Star Wars From the Unknown Regions Episode IV : Return of the Order

Chaliin retra lalii couin feen...chaa...kaa...Junia Ordania...Renuca...Cganla...We the People of Jedia swear to the blade of the Jedian Order...Republic...Empire... Chant of the Exiled

Chapter 1 : The Return

Jackana walked down the halls of the ruined Jedian Temple on the planet of Jedia, as he looks around he finds a Holocron of the Council of 32. He activates it and the holocron talks "Hello whom ever finds this holocron please listen, this is Grand Master Long Zhao husband of Anna, Father to Lyna and Grand Master and Figure Head of the Jedian Empire. We are soon to be spread out and divided for if you find this reunite the Order and the Empire FIGHT Akkadia! *Explosions are heard* Long Zhao signing off...Long Live Jedia." the holocron turns off and Jackana looksat the torn up Jedian flag and grips his fist and says "As you wish...Grand Master..."

As he walks more in he finds skeletons and sabers and guns the last stand of the Jedian Empire. He walks up to a broken statue and looks at it and calls his ship to him and he boards it. He walks to the cockpit and takes off looks at the ruined planet once more and gets into orbit, he looks at the console and presses a button

"This is Knight Jackana sending the call to retake Jedia and reform our Empire. For those who hear i will chant the Chant of the Exiled Chaliin Retra Lalii Couin Feena...Chaa...Kaa...Junia...Renuca...Cganla...We the People of Jedia swear to the blade of Jedian Order...Republic...Empire..."

the call was sent out and Jackana heads to the planet of Salvotorii where he meets up with a the Union of Rebellions.


Vassily turns around and smiles and hugs him Jackana

"Ah Jackana its been to long."

Jackana looks at him

"How goes the war?"

Vassilly gets sad

"Were on the verge of collopse, the clans wont stop fighting and the Akkadians are pushing ever day."

Jackana looks at him

"You and your men can come and fight for the jedian Empire."

Vassilly laughs

"The Jedian Empire hasnt existed for over 25 years."

Jackana looks at him

"Now it does" He hands him the Holocron

Vassilly see's he's serious and looks at him

"Then you have our banners and weapons."

Jackana nods and a few months later former knights and masters meet up with armies and fleets ready to retake Jedia. Jackana is ont he bridge of one of the star ships and looks at his freind Vassilly

"Today is the day we reform our empire...our order and succeed where the Universal Alliance failed..."

Vassilly nods "and what of the Trading Republic? Will we be reestablished?"

Jackana nods "Aye it will along with the Federation of 27, we are reeforming pre Operation 3 borders from during the Genocidal War."

Vassilly nods and looks to the Admiral "Begin Operation Liberaius."

Within Seconds the Jedian Ships were assulting Jedia. Akkadian ships were slow to respond and were over whelmed by the small yet deadly Jedian Fleet. Jedian armies landed on the planet and easily retook it and the Jedian flag was hoisted above the old temple. Reconstruction was completed within a month due to a highly dedicated populace and the Jedian Empire was reformed with the council leading. The Imperial Army of the Knights was reformed and the Navy of the Masters was reformed. The Akkadian Army was pushed back and defeated at every battle. Jedia was being reformed and with it spark of rebellion within the Empire of Akkad.

Chapter 2 : The Beginning of the End

Jackana walked down to the council room where he looked at the council "The War has begun." he says blankly. The council looks at him and the grand master stands up "Then we will reforge our empire with steel and blood." The Empire of Jedia began a massive offensive to take former Trading Republic Planets. Jackana led the offensive against the Akkadians. When Jedian fleets arived the Akkadians were ready and a massive battle ensued. For 2 days the battle went on in space and above ground, when the battle ended the Akkadian armed forces retreated. Jackana and the Jedian high Command walked through the ruins of the ancient Palace of the Trading Empire which had been gone for nearly 1,000 years. The Jedian Empire knew without a major military power helping them they could not continue there advance against the Akkadians.

The Galactic Republic had been in turmoil for the past 5 years since the Galactic Civil War had begun and the fight over chancellorship begun. The Pro Chin Kra Party Loyalist still had major holdings int he inner Rim and Outer Rim while the Kan Kai Party had major holdings in the Iner Rim and some of the Inner and Outer Rim. Jackana had been sent to help end the bloody civil war in the Republic. The 2 Parties after 2 weeks of negotiations agreed to a cease fire and to help the Jedians against the Akkadians as separate powers.

With 2 Parties fighting with the Jedian Empire the march to Akkadia began.

Chapter 3: A Decade Later

The Alliance of the 2 Parties and the Jedian Empire had been pushing agianst the Akkad Imperium for nearly 10 years and are at the gates of Akkadia its self. Jackana had become Grand Master of the Jedian Order and the Empire. He was personally leading the campaigns, when they came above Akkadia he looked to his generals and said "Today men we end the Akkadian threat and restore the universe to its glory. All the sudden Red Akkadian Fleets came out and contacted Jackana's ship "Hello comrade we are the Red Fleet for the Bolshevik Akkadian Union of Socalist States." Jackana responds "And we are the Jedian 5th Imperial Fleet. I assume you've come to help." the Captain Responds "You assume correct were ready to assult when you are."Jackana nods and yells into the comms "BEGIN ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT! BLAST THEM TO HELL!" The Orbital guns fire down to the planet and small orange flashes can be seen in space where the shells hit. Troops began landing and a massive bloody battle began.

The battle for Akkadia would last for weeks as the Akkadian Military would fight for every inch of ground. Akkadia fell 9 months after the fall of the City of Rivers and Kana's Council surrendered. With the fall of the planet of Akkadia several former nations declared there independence and fought the Imperial Army which was fractured and broken. With the Akkadian Empire in shambles the New Universal Alliance pushed against the Akkad and in one swift strike they destoryed 90% of the Empires military and the remenants surrendered.

Chapter 4: A New Begining

The Universal Alliance began rebuilding the Universe from the onslaught of the Akkadians. The Galactic Republic reformed and the Jedi Order would slowly return. The Akkadian remenants would fold into the borders of the several reformed nations and Akkadia would disappear like grain in the wind. The Empire of Mars would rise for the first time in history, it was led by the family that led the Empire of Earth and its Colonies is also controlls 50% of the New Republic and a great civil war would begin. The Universal alliance would end it quickly with the New Republic and the Empire becoming separate entities. This Era of the Time would be known as the Age of the Universal Alliance.

Will the Universal Alliance be able to hold back any attempt of a Akkadian Revival? Will the Jedi and Jedian Order keep peace between eachother or will ideologies clash into a bloody new war? Will the Empire and the New Republic keep peace or will the Genocidal War resume?

To BE Continued...