more.

Sandi constantly thought about the traumatic day, torturously punishing herself for her mortification and unable to forget the look on Randle's face when he barged into the pool house. She was naked with her back to him and she looked over her shoulder to see a look of amusement on his face. She screamed loud enough to make nearby birds fly from the trees as she dove behind the old couch and yelling at him to get out. Randle did as she asked but his cruel laughter hung in the air and she would never forgive him for that callousness.

Sometimes Sandy got physically ill just thinking about it. Even now, staring at him being naked this time, Sandi felt her legs shaking.

"Don't touch him!" Sandi warned Poppy who was slowly tip-toeing toward the bed.

"What, you think I'm going to accost him?" Poppy laughed. "Pat his ass?"

Sandi couldn't imagine doing something so forward and provocative but with Poppy you never knew.

"I never really paid much attention to Randle before," Poppy admitted. "He was never on the A List."

Randle graduated in June with Danny and the rest of the senior class. Poppy and Sandi were about to become juniors but at least Sandi wouldn't have to see her violator around Hillsboro High anymore even though he'd still be around town, attending Blue County Community College according to her brother.

Randle wasn't anything special – he played sports with Danny, but mostly on the second teams. He was an average student and an average guy, not bad looking, but no Adonis either. Sandi might have found the time to like him if she didn't hate him so much for what he did.

"I guess when you see a guy naked you look at him differently," Poppy laughed.

Sandi looked at him again. His hair was black, a thick mane of wavy curls currently fallen in his face. He had a plain face but full lips. Sandi had a couple of would-be boyfriends but none for a while. She kissed Miquel Presz many times when they were dating and she liked how his lips tasted.

She never fantasized about kissing Randle's lips – if anything, she fantasized about ripping them off with the Jaws of Life and stuffing them down his throat!

Poppy was at the edge of the bed now, standing over Randle looking down and admiring his bare buttocks up close.

"You're not going to do something stupid are you?" Sandi worried.

"Like what?" Poppy teased. "Post his naked butt on the internet!? Stick a grape up his ass? What'd you have in mind, Sandi?"

Sandi turned red and it took her a moment to regain her composure, too overcome with embarrassment to know what to say or do.

"I bet you never thought you'd find Naked Guy in your bed!" Poppy laughed. "But I suppose everything happens for a reason. How else do we explain Randle mysteriously ending up here like this?"

"He's unconsciously drunk and he reeks of alcohol and chlorine," Sandi observed. "They must have gotten naked and skinny dipped, God knows with who."

"Well, we should definitely use this to our advantage!" Poppy insisted

"What are you talking about?" Sandi asked suspiciously.

Poppy shrugged. "Blackmail, perhaps," she said, giving it some thought. "Or maybe we could just pretend we're in a Human Bio Course," she suggested. "Today's lesson, the male anatomy. Let's roll him over and see what he's got!"

"No!" Sandi blushed. "That would be perverted!"

"So you're going to deprive me from taking a look at his wang?" Poppy complained.

"I get the feeling his wouldn't be your first," Sandi mumbled.

Poppy burst out laughing. "You would be correct," she verified. "Kasey Brenner had a skinny dipping party of her own awhile back!"

"I can't believe you!" Sandi remarked.

"Come on, Sand, aren't you even just the least bit curious?" Poppy wanted to know.

"No," she lied. "Let's just leave him here until he sobers up."

"What fun is that?"

"I'm sure Danny and some of the other guys will come back looking for him," Sandi remarked.

Poppy shook her head with disappointment. "What a waste," she complained. "We could do all sorts of crazy things to humiliate the poor bastard. We could put your bra and panties on him, put him in makeup and take photos of him!"

The funny thing was, Sandi should have been all for that. She spent the last four years thinking up revenge plots in her head, fantasizing ways she could inflict pain and hurt Randle in some unobvious way but she could never bring herself to be so mean. Even now, with him lying their bare-assed, passed out, she resisted the urge to do something she knew she would later regret - no matter how much the jerk deserved it.

"Well," Poppy sighed with resignation. "I told Richie I'd meet him for ice cream. I guess I'll go if we're not going to do a photo shoot with Naked Guy here."

Sandi walked Poppy to the front door, suddenly feeling relieved that her friend was leaving without further incident.

"What are you going to do?" Poppy frowned.

Sandi pulled her cell phone out of her shorts pocket. "I'm calling Danny right now," she vowed. "He can get the hell back here and deal with it."

"Still the prude," Poppy said with disapproval. "When are you going to learn to live a little?"

Sandi didn't answer as she watched Poppy walk down the front walk. She waited until Poppy had driven off before she closed the door, put her cell phone away without calling Danny, and glanced toward her bedroom.