Chapter 3

Once she closed the bedroom door, Sandi turned and pressed her back against it while appreciating Randle in all his naked wonderfulness.

"What are you doing, Sandi?" Randle asked with nervousness.

"Don't leave," she whispered.

"I really should go find my clothes," he said.

"Who'd you go skinny dipping with?" She wanted to know.

"Just the guys," he shrugged. "It was a naked drinking pool party."

"No girls?" She asked with surprise.

"I wish!" He laughed. "You're still the only naked girl I've seen!"

"Really!?" She was stunned.

Maybe Poppy and their other friends were full of bullshit when it came to all their sexual stories. Hell, Randle was eighteen and he was still as pure as she was? Of course, maybe not as pure as he was when the day began considering he was standing nude in his friend's sister's bedroom.

"I don't think I hate you anymore," Sandi realized.

"That's good," Randle said with relief. "I've always liked you."

"How come?" She tested, not quite believing she was carrying on a conversation with a naked guy who she had hated for four years but now realized she had always wanted in some bizarre way.

"You're sweet, you're funny, you're cute, you're pretty," Randle shrugged. "You know, I've known Dan since I was eight which means I've known you since you were six," he said as he stood there looking like a naked Superman with his hands by his side and his dick sticking out toward her like it was a magnet. "We used to have fun times when we were younger. Swimming in the pool. Neighborhood block parties. It was fun."

"It was," Sandi agreed, remembering that she kind of liked him before he barged into the pool room and laughed at her naked rear.

"I've missed that," Randle sighed. "I knew you were mad at me for what happened and I've felt bad about it all this time but I didn't want to upset you more so I avoided you out of respect."

"Because you liked me?" She asked softly.

"Because I like you," Randle confirmed. "I'm sure that's why I ended up naked in your room in my drunken stupor," he grinned. "Even in my blacked out state, I knew where I wanted to be."

"Naked in my room?" She squinted.

"Naked with you," he confessed.

"Are you as curious as me?" Sandi inquired with interest.

"Curious about what?" He wondered.


"I've been thinking about you since the day I saw your wonderful ass in the pool house," he revealed.

Sandi smiled happily before going into her bathroom and returning with a towel, although she was sorry he wasn't going to be naked anymore.

"Let's go find your clothes," she said as she tossed him the towel, stealing one last look as he lifted his arms up to catch it.

She was disappointed when Randle tied the while towel around his waist.

"Maybe they're in the pool house," Randle realized as they left Sandi's bedroom.

"Let's go look," she said.

A moment's later they were outside by the pool and Sandi stopped, staring at the still calm water. Maybe now was the time she should overcome her fear of skinny dipping! She threw a look at Randle and grinned before pulling her red tee shirt off over her head to reveal her white bra.

"What are you doing?" A shocked Randle asked.

"Let's go skinny dipping together right now before Danny shows up," she said.


But she was already unfastening her bra and she let it fall to the cement, revealing her small breasts for him to see. Without even thinking about it, she was peeling down her khaki shorts and her purple panties, suddenly free of her four year self-imposed frigid imprisonment. She was naked and she didn't care. In fact, she laughed when she saw the way Randle was looking at her and how his re-stiffened rod was poking underneath the towel.

"I'm not twelve anymore," Sandi let him know.

"I can see that," Randle blushed.

She walked down the steps into the pool and then did a shallow dive before turning over onto her back and swimming to the middle of the pool, watching Randle gawking at her.

"You coming in?" She wanted to know, surprising herself with her new found sense of freedom.

Randle dropped the towel and walked down the steps into the pool.

"I can't believe any of this," Randle admitted once he swam to her.

"It's all very curious," Sandi giggled.

"God, Sandi," Randle said happily.

"It's kind of like pleasure mixed with guilt," Sandi remarked as they floated together in the middle of the pool.

"It's wonderful," Randle smiled.

"It is," Sandi agreed.

"I feel unbelievable," he let her know.

"Seeing you naked sure is curious."

"Seeing you naked without you screaming is a do-over worth waiting for."

Sandi laughed with delight as she turned onto her stomach and swam to the deep end of the pool. Randle followed her and the held onto the edge of the wall and looked at one another.

"Thank you," Randle said warmly.

"Thank you," Sandi grinned happily. "Now we'd better find your clothes before Danny gets home," she warned. "Otherwise there will be some explaining to do!"

Randle nodded in agreement.

"But thanks for satisfying my curiosity," Sandi beamed. "I promise I'll never scream again!"