Hello readers!

Well this story is based on a real life situation, because I went to a Prom! An amazing girl invited me, and as thanks to her I sat down and wrote this little story.

I hope you enjoy reading the story, I know I enjoyed being in it!


You walk into the gym, wincing slightly at the hot air that greets you. The room was packed with dancing bodies and the music was loud, much louder than you were used to. In any ordinary situation the noise, large crowd, and the heat would have driven you away. But she was there, and a gentle pressure on your hand reminds you of that fact.

You turn your head to look at the girl who invited you to her prom and the breath catches in your throat. Counting dinner and pictures you've already been with her for about 3 hours and have been holding her hand on and off for that time, but she still manages to knock your breath away and any hope of forming words away. Her dress is pink and beautiful, her hair is in a braid and beautiful, and her makeup only makes her look all the more wonderful.

You were speechless when you saw her for the first time, and you were speechless now, and you probably always would be speechless when it comes to her. She was just so pretty… it was almost criminal.

She slowly leads you though the crowd and you follow her like a dutiful puppy, gripping her hand like the lifeline that it was. The room, the unfamiliar people, the loud music… it was all like a raging stormy sea, but as long as you held her you'd be okay.

That's who she was, a beacon of light in the storm. That's why you cared so much about her. Sara was the kind of girl that had the talents and the brains to rule the world and she could do anything that she set her mind to.

Right as you sat down and began to talk about nothing, the music shifted from a loud pop song that was impossible to dance to, to a slow song. One of your favorites, and hers too.

Instantly that smile reaches her face, the smile that has your stomach turning and your heart beating faster because the sight of it means she's happy. Sara begins to tug on your hands, pulling you towards the dance floor, and you stand up and follow.

Dancing with Sara is… different than dancing with other girls. Other girls you don't have to think about dancing with, you can focus on them and really live in the moment. With Sara however, your brain only offers white noise, and you actually have to think about the dance, think about what you say to her, and think about everything and anything.

As your heart thumps in your ribcage you shake your head, sliding your fingers into hers. The contact makes you jump, especially when she runs a thumb along the back of your hand. She places her other hand securely on your shoulder and you place the other hand on her back, wanting to hold her close.

As you begin to sway to the soft music her head begins to move to the beat. Your face breaks into a smile as you watch her become a slave to the power of music, and you see her lips mouth the words of the song. Her eyes close and she moves her head from side to side as the music wraps around you both. Your thumb lazily draws small circles on her back as you simply watch her, staring at her like she was some majestic creature… and maybe she was.

No matter how many times you took her to movies, or held her hand, or danced with her… the nerves were always the same. All the websites and books said that the jitters would go away in time, but they never did. Maybe that's why you valued her so much, she made you realize just how lucky you were. You don't know why you were asked to Prom, and probably would never know, but you were here in her arms.

It felt right.

For that one moment you weren't nervous, there was no fear, no worry, no self-doubt… It was just you and her. It felt like a second skin had been stripped from you, and you feel vulnerable, cold, like there's a hole in you. Then she squeezes your hand and her green eyes snap up to meet yours, warmth spreads through your face as you squeeze back, and she chuckles before closing her eyes and swaying to the music again.

The warmth fills the hole inside of you, and you find yourself smiling. You didn't need stress or nervousness or fear to feel complete… you just needed her. Sara opens the door to so many emotions, emotions you thought you couldn't feel, and that's why you care about her.

Your brain manages to cut through the white noise and gives you the command to tell her, to tell her how special she is… to tell her how much you care. You've tried before, but never something this direct… this bold.

You open your dry mouth and swallow, attempting to form organized words as she looks up at you. You can tell by her gaze that she's waiting, she wants to know what you have to say, and your stomach flares as you work up the nerve to tell her…

Then the song ends, and you spin her around ending with a bow. She hugs you and you hug back, marveling at the softness of her skin and hair. Her braid is in your face, but you're too frazzled to care about it, your brain is stressed enough trying to deal with the floodgate of emotion opened by one simple hug.


You spend the rest of the dance trying to work up the nerve to tell her just how special she is. The faster dances and songs are boons to you, as she gets up to dance every few minutes. Your brain manages to keep up a conversation with her and still work on the problem at hand. You quickly reboot your brain and then you run through the same phrases over and over again, fully prepared for saying them when it counts.

One of the fast songs ends and she comes, sitting by you and smiling from ear to ear as she took a deep breath. Your breath gets sucked away as you take her in, and a chuckle leaves your throat. Sara is a vacuum and you are helpless around her. She gently takes your hand and smiles as you squeeze it gratefully.

Her soft voice floats over the too-loud music, and you can still hear her perfectly "Thank you so much for coming."

You nod and blush a bit, in all honesty you should be thanking her. She asked you to prom, she made the whole night possible, she guided you through everything, and she's dancing with you. Being asked was an unexpected honor, but you're quickly learning to take it in stride.

The conversation soon turned to other topics, and you hone in on answering and conversing. One ear is always tuned to the music, waiting for another slow song to play. The prom is almost over, so you shouldn't have to wait long. All of your nerves are at bay and you are once again prepared to say what needs to be said.

People have started leaving the prom early and the crowded, hot, stuffy environment has become more tolerable. Maybe that's why you are so calm, the environment is more to your liking, almost as if the fates are looking down on you.

The DJ announces the last song of the night, and you both wordlessly stand, walking hand in hand to the dance floor. You place one hand on her back, she laces her fingers through yours, and you both begin to sway. Sara doesn't tilt her head back or get lost in the music, she instead focuses on you, her eyes locked on yours, shining with expectation.

Your brain clicks into overdrive and your mouth opens ready to tell the girl you're holding just how much she means to you, how much it means that she invited you to her Prom, how special she is to you and how special she always will be… and nothing comes out. Nothing at all.

You swallow and will yourself to try again, forcing your brain to attempt to make words, but you get the exact same result. All the emotion is there, all the words are in your brain, but your mouth just won't speak them.

Embarrassment drifts over you like a cloud, engulfing you and unleashing a shameful downpour. You try to say something, anything… try to do anything to let her know what she means to you.

Sara squeezes your hand again, and her smile blows all the clouds away. Her green eyes fill with understanding as her other hand caresses your shoulder.

She knows.

She understands how much you care about her, how grateful you are, and how much you value her in your life. If your throat was able to make sound you would have laughed at the absurdity of it all.

You both finish the dance in silence, only communicating with your eyes, saying more than words ever could. As the dance ends and the music stops, you wrap her up in a hug. Your hands gently massage her shoulders and back. Her warm breath tickles your ear as her hands caress your back and arms, and her braid tickled your face as her head leans into your shoulder.

As you both sway you can feel your heart bouncing off of hers, and it feels right… her, the dance, and the emotion behind it. It all feels right.

When the hug ends you're both blushing like fools, but the moment served its purpose. She knows how much you care about her, and you know the feeling is mutual. She knows all that you want to say to her and she understands. As you lace your fingers through hers and she leads you out of the prom, you smile, glad to have partaken in this unexpected honor.

Maybe you won't be as nervous next year.


I hope you enjoyed that story.

I tried writing this in 1st person and it just felt wrong, so I tried 2nd person. Please let me know if the second person made sense, because I'm not so sure.

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