What if the Qing Dynasty Lived On

Chapter 1 : Cixi Never becomes Empress

Cixi was the one massive reason for the Qing's downfall. Had the Emperor had a son, lets say its Pu Yi even though he isnt born till 1908. Pu-Yi would've gained the throne after a power struggle between Cixi and the Regent council with Cixi being executed in the end. Pu-Yi would take the throne at 10 and would become a strong ruler. The Japanese still seeing an oppurtunity to take Joseon Korea would intiate the Sino-Japanese War in 1895 as in our timeline. China attempting to modernise would defeat the Newly Modernized Imperial Japanese Army and hold Korea as a tributary state. The Chinese Empire would hold its borders against the West and even regain the Manchurian Cores from Russia, this would be the Western Defeat from a eastern nation.

Chapter 2 : The Early 20th Century

In 1910 Pu-Yi would begin funding Indian Revolutionary Groups in the British Raj (India) The British Empire would declare war and a bloody war would begin. Within a few weeks the Chinese retook Hong Kong and India was being invaded. The Qing and the British Made peace. Northern India would be made into the Northern Kingdom of India and England would be forced to leave China alone. The Chinese Empire would join on the Central Powers Side in World War 1 and Help the Northern Kingdom of India gain all of India. The United States would stay nuetral in world War 1 which helped majorly to a German,Austrian, Turkish, and Chinese Victory.

Chapter 3 : The Roaring 20's

With the Triple Entente defeated and the Central Powers victorious and the 20's begining a new dawn began for the world. The Germans celebrated the 4 year anniversary of the great war and the defeat of the Allies. The Chinese celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Anglo-Sino War. Japan had become more Imperialistic then in our timeline and was planning a huge invasion of the Qing Empire. The French and British Supported the japanese secretly. As the 20's came to a near close the Stock Market in America crashed causing a world depression. The Qing Empire wasn't hit to hard due to it being dependent on its self. The Austro-Hungarian, German and Turkish Empires profited off China's wealthiness. Japan England France USA and the Russian Republic were hurting severly. Is war around the corner? Is a new curtain being pulled upon the world? Perhaps, the 30's will only tell...

Chapter 4 : The 2nd World War

A carrier sails off the coast of Hawaii but it doesn't bear the flag of the US instead it bears the Dragon. Manchu Troops march down Honolulu's streets as the Hawaiians look helplessly. The Qing had just surprised attacked Hawaii with a land invasion and air attack giving the navy no time to send a message to DC.

When News got to DC the Chinese were already planning a invasion of the west coast. The US immediatelymobilized and drafted. The Chinese had to resupply and bring in more troops and more ships for a full scale invasion.

President Roosevelt delivered this speech to the congress "On December the 12th 1932 The Naval and Ground Forces of China attacked the Islands of Hawaii. This unprecedented attack will not go unpunished! I ask that the congress send a declaration of war to the Empire of China! This date...WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!" World War 2 had begun. in Europe things remained mostly calm but tensions were rising between Austria-Hungaria and the Kingdom of Italy. Within days the Chinese had several fleets blockading the west coast and air bombings taking place. The US was preparing for a all out war with China.

The United States launched the Atlantic Fleet and take the panama canal and launch the Pacific Ocean Naval Campaign. The US Fleets Harassed Qing Supply Lines and slowed a invasion of the US Significantly by about 1 year due to the Harassment of the Qing Supply Lines. Eventually the US Atlantic Fleet retreated and the Qing continued to supply the invasion force. In 1933 the US Military was ready for a defense.

The Qing Carrier Hong Koain Chi was spotted off the coast of California in June of 1933. Over L.A everything was calm then a plane flew over Seal Beach. Then another and another then threw the fog a landing transport is seen and soon about 200 more are seen within seconds the sea turns into a exploding death trap as american artillery fires on the chinese transports. As Chinese troops landed on the beaches they came under Machine Gun fire yet they still advanced.

The Chinese took the beach and advanced into LA. this was one of many landings done and within 2 weeks the Chinese controlled major west coast cities. The US Military was sent on a frenzy and retreated from the west coast and reinforced a stronger line and dug in. By 1939 The War in America had grown desperate as the Chinese controlled all states from the west coast to the pan handle of Oklahoma. In Europe war broke out between Austria-Hungaria and the Kingdom of Italy.

The War in Europe turned into a stalemate and was a very local war and didnt expand. The US eventually conceded and signed peace with china. Italy eventually conceded and was annexed by Austria. The Russian Empire fell into civil war as the Royalist and the Bolsheviks fought for controll of Russia. The German Empire supported the royalist and sent its armies in to fight the Bolshevik threat. The Empire of China focused its efforts towards the American resistance. The USA had been preparing for a 2nd Sino-American war and in 1942 the Armies of America crossed into Qing Occupied Western America and began pushing towards the west coast. The Imperial Army was to slow to respond and they retreated beyond the Rockies and dug in. The imperial army began a defense to the west. The American Military launched a massive offensive against the Imperial Army and pushed into the west. The American Forces easily pushed the Imperial army back within months and had retaken many west coast cities.

The Collapse of the Qing

By the time the US would've pushed the Chinese out the pro democratic parties in China wouldve had reason to revolt. The Republican movement began in 1951 when the Imperial Army fired on a group of protestors which sparked mass revolt. The Revolution was bloody and lasted 5 years and during this revolution the US fought the now disorganized and chaotic Imperial Army across the Pacific taking back Hawaii then moving across the Pacific on a island hopping campaign. The Imperial Navy and Imperial Army could not hold the enraged American Army. At the battle of Iwo Jima the American army stormed the beaches under fire. The Broken Imperial Army could not hold the American Marines and within 2 weeks iwo jima fell. The Republic took Peiking in 1956 the Republic took Peiking and kicked the monarchy out of power. The Remenants of the Imperial Army in the Pacific surrendered to the Republic of China and the United States.

The Qing Empire had fallen from the inside and outside. The Manchu Dynasty fled to Germany and the Republic of China and the United States of America engaged in a naval cold war over controll of of the pacific islands. The Republican Navy would constantly violate the boundaries of the treaty. The USA would continue the build up of its armed forces and continue to hold occupied Pacific islands. The Chinese Republic would be short lived as a civil war broke out in China between the Communist and the Republicans. The United States would help the Republican Goverment. When the US would get involved this would cause some nations to dislike it.

China would explode into several movements fighting eachother. The German Empire would support the exiled Qing Dynasty and support the monarchist and in 20 years China would reunify under the Qing Dynasty.