Darkness surrounds me, letting in no light as I try to step out of it. Carefully, I feel my way around, looking for the exit. As I reach what I thought was a wall, I feel a knob sticking out from it. I open the door, light spilling into the room, and close the cellar door. I shouldn't have gone into the room without a candle. I go up the stairs that I know so well, dusting my blue work dress with white apron off, and bring what my mistress had asked me to get from that dusty old cellar.

As I reached my mistress's door to open it, my reflection in a nearby mirror caught my gaze. My long, blonde hair, which was tucked neatly in a braid, had somehow gotten muddied. My work dress and apron was also in the same condition, despite being clean when I brushed off dust just a few moments ago. My boots, which were a gold-brown color and went up to just under my knees, were ripped and torn. Even my pale skin was muddied within the reflection of the mirror. As I looked past my blood-shot blue eyes, I saw, in the mirror, a man shrouded in darkness. Fear crept over me, and I started to run. I ran away from my mistress's quarters, hoping that whatever was there was only going after me. But, as I ran, I tripped and fell.

I jolted out of slumber, almost falling out of my bed. "What... time is it?" I sleepily ask myself, looking around for my bedside alarm clock. 5:07 am. "Great," I moaned, "Well, I'm up." I got up from my bed, grabbed a clean shirt, jeans, and underwear from my dresser, and headed into the shower.

Walking through my home in darkness was difficult, but it was either that, or burn my eyes as I turned on every light on my way the bathroom. That wasn't really what I was worrying about right now though. Why did I have such a bizarre dream as that? And why was I portrayed as a girl? "This just doesn't make any sense..."

I reached the bathroom and turned on the light, wincing in pain when I did so. It was just your generic bathroom: a toilet, a sink with a counter that left adequate room to put the necessities on, a bathtub with a shower head, and a closet where towels are usually put. There was also a mirror. As I looked into it, I saw a young man with short, black hair and grey eyes. I also noticed that my cat used my stomach as a scratching post, since my naturally-tan body now had claw marks on my abdomen. I'm thankful that they aren't too deep. After pondering why I had such a weird dream, I turned on the shower and proceeded to bathe.

"Nathan!" I heard a voice cry out of the washroom an hour after I got in. "Get out! I need to pee!" It was my twin brother, Joseph. At this point, I just had my shirt to put on.

"I'm getting out!" I yelled. My brother and I are fraternal twins, with me being the older twin. He and I had tanned skin, but he had brown hair and brown eyes. Unlike me, who was usually calm and rational, Joseph is short-tempered and impulsive. I grabbed my things and left the bathroom. "It's all yours, brother."

"Why the hell are you up this early?" Joseph impatiently asked.

"Because the cat used my stomach as a scratching post again." I replied. "That answer your question?"

"Fine, I get it." Joseph then went into the bathroom, most likely annoyed that he didn't get to the washroom first. "I'm going out for a bit." I yelled through the bathroom door.

"While you're out, buy some cinnamon buns!" Joseph yelled back.

"I'll try." I went back to my room, dumped my clothes in the laundry hamper, took my cellphone and wallet, and went out.

Upon leaving, I was greeted to a cool, dimly lit view of my neighborhood. My brother and I lived in the suburbs of Willowdale, a quiet, sleepy town in northern Ontario, Canada. Walking onto the abandoned streets, I made my way a cave on the outskirts of town where my brother and I made it our hideout. To us, it was a place where we could just get away from relatives who treated us horribly when our parents were away on business. It was a safe haven where we could just relax and forget about the world around us.

I entered the hideout, which Joseph and I have named the Portal – thank you, 7 year-old minds of ours – and turned on the light on my cell phone. I was a moderately big cave, which could fit around five-hundred medium-sized people in here, and still have room for more. My brother and I had put some camping mattresses, bedding, and five battery-powered lanterns whenever relatives decided to visit us. But as I turned on the first two lanterns, I saw that there was an intruder in our hideout.

An unconscious, female intruder. Wearing a blue dress, boots, and has blonde hair tied back in a braid. She was also dirty from a nearby patch of mud I have been meaning to get rid of.

The girl felt familiar somehow. Where have I seen her before?

I went over to where she lay on the ground, knelt down, and put my hand on her shoulder. "Hey," I said, gently shaking her awake, "Are you alright?"

"Ngh..." The girl started to awaken. As she raised her head she asked, "Where am I? How did I get here? And, most importantly, who are you?" She spoke in a British accent, fear nowhere to be heard in her speech. By this time, the girl was sitting down, her legs to her side.

I responded, "Well, I'm Nathan. Nathan Milos. We are in a cave, as you can tell." I can be a bit cynical, sometimes. "As to why you're here..." I was about to answer her third question when I realized something. The reason why she was so familiar to me.

She was the girl from my dream.