Paddle Pranked

By Shadowgate

The Byron Hedgehog Private School has been open for the past 25 years. It was a private school that covered K-12. Today the Principal of the school Mrs. Mills would be hosting a tour which she'd done for the past two years. The tours consisted of businessmen and community activists. Today one of the tour members Jerry Anderson brought his nine year old daughter Jennifer along for the tour because both he and his wife were planning on sending her to the school next year.

Three teachers would be attending the tour, Mrs. Butterball, Mrs. Maddash, and Mrs. Bohawk.

The tour began at 9AM. At 10 AM a video on DVD would be shown to the tour in the gym.


9:15 AM

Mrs. Mills and her assistant teachers had the tour underway.

She noticed all the tour members were happy especially Jennifer Anderson. At 9:45 AM inside the gym a student Matthew Hines told Mrs. Mills the DVD about the history of the Hedgehog School was in the DVD player and ready to go. Mrs. Mills gave him a smile and he along with a dozen other students went back to their classroom.

At 10 AM the tour group of 15 sat down in the gym to watch the DVD and Mrs. Mills turned out the lights.

As the DVD began Mrs. Butterball said "Mrs. Mills I've seen this video already and that's not it."

Mrs. Mills said "it's not? What video is it then?"

Mrs. Butterball said "I don't know but it's not the correct one. The credits sure don't match."

Mrs. Mills spoke up "Attention everyone this appears to be the wrong video."

As Mrs. Mills walked over to the DVD player/television a scene appeared of a woman who yelled "I'll paddle your butt!" and she whacked a man on his bare butt with a paddle.

Mrs. Mills was shocked as were the three teachers but the tour members began laughing. Mrs. Mills cut the video soon after that.

Jennifer Anderson laughed so hard she fell out of her seat.

Jerry said "Jennifer that's enough."

Jennifer stopped laughing and Mrs. Mills said "apparently a student replaced the video you were supposed to see with something very inappropriate. Oh the DVD you're supposed to see is in the case and it will be about the school I'll replace it soon.

Jennifer said "well look on the bright side Mrs. Mills now you know what that video is about."

Mrs. Mills said "well yes but this was not supposed to be in the DVD player."

Mrs. Butterball said "Mrs. Mills wasn't Matthew Hines the last student near the DVD player and he told you it was ready to go right?"

Mrs. Mills answered "yes but there were a dozen others near it as well and they all left at the same time."

Mrs. Butterball said "yes but it sounds like Matthew is the guilty one."

Jennifer said "he pulled a spank prank or should I say paddle prank? Ha ha."

One tour member yelled "he better be punished for this. I hope you all paddle him for it."

Mrs. Mills said "when we find out who pulled this spank prank there will be disciplinary action taken."

Jerry said to his daughter "don't tell your mother about this video Jennifer."

Jennifer said "oh I won't she might get an idea if you know what I mean."

The other tour members giggled at Jennifer's comment.

Mrs. Butterball said "well I think Matthew Hines should get a spanking and I don't care if his parents complain or threaten to sue."

Jerry said "absolutely that was adult CP and it was pornographic. My nine year old saw it and I want that student punished."

Mrs. Bohawk said "we don't know for sure that he did it though. Who were all the students that participated today in preparing for the tour? They could have all been on it or it might be a student other than Matthew Hines."

Jennifer said "well whoever played this prank it sure brightened up my day seeing a mom paddle her son's bare butt. That was hilarious."

Jerry said "well whoever did it I want to see punished. Oh and Jennifer that wasn't a mother that was adult CP."

Jennifer asked "what's adult CP?"

Jerry said "adult corporal punishment, it's between consenting adults and it's not disciplinary it's pornographic."

Jennifer said "oh so it's spanking porn?"

Jerry said "yes."

Jennifer started laughing again while still lying on the floor.

Mrs. Maddash asked "can we be absolutely sure Matthew Hines did it?"

Mrs. Mills answered "I don't know but I will be addressing the issue later and I am truly sorry this happened."

Mrs. Mills played the correct video.

No student confessed to the prank and while Mrs. Butterball approached Matthew Hines later he denied being the one. They argued but there was no punishment for Matthew Hines in the end.