My name is Sarah and this is my journal. My school is Alcock Middle, South Carolina. I am a nomadic spy. Here are my notes:

Ah, the library. I hide in the back corners. I am invisible there. But crap! They're not letting the students in today for a display change! That sucks! The great thing about being nomadic is you get to see the world be yourself. I'm currently living in South Carolina but when spring break comes, I'll be gone! Yike! Mr. Sampson keeps circling the class like a vulture I think he's trying to read this journal! Be really careful!

My latest destination is Japan where Noizchild and Jun-Jun live. I am going because I am now a part of Noizchild's web site staff. Plus, Bemmer/ Yugo is there. Besides nomads, military people get to travel the world. I like JROTC but given the choice between being military or nomadic, I'd picked being nomadic. Nomads have not rules. I'm tired from drilling and want to rest. Some dork tried to get me today. I didn't buy it! I hate April Fool Day! Two more weeks before I leave! (It may be shorter than that!)

Lunchtime. I sit as close to teacher's table as possible. Ease dropping is a spy does. I usually sit alone but today, I'm sitting with a friend. My lunch is fries, cookies, a rice crispy treat, and lemonade. Windy. Trees, buildings, and students migrating. -Yawn- Typical scene. Iris says the wind combs your hair. If that's so, then why does it do such a lousy job?


The apartment I live in is "haunted". (Or so I've heard.) It's so old, dark, nearly broken, and needs to be torn down. I plan to more out in eight days. (I knew I'd be leaving sooner.) But to be honest, I don't really live anywhere. In fact, I'm a nomadic orphan. I live by myself. (I remember my birth and origin. But I'll get into that later!) I lie to the landlord saying that my mom works late. He's so noisy! But he won't have to worry about me soon I'll be gone!

I'll be going to a D.J. party this afternoon during 4th period. Yes! I get to miss Mrs. Beasley's class!


That's it! I'm leaving today! I hate it here in South Carolina! I packed my spy things last night. I didn't even go to school this morning. I am currently in the back of an Uhal. It is said that the destination is Mississippi. Since I got in real afternoon. This is going to be a long trip.


Mississippi: Home of the magnolias. I'm going to send Noizchild my journal entry toady.


Oklahoma: The Sooner State. I left Mississippi last night and rode here in a hog truck. God! It stunk! I had had to whole my breath the entire trip. I thought I was going to die! I slept in the rest stop and continued walking. Makes me want to stop eating pork!


I was listening to the truck drivers. A cracker truck is going to Utah. Perfect! Just where I need to go! So I snuck into the back of the truck. For all I know, I'm heading west. I can almost smell Japan!


Look at the pretty scenery! :)


Utah- Home of the seagulls and the Beehive state. I'm finally in Utah! All I need is to go to Oregon, get to the airport, and I'm flying to Japan! I'm such a genius! But how to get there. Hm… Some kid stole my notebook and moved it. I found it on a bench at the rest stop. But they didn't read anything!

Ah-ha! I found a way to get to Oregon in one day. A honey truck is heading to where I'm going! I'm in the back of the truck now! Japan, Here I come!


Oregon: The Beaver State. I am at the airport about to leave the country. I have 242 passports/visas. I have my visa to Japan ready. I already had my shots. I even have the records. (I hacked into the computers and made a copy of them!) I lie and say I am meeting my dad in Japan. Only Japan knows the truth. The airport people always believe me. Look out Bemmer, Noizchild, and Jun-Jun! Here I come!

I am now on the plane! Pagoda is what it's called. Fastest plane to Japan. With this plane, I'll be in Japan in one day! Can't wait! Bemmer's going to meet me at the airport!


I made it to Japan! It's like coming home! I met Bemmer at the airport! But have a long list today! See list below:

Get $$$ exchanged for yen.

Buy new batteries for translator

Take a bath

Buy new clothes

Get the Tokyo-Zion Academy for register

Find hotel room to stay in for a while

Go get lunch!

Buy newspaper!

I am going to be busy!


I feel that I am related to Noizchild in some way. But I'm not sure how. I'll find out soon. If I am related to Noiz, then I'd be related to Iris, Jun-Jun, and Kellie as well.


I hacked into Noizchild's records. Just as I expected, she's an only child. Cross the biological relation. But I still feel and know I must be related to Noizchild, Iris, Jun-Jun, and Kellie. But enough about that for now, I'm on a recruiting mission with Bemmer and Noizchild. I'll do some research on my down time.


I went to my usual chartroom, .com, and posted an ad to recruit people for Noizchild's staff. Nobody has responded yet, but they will. I just know it!


So many responds but no interest. Same is true with Bemmer and Noizchild. Well… better keep looking.


Whoa! What a spring break! I did a lot of spying! I even had to do a couple of blackmails. Still no luck on recruiting. Same goes for my search. Oh and while I was cleaning through my bag, I found an old friend. I found my aqua blue tape recorder. You know what that means. Double spying! But first I need to buy new batteries.


I got a response today! Her name is Sapphire and she writes plays. She's also from China. Here's our little meeting:

Catspy: Hey Shakespearette!

Shakespearette: Me?

Catspy: Whom else would I be talking to?

Shakespearette: What do you want?

Catspy: Did you write the play called Swept Away?

Shakespearette: Yes, why?

Catspy: It's great!

Shakespearette: *Blushes* Thanks.

Catspy: Say, do you plan to do anything with your plays?

Shakespearette: Well, I hope that some play director hires me to write for him.

Catspy: I know where you can put your plays.

Shakespearette: Really? Where?

Catspy: On Noizchild's web site. She's taking in different writers.

Shakespearette: Yeah but, she's only taking in series writers.

Catspy: No, no, no! She has a poet, a mangaka, a songwriter, and a spy journalist.

Shakespearette: Well…. I give it a try.

Catspy: Great! I just need a sample of your work and your name.

Shakespearette: Okay.

I looked in her profile later. Tokyo-Zion Academy is growing!


I sent Sapphire's stuff to Noizchild. This might take a while because she's working on a new Gorillaz story. Jun-Jun is still taking a break! I got new batteries for my tape recorder. Can't wait to use it tomorrow!