The Acachalla Empire

There was once a man, a man named Papa Acachalla who ruled a vast Empire. This man and his family fought through several bloody wars but the most bloodiest was the War of the Continent. This war resulted in the utter destruction of the Freddy Army and the Collapse of all economies of the Modern World. These are the stories...

We were based up on a hill calling in coordinates for artillery strikes so the Freddy Army could advance. So we called int he strikes for 15 minutes and then the order came and we watched that dinosaur army charge. The Freddy Army was running towards the trenches and then they rose up and fired mini guns, rockets, even a mini nuke. All you could see were bullets and those dinosaurs were falling down 5 for every 1 person. We all looked in horror as they fell. When the smoke cleared we saw that all of them were dead all the dinosaurs... W-we called in for a artillery strike and the artillery exploded all around the trench killing about 150 Confederation Troops, we then ran away and the Acachalla Army began digging in. As we ran i was given a gun and sent to the trenches, all you could see is the smoke and in the smoke you could hear marching.

As they came out of the smoke the officer yelled fire and we fired and i saw at least 50 fall. I aimed my gun and we fired again and more fell then men with flame throwers fired and all you could hear were the screams of those burning then the entire army broke and a great retreat began to the west. Artillery was left and many wepaons, air bases were abandoned with fighters and bombers still in the hangers. Within the next few weeks we had lost over 200 miles of land to the invaders and a extremely cold winter had come. We had to leave many wounded due to little supplies, we left them to freeze. At the Battle of Oklahoma City we were ordered to hold the city at all cost no matter the losses, we put barricades on the road and used what tanks we had left and put them in strategic positions. The Armies of Prince Fang entered the city and not a single sound could be heard. Ona hill nearby stood the Emperor...he was in a military fur coat with a helmet on and he looked over the battlefield. I walked to the emperor and i asked what we were going to do and he gave me one word...Hell. He then turned and looked at me and said that he was going lead a cavalry charge against the fools.

THe Emperor put his arms behind his back and i ran down to the city and got into a defensive position and a Machine gunner from a window fired down onto the confederated forces and the line was sent into chaos with men running to cover. I fired my gun and killed a flag bearer. All the sudden a tank going full speed raced towards us and we began to run. All the sudden a tank came out of the wall and fired at the fFang Tank and it blew up. The Emperor mounted his horse and 900 cavalry men rode behind him and he yelled "RIDE ON! RIDE HARD!" The men cheered and the charge began and the forces of fag fired into the charging horses but to no avail they were over ran and pushed back to the Cimmaron River. We couldnt advance due to such low numbers due to the great retreat of 2031 now in 2033 we pushed them to the Cimmaron River where a great stalemate began. We tried crossing the river at first but were pushed back. After a 9 month stalemate a cease fire was signed and the Cimmaron River became the Border between the Empire and the Confederated Colonies of Prince Fang.

The Emperor personally shaked hands with Prince Fang ending the war (neither of them liked it). The Freddy Army was rebuilt and the 2 nations kept peace, but the war destroyed the global economy due to most nations sending supplies to the 2 nations. Emperor Acachalla met with his wife the Empress of the Empire Empress Gertrude Acachalla to solve the economic problems and Getrude suggest having the people work on a new city that could bring back jobs and the Emperor agree's. The Heirs to the throne Sally and Billy were riding horses at the battlefield where the freddy army was destroyed and billy said "So this is where your pets failed?" Sally wasnt amused and hut him int he arm "and this was the battle where your little army failed and father hyad to come and save your butt?".

Billy doesnt look pleased and says "Fine you win i failed there were even." Sally had a devious smile and walked away and said "Brother, your army may be large but my army will always be superior." She mounts a horse and rides away. Billy mounts a horse and rides away as well. The Emperor looks out the window and puts his arms behind his back. He walks out and down to the throne and sits.

He falls asleep and has a vision of a different reality where there is no Empire or War and his family lives in a house and is sorta insane. He wakes up and stands up and walks to the planning where a officer bows his head and says "My Emperor what is your order?" Acachalla looks at the officer and says "Rebuild our military and place men on the borders." The Officer bows and the Emperor looks at the map. He then walks out.

A few weeks later he is sitting on a throne outside with his wife and 2 children as they look down upon the massive crowd of 12 million. The Emperor and Empress stand up and the Emperor yells "THE COLONIES OF PRINCE FANG ATTEMPTED TO ANNEX US AND WE FOUGHT THEM OFF! WE DESTROYED THERE PITIFUL ARMY! WE HAVE PREVAILED! I NOW ASK OF YOU MY PEOPLE TO JOIN US IN REBUILDING OUR EMPIRE! FOR WE ARE ONE!"

The Imperial Anthem played and the people sang along

Out of the darkness we'll rise

Into the light we will dwell
We came to rule the world, with muse in arms
We are the clouds in the sky
We are the storm and the tides
We are the wind and the rain, the sun and the moon, and the end of all time!
We are loyal to the Empire!

We are the soldiers, the legion of light!

We are the center, the death of the prince!
Fire and flame, we are one!
We are the soldiers of the Empire!
We are the soldiers, the legion of light!
We are the center, the death of the sun!
Fire and flame, we are one!
Out of the darkness we'll rise
Into the light we will dwell
We came to burn the earth, with muse in arms
We are the source of all sin
We are the stars in the sky
The death and rebirth in a line, the sun and the moon, and the end of all time!

When the anthem ended the Soldiers fired there guns in the air and the people rejoiced. THe Emperor and Empress kissed and the Military Parade began. The Princess looked down as the Freddy Army marched down the road way with the Army and the Tank battalions behind them, then the horse drawn artillery came up behind. Billy looked at his mother and she smiled and billy smiled back. Sally looked down upon the Army and the men turned there head towards the royal family and yelled "AVE IMPERATOR".

Acachalla smirked and looked to his wife "This is what will make our future guaranteed." Gertrude shook her head "This will only bring our destruction! You must not fight the Colonies anymore...PLEASE!" Acachalla looked ahead "The Empire demands our enemies be extinguished i follow there will." Gertrude then looked forward and said "Fine but when you lay dying in the field i will not be able to save you..."

The End...For Now