Finding Coraline


Susan Waterflower Bell

Susan took a deep breath as she gently closed the wooden door to Cabin 13 shut. The cabin, called Bambie by all because of the carving of the a weathered cartoon deer that graced the front door was home to twelve girls, two junior counselors in training and two adult leaders. Fourteen souls in all, one of whom had been awoken from her sleep by soft calling of her name.

"I'm coming for you." Susan said taking a deep breath, "And this time, I'm not leaving till you come home with me." She said as peered toward the woods. She knew there was something out there, no not something, somebody and that somebody had a name. Though for the life of her, she could not think of it to save her life.

"Susan.." There it came again, a soft voice that traveled on the breath of the wind, the wind blew through the grove of pine trees and fur trees. "Please hurry.." the voice came again. A minute paused took place before another string of words could be heard again. "I've been waiting for you.."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she reached down and tied the shoe laces of her sneakers, once the shoe laces where tied she adjusted the straps of her backpack and pulled her thin cotton sleeping shirt down over her pastel blue shorts. Then she drew in a deep breath to calm her beating heart. There was no turning back now, she could go back inside and run the risk of awaking everybody.

That of course would result in her having a one on one session with the adult leader in the morning, and maybe being demoted or worst yet, getting drummed out of the camp. Or she could be brave, follow the voice in the darkness and see where it was calling her. Releasing her breath she titled her head back and peered toward the full august moon. Sturgeon Moon or Full Red Moon as the local tribes had once called it.

Closing her eyes, Susan stepped down the wooden stairs and onto the dirt path that ran by her Cabin. Quickly, she peered into the inky darkness, the darkness was lessen of course by a dozen or so pools of bright yellow light. The source of the light was a dozen or so battery powered lanterns that hung in front of each cabin. The lanterns acted almost like makeshift streetlamps, providing just enough light for scouts to find there way home safety once darkness fell.

"Susan.." The voice came again..

"I'm coming.." Susan said as she started down the pathway. Out of curiosity she reached down and checked her pastel pink and white 'Hello Kitty' digital watch. The watch had been a last minute gift from her older sister. The watch, had been for the most part a life savor for here, since personal phones where not allowed by the campers and only adult leaders where allowed to have them on. Peering down, she noticed the time was ten minutes after stroke of midnight.

A little smirk formed upon the bow of her lips as she rolled her eyes, great the witching hour was upon her, the hour where, according to European folklore, the powers of the devil and witch's where at there height and the veil between this word and the spiritual one was at its weakest. As a result ghost, goblins and demons where suppose to granted a greater ease of passage between words.

All of these thoughts filled her mind, and quicken the passage of time and before long she found herself standing at a section of camp called 'The Crossroads' the intersection housed four main building, 'The Trading Post' now closed as a small shop that sold the most of items and camping goods and the few luxury goods made the two weeks away from home bearable. The basic line of goods included items like toothpaste, toothbrush's, hairbrush's, soap, shampoo, razorblades and personal healthcare products.

Camp goods like craft kids, song books, blankets and pillows could also be brought there, and most treasured of all where the luxury goods that included paper back novels, frozen treats like ice cream cones or frozen yogurt bars, and even a cold coke cola a gift from the gods during the hot, humid summers of Mississippi.

Beside the 'Trading Post' one found the main camp office, here scoutmaster lived, also here scouts could post letters to sent home. Kind of a waste sense camp mail was slow at best and camp only lasted two weeks, and often the scouts bested the mailman by a good day or so, but for those poor souls suffering from homesickness, the option of calling home was always on the table.

Directly in front of the main office was whitewashed wooden church. Carved into the wooden headboard over the two doors was a string of letters that formed the words 'St. George's Episcopal Church' the church provided both spiritual direction and pastoral oversight for the campers, the Rev. Daniel Upton was the part time rector of the church. Susan only knew very little about the man, beside the fact that everybody called him 'Father Danny'. Much to the mans dismay.

Beside the church, there stood a large, oddly modern building . The structure was made of brick and wood. A sign in front of the building read 'Heaven can Wait' a big red cross was painted next to it. The red cross was the understood sign of health care. The building housed the camps hospital, Sue had taken the class's required for her ' First Aid' and 'Nursing' badges there. Both of whom she had passed with flying colors. In another year, Sue will spending her nights there as part of staff, once she completed one hundred and so hours of hospital hours to her name.

"If I'm allowed back that is." Susan said quickly moving down the trail. She soon fell into a steady past and before long she was passing the mess hall, once she passed the mess hall she knew she was skirting on the outer bounds because the road forked there. The trail on the left was paved with cobblestones and lead to the lake 'Noxubee' a old native American word for 'Stinking Water'. The one the kept going straight ahead would take them to another fork, there one could keep going straight till they came across a old semi abounded bus stop or they could take another right and find themselves deep within the woods, in a placed called the 'Badlands' Susan had been there last winter. The events of those three days had been one of horror that she did not wish to repeat any time soon.

"Susan.." The voice came again, this time the voice was right behind her and was clear as crystal. "I've been waiting for you to come backā€¦" The voice quickly added and there in the middle of the hard packed dirt road there appeared the a glowing form of a young women dressed in a old scouts uniform. Her gray woolen skirt and sailor style blouse seemed oddly new and her face this time, seemed to glow in the pale silvery moonlight.

Susan quickly spun around, with a look of shock upon her face, she peered toward the ghostly specter that appeared before her. The young teenager took a deep breath as she stepped toward the phantom girl. Ever since her encountered with the phantom nurse, her tolerance for ghost had been well improving.

"I'm going to bring you home." Susan said moving toward the ghost, "I'm going to bring you home this time, remember a scout never leaves a fellow scout behind." Susan said holding out her hand. A soft smile formed upon her lips as if to help prove her good intentions.

"But I'm going to need something of yours, something to prove, that there was a lost scout, something to help bring that scout home. Even if.." Susan paused as she tried to collect her thoughts, "Even if that scout can not come home alive, I hope you will allow me to bring something that will allow.." Another pause and another sad look. "That will allow closer and peace."

"I'll take you then, to the place they hid my body.." She said turning around. "Keep close, its hidden deep in the forest, in a part that.." The ghost paused and drew in a deep breath. "A place that's been roped off for years and years."

Susan blinked and blinked again, there was a place, a thick forest if you could call that that formed something of a boundary line with the boy scout camp, a camp around the same size as there, the camp was located right across the massive three hundred acre lake. She had only heard rumors about the place, as no one was allowed to go in there, what she did know came from varies fishing trips the seniors took her on. And that's only because she had taken the time to study the shoreline.

"Where not going there are we.." Susan said as she came to a stop, yes they where heading that direction.

"I thought you said 'I'm going to bring you home this time, remember a scout never leaves a fellow scout behind.' if that is true then.. Nothing should really stop you from following me." She said taking a deep breath as she floated on ahead.

Susan forced herself to swallow hard as she peered toward the ghost. "Fine." She said.

And with that they where off, the minutes ticked by one after the other as she followed by the ghost girl. Soon the warm lights of camp where far behind her and crunching of dry leathers under her shoes was the only sound that broke the silences' of the night, soon they reached the outer edge of the forest. Before vanishing into the tree line the ghost paused and looked over her shoulder.

"What if something happened to you in here, what if you slipped on a wet stone, and fell and broke your leg? What if, lets say you happen across a cottonmouth or a copperhead? There a reason nobody goes in here.. And it's a reason they hid my body in the cave I'm going to take you too." The ghost said as she peered toward Susan with her glowing eyes.

"I don't know.." Susan said as her voice trailed a little. Quickly she drew in a deep breath, she felt like the ghost was testing her resolve to finish this quest. Slowly she released her held in breath as she closed her eyes, part of her wanted to turn back and run away, run as far and as fast as her little feet could carry her, and then again part of her wanted to follow this ghost girl to her final resting place. She knew of only one real solution . Without a second thought, she reached into the pocket of her shorts and after a brief thirty seconds of searching, she pulled out a thin, round dime.

For a good long minute, she peered toward the dime, the dime was the last coin to her name, as most of her money was tied up in credit, scouts where not allowed to have money on them. And most had accounts at the trading shop, with a certain amounted accredited to there name.

'Heads, I head right on in,' she started to think 'Tails, I turn tail and get the hell back to my cabin or 'Heaven can Wait' one of the two.' She started to think as she gave the round silver disk a flip, with a look of fear and dread she watched the silvery disk spin through the night air till it finally fell down before her, quickly she bended down and in the pale moonlight she could clearly see the outline of the head.

"Heads your going in?" The scout said taking a deep breath as she nodded toward Susan, "Or do you feel like backing down and running back to your cabin scared and frighten. I remember when that movie first came out, my mother was suppose to take me the weekend I got back."

Susan quickly made the sign of the cross and then without saying a word she stepped into the thick woodland brush. "I'm not going to leave a fellow Bambie." She said pushing into the thick clump of woods, the morning sun was starting to rise now, a bright ball of orange and red gas, peeking over the spear points of the pine trees.

And she soon found herself in a seething, green hell. The trees had grown so close together, that the beams of light, from the morning sun could not prevail themselves against this wall of green. The tops, blended in with each other, casting long, dark shadows upon the forest floor that was covered with undergrowth. Spanish moss, shimmered with morning dew, giving them the appearance of phantom spider webs.

The very air she breathed, seemed almost toxic as it was thick with dust and pollen. The fine dust made Susan choke, cough and hack as she slowly inch wormed herself through the forest. Soon enough she found herself lost, as trees had fallen, there mold encrusted bodies often blocked her passage, forcing her to work her way around them. Before long, she found herself breathing hard, often once she had worked her way around a fallen tree, she found her path blocked yet again by a fallen tree or a deep drop off.

The hours wore on, and the hike started taking its toll on Susan. Her breathing became harder and harder with each passing minute. She could feel her strength slipping through her tired, bloody hands, hands that had been cut and bruised by thorn bush's and from nameless other things. After another hour of fruitless wondering found herself standing on the marshy shore of the lake.

Dropping to her knees, she could only peer toward the midmorning sun, it all seemed utterly hopeless now, everything seemed like a terrible dream. "This has to be a dream.." She said forcing a breath of hot air out of mouth. But this soon turned out to a mistake, for the minute she let the breath out, she drew in the hot, musty smell of something dead and dying. Almost gagging she looked down and noticed the bloated body of a fish laying at her feet, his cold, marble like eyes peered up at her, its mouth open just enough to form something of a twisted grin.

'This fucking thing is mocking me..' she said peering down at the dead fish. 'Its bloody mocking me' she thought again as she peered toward its half open mouth. And indeed, the longer she gazed at the fish, the more she could hear the hollow sound of its laughter. The sound of its shrill chuckles surrounded and tormented her, taking her eyes off the first for a minute produced the effect of the trees growing eyes and bucktooth smiles.

A sudden feeling of being light headed came over her, all around bright ball of orange and yellow light started to swirl around, the hot humid air, the smell of death, the foul smell of the lake, all seemed united in a effort to bring her down. All of those elements seemed to gently chip away at her sanity.

"I gotta move.." She said taking a deep breath as she collected herself long enough to stand up and stumble into the woods. For ten or so minutes she stumbled around, moving tree to tree and using the trunks of the trees for support. Another ten minutes passed in this manner. After covering a half mile in this horrible, drunken manner. Susan finally spotted the outline of a cave upheld

"Inside that cave, you will find a old alter. By that alter you will find my bones. I want you to take my remains and give me a proper burial ." The voice of the ghost said, quickly somewhat as after thought the voice added. "I want a full Celtic Catholic burial inside the camps church. This is my last request.. Go in peace Sue.. I'll be watching."

Susan blinked and blinked again, ".. you know that a strange last request." Susan paused as she offered a sad smile toward the ghost. "But I shall do my best to honor it." Then gathering her strength she pushed toward the outline of the cave. It took all of ten more minutes to come before the entrance of the cave. The whole in the ground smelled of wet earth. A sour smell that made Susan almost gag. Breathing through her nose, she gathered her courage and took the plunge.

The cave was shallow, so it only took her a few minutes to reach the very end of the cave. There she found like the ghost at said. A old stone alter, the alter was nothing more than a collection of wash rocks. Sitting upon the rocks, where old bones. Susan quickly gathered the bones up.

"Your going home now.." Susan said smiling. "No more voices in the night, no more crying for help." Susan whispered as she clutched the dusty remains. A small tear from her eyes. "No more.. No more.."

Susan took a deep breath. Right now, it was seven fifteen in the morning. Twenty or so hours had passed since she had stumbled out of the woods, covered in dirt, hardly breathing and holding the remains of a lost scout. She had spent the better part of those twenty hours watching the collection of VHS's that the hospital staff kept on hand, to well keep campers confined to bed.. Entertained.

'I wonder if they contacted the police yet.' Susan mused as she shifted her weight around. 'Or if I'll ever be allowed to attend camp again. I wonder if there waiting for me to recover enough so they can drum me out of the scouts.' A slight frown formed upon the bow of Susan's lips as that mental image formed in her head.

There she stood, standing ramrod straight in front of all her fellow scouts. She pictured herself dressed in the full scouts uniform. A pleated forest green skirt, that reached down to her kneecap. White stockings, black polished dress shoes with a slight heel to them. White peter pan style blouse with the tail tucked into the waistline of the skirt and finally a long green sash, sewn in rows of three upon the sash would be her badges, all of them. All sixteen of them.

The camps band will give a drum roll, and the scoutmaster, one called 'The Dragon' would step in front of her and with a loud booming voice she would proclaim. "Susan Elizabeth Mari Bell. You have been found guilty of breaking camp curfew, you have been found guilt of sneaking out of your cabin. You have been found guilty, of sneaking into a restricted area. For these crimes, and by the power invested in me by the Girl Scouts of Center Mississippi. I hear by remove you from the roll."

Then with smirk, she would reach over and with a quick flick of the hand she'll snatch away her badges first. Snatching away each small cloth badge, peeling them off like one peels away a old Band-Aid. Once the badge had been removed, it would be tossed upon the ground, and then the process would be repeated, over and over again till all sixteen where torn. Then her sash would be jerked from her shoulder, followed by the buttons on her blouse, then her troop number and other markings. Everything marking her a scout, would be torn and thrown upon the still dew soaked ground.

Once stripped of honors, her personal items, already boxed up would be roughly handed to her. Clutching them she'll be taken sternly by the shoulders and marched toward the bus stop, where a old grey hound bus is waiting. The door would open and she'll be tossed onto the bus.

"Breakfast." Called a voice from the doorway. The mention of food, brought to a halt the horrible daydream Susan was having. She could say one thing, those confined to bed at the camps hospital where treated and fed better than the others. The food was a knot better too.

Soon, a folding tray, holding a plate that contained three golden brown pancakes, two brownish looking paddies of sausage and what appeared to a hash brown was placed down in front of her. A tall glass of chilled 'Bright And Early' orange flavored drink finished the meal.

"Susan." The nurse said after she placed the tray down. "Mrs. Burns would like to speak to you this morning. Since you meeting with the scoutmaster. I think its best if you wore your full uniform." She paused, "Also a bath.. I mean its been a good two days since you've last bathed." Tiny sweat drops formed at the back of her head as she delivered that statement.

'Somebody has to tell her. I mean Lord she smelled like a swamp when they first brought her in. Poor thing was burning up with fever and running off at the mouth about things.' The nurse said as she looked Susan over. From her vantage point she could see the girl wore the simple, light cotton gown they had changed her into in the first few hours of bedlam. Said gown was still clean, but was starting to give away the first faint rising curls of something going sour.

Susan quickly looked up from her breakfast, tiny specks of pancakes could be seen totting the edge of her mouth, along with a few drops of Maple Syrup. So the appointed hour had come.. Slowly a little frown crossed her face as she peered down at the remains of her breakfast. Swallowing hard, she pushed the uneaten pancakes and nibbled pieces of sausage away.

"Mrs. Williams, I've brought her uniform." A older scout said from the doorway. The eighteen year old, wore a simple white cotton shirt, and midnight black shorts. Her sandy blonde hair was styled back in a high ponytail and in her hand she held a white plastic hanger. The hanger held a white button down blouse and a pleated skirt. "One of the girls, polished her shoes to a high shine." She said hanging up the hanger by its crook.

"Thank you Tabitha." Mrs. Williams said offering her helper a small smile. "Also.. It seems that are little heroine here, has been causing quite the stir around camp. A lot of the older scouts, are really fanning the rumor mill." Mrs. Williams paused as she then peered toward Susan. Who was blushing like a bride at the alter. In a vain attempted to avoid making eye contact, she was poking a half eaten pancake with a plastic fork.

Tabitha smiled a little. "Of course she has." She said grinning. "I think we might have found are Princess for this season." She said folding her arms across her chest. "Fitting, that a Iron Butterfly should be award the title for once. Inside of somebody who has connections in and out of the camp."

"Okay that's quite enough." Mrs. Williams said taking a deep breath as she peered toward Susan. "We need to get the princess bathed and comb her hair." And with that being said she reached over and took the tray from Susan's lap and gently she placed it to the side.

Tabitha grinned a little. "Okay, I go ahead and draw her bath then." She paused before adding. "And just to make it special, I'll add a cap full of bubble bath, I mean how often does one get to bath a Princess." She added as she left the ward.

Susan took a deep breath and peered upward toward Mrs. Williams. Slowly she released her breath, once her breath was released, she tossed away the covers and gently climbed out of bed. Her feet quickly touched the chilled wooden floorboards of the clinic. Not trusting herself to talk, or still too emotional or physical drained, she offered her hand to the older women.

"Don't worry Belle." Mrs. Williams said smiling as she reached over and took Susan by the hand. "Nothing going to happen to you. A ghost of a smile formed upon Mrs. Williams wrinkled face, she was quite proud of that nickname, Belle that is. She thought it a playful turn on words, since Susan's last name was Bell.

Susan smirked too at the mention of her new nickname.

It took only a brief passing of time, before Susan found herself standing in the bathroom of the clinic. The title was a deep sea blue color. The air smelled warmed and sweet, at the center of the room there sat a large, white bath tub that was filled to the brim with pastel pink water. A small smile crossed upon Susan lips.

"There you go, a bath befitting a princess." Tabitha said. Quickly the young women then stood up, as she been kneeling down by the tub, checking the temperature of the water with her fingers. Once upon her feet, she wasted no time in going removing Susan's gown. The gown was tossed to the side, where Mrs. Williams quickly collected it.

"I'll leave are guest to you, Tabby." She said scooping up the gown. "I'm going to go place this in the laundry." And with that Miss. Williams took her exit.

"Alright, in you go." Tabitha said to Susan as she helped her climb into the tub, A slightly, happy sign escaped Susan's lips as she slipped down below the warm water, And for the next minutes, all of her troubles, stress and pain seemed to wash away, as Tabitha started to gently wash her body.

Once the last of the soap suds where washed away from her body. Tabitha gently helped the young girl up from the tub and gently patted her dry. Once she was totally dry, Tabitha handed her some white panties and a white bra. She then turned her head to allow Sue a measure of privacy. Susan quickly slipped the panties on and hooked the bra. Once those where in place, she waited.

She did not have to wait long, for soon Tabitha returned, holding her scouts uniform, complete with white stockings and black polished dress shoes. Without a word being exchanged, Tabitha quickly took the blouse off the old metal hanger. The sleeves of the blouse where quickly threaded through her arms, and the small pearly white buttons where buttoned up. Next came her pleated forest green skirt, followed by her white stocking and her black polished leather shoes.

"Hey Susie Q?" Tabitha said leading Susan toward a old brown chair. Once Susan was seated, she picked up a pastel blue hairbrush. Once the brush was in her hands, she started to brush Susan's long brown locks of hair out. Soon, all the knocks and curls that had formed, where being smoothed out.

"Hmm?" Susan said. She had spaced out a little during her bath.

"There another wild rumor going around camp." Tabitha said taking a deep breath as she peered toward Susan. "Something about a creature called a Wendigo. See, since you found those remains." Tabitha paused as she gathered up the lose strains of Susan's hair. Then taking a deep breath she took a black hair band and slipped it on.

"Go on." Susan said closing her eyes.

"We'll scouts have been hearing this screaming noise, sounds like somebody being strangled or being beaten." Tabitha said as she stepped back. "Anyway.. Good luck."

"Thank you." And with that Susan stood up and started toward the door. It was only a short walk from the clinic to the main building. So it only took a few minutes to cover the hundred yards or so. Once inside, she was quickly shown to the Scoutmasters Office.

The office, was a modest size room. Furnished with the bare basic items. A few framed pictures added a personal touch to the office. In the center of the there could seen a oval rug. In behind the rug, there sat a old wooden schoolmasters desk. Flanking the desk was the American Flag and the Flag of the Girl Scouts. Behind the desk stood Mrs. Burns, a tall women with iron gray hair and a pinched face. She was dressed in a form fitting white blouse, that had the tails tucked into the waistline of a gray skirt. Behind her stood a old wooden wardrobe. Hidden behind those polished wooden doors with brass handles. One would find a leather strap, a solid wooden hairbrush, a well worn slipper, a paddle and finally a rattan cane. Well, not tonight since the cane could be laying on her desk. Next to a black case.

"Good morning Susan." Mrs. Burns said taking a deep breath. "I think you'll be glad to know, that you have indeed solved a age old mystery. The bones, you carried out from the woods, do indeed belong to one, Coraline Mari Upton." And with that she released her breath.

"Upton?" Susan said taking titling her head to the side. "By chance did she have a bother?" Strange question to ask when once was peering toward a cane and facing being drummed out of the scouts.

"Yes, Daniel John Upton. Who was also enrolled in scouts. He later became a ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and servers as part time rector to are little chapel." She paused. "The remains are being returned to the family. A small service in the church is being organized. Since you found them. I think its only right that you acolyte for the service. Its at noon today."

Susan slowly nodded her head.

"Yes ma'am."

"Very good." Mrs. Burn said taking a deep breath. "I wish to understand something Susan. Number one you did sneak out of your cabin and break curfew. Number two, you snuck into a sealed off area of the camp. Breaking those rules along are enough to get you taken out of camp for the session, its also enough to have your adult leader informed and from there the official process of getting kicked out of scouts can start." A pause before Mrs. Burns resumed her lector. "Stand up straight young lady, hands down by your side. Feet together, back straight. I will not have a leaning willow in my office."

Susan flushed with color as she snapped to attention and brought her hands down by her side. Quickly she fixed her eyes upon Mrs. Burns. To calm her beating heart, she took, small shallow breathes. "Yes ma'am. I understand." She said taking a deep breath.

"Good, because I'm not going too, in fact." She cleared her throat. "Susan Elizabeth Bell, What you did was foolish, and for that you shall be punished. But you also honored a fallen scout. For that I'm going to award you the Rainbow Medal." She said smiling softy. "But first. Take off your panties little girl, and bend over. There a price for staying in scouts. " And with that being said, she picked up the cane and took a deep breath.

Susan took a deep breath and peered toward Mrs. Burn. There was something about the women that scared her to death. Finally when the mention of a medal, and not just any medal but the 'Rainbow Medal' was going to be award to her.. Her of all people, a feeling of sheer joy flooded over her body. The Rainbow Medal, so named because the award took the shape of a flower with each petal of the flower being a different color. Each color was suppose to stand for something, a moral or value that a scout holds deal.

"But that will come later dear." Mrs. Burns said taking a deep breath. "First, I would like to bend over, remove those panties and your skirt while your at it." Silently Mrs. Burns released her breath. "I say that, because it seems you've spaced out again dear. Now, do as your told and I will keep the strokes at six." She said giving Susan a quick stroke upon her thighs.

The sudden burst of sting, caused Susan to yep with pain. Not trusting herself to talk, she quickly removed her skirt. Once removed, it was folded up and set to the side. Next came her snow white panties. Susan blush only deepen as the satin and lacey undergarments where removed. She had been skirting the rules a little when she had chosen to bring those along. Thankfully, Mrs. Burns seemed not to notice, and if she noticed, she seemed only to care for the matter at hand.

With her skirt being removed along with her panties. Susan then leaned over and placed her tummy upon the cold surface of the desk. Quickly she folded her hands in front of her. The seconds seemed to slowly tick by before the first stroke landed upon her, sending a blistering wave of sting into her naked bottom.

As the pain rolled through her bottom, her eyes became wide as saucers. Another stroke of the cane followed the first one, within seconds. Causing her bottom to jiggle and another title wave of sting to come rolling into her bottom. But still Susan held her ground and kept her mouth closed.

The third and forth strokes of the cane, caused her to shutter and took away a good part of her mental defenses. Hot tears where now running down her cheekbones, she could taste the salt in them. The whole of her bottom seemed to be on fire, with the flames spreading from one end to the other.

The fifth and sixth stroke, where the ones that broke her.

"There you go girl." Mrs. Burns said taking a deep breath as she eased the cane back down upon the desks surface. "Stand up, fetch your skirt and panties and go. Fr. Upton is expecting you." She said motioning her out of the room.

Susan nodded her head, still not trusting herself to speak. But her eyes did travel toward some of the framed pictures. Then before she could stop herself, she found herself drawn toward one. The picture in question showed around thirty girls. All smiling save for one. One looked sad, and scared.

Above there head, there was a big sign that read 'Jackson Troop 3978'.

Susan quickly turned toward Mrs. Burns, she opened her mouth to speak, but the older women cut her off.

"Yes Susan.. I was once a scout. I'm the girl next to her. I knew her." She paused before walking over to Susan and placing her hand upon her shoulder. "She was my best friend. And I loved her like a sister. I'm glad you found her. Praise be to god." And with that Mrs. Burns turned around, she took a few steps before turning around.

"Tell nobody about the alter though, There enough rumors going around camp. Girls are suppose to feel safe here. If knowledge of a occult like actives once took place here. I fear.. That the locals would not respond well." She said closing her eyes.

"How did you know about the alter?" Susan said spinning around.

"Some questions are best left unanswered."

The End.