The Benton Academy VS Manchester Academy Football Game.



A Sequel to 'The Pie Pod'

Lana took a deep breath as he peered toward the wooden four posted tank that had been rolled into the middle of the field. The first breath of autumn was blowing across the field and the faint noise of people booming or cheering from a thousand or so voices filled the air. The longer she peered toward the tank, the longer her cheeks started to flush with color. It was a deep blush that was quickly starting to match the color of her hair.

"So, you must scared." A voice beyond Lana said. The voice belonged to a young women, around the age of eighteen or nineteen. The women had long blonde hair that reached down to the small of back, she wore a simple cotton dress that was pastel pink in color. Plastic matching pink, plastic sandals completed her outfit.

"Not really." Lana said shifting her eyes toward the source of voice, the voice belonged to a classmate, her name was Sarah and she was a grade or so above her. Among the folks at Benton Academy she was considered by all the queen. Her request, where often treated as royal degrees and her suggestions where treated with the same relevance as the ten comments.

"Good, because right now there bringing our hostage over now." Sarah said peering toward a young women with raven colored hair. She was flanked by the whole twelve women squad of the Benton Academy cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders dressed in there white an' scarlet uniforms all wore grins upon there face as the smirked toward the women at there center.

"She looks scared." Lana stated as she peered toward the women. She was dressed in a simple outfit, a light cotton blouse, daisy yellow in color. A simple white skirt that reached down to her knees, cotton stocking and Mary-Janes with a big brass buckle completed the outfit.

"She does, I'm sure she some kind of poor freshman that been drafted or forced to take part. She too simple really, not the type that would attend these sporting events. Poor girl, I'm sure she knows at the end of the night, she going to be totally covered in are school colors." Sarah said taking a deep breath as she grinned softy. "And I was hoping to slime one of those stuck up cheerleaders."

Lana did not say a word as she watched the cheerleaders guide the girl over to there side. Smiling a little she took a seat down at one of the plastic chairs. Lana then raised her eyes to catch sight of a honor guard of cadets dressed in there 'Class A' uniforms. There must have been eighteen or so of them. All marching in step.

"There quite a sight." Sarah said peering toward them. "Look at them, they must have taken all day to polish there drill rifles to make them shine like that. And look at those swords, I know those swords have no blade, but they make quite the sight." She added as she peered toward the cadets who wore swords, strapped at there waist. Most of them had small silver disk pinned to the shoulder boards of there coats. Marking them as commissioned officers in academies JROTC program.

"Right.." Lana said taking a deep breath as watched a captain, she guessed he was a captain because he had three round disk pinned to his shoulders. Quickly she drew her eyes toward the cadet. Slowly he strolled toward the front of the bandstands.

"As agreed upon by both the homecoming courts of Benton Academy and Manchester Academy, are hostage has been delivered. One Heather Elizabeth Upton. We now require you to hand over your hostage, Lana Taylor Edwards." He paused and took a deep breath. "Both of whom, have given there constant to slimed in the winning schools colors." He speech was formal and stiff.

Lana took a deep breath as she stepped forward. The captain of the guard took a deep breath as he motioned for three of the men under in his command to go and take Lana by the hand. The jester was understood by those who it was aimed at, for soon, three cadets wearing swords stepped out. Two of them took Lana by the hand. Smiling a little they wrapped there glove covered fingers around her shoulders as they guided her toward the platoon of waiting cadets.

It took only two minutes for the armed squads to make there way across the field. Without saying a word, the two cadets that held Lana tight in there hold, quickly dropped her into a wooden chair that had been set up among cheerleaders. A post of six cadets armed with old M1 rifles then took there position. It a clear sign to all, the tour de force had been mention to inspire fear and loathing in the other team. The display screamed, 'Look Raiders, we have one of your own students under arm guard. And there nothing you can do to save her.'

Lana for the most part could only look on, as the opening kick was made and the football game got underway. The minutes seem to drag by as Benton Academy made one bad play after the next and one touch down after another was scored by the hated rival of Manchester Academy. The cheerleaders on the other side had taken to chanting "Go team go! Free Heather! And slime the hostage!"

Lana could only blush at these chants and shifted her weight from on part of her bottom to the other. Right now the prospects of getting out of her clean where slipping through her fingers. Each touch down scored and each yard given up inched her a little closer to a very slimey fate.

But on the other side of the field, Heather was cheering the battered and bruised players on, promising each one a kiss on the cheeks of they delivered her from the hands of enemy. Her pleads seemed to embolden the players and like Wildman they guarded the leather football. Beating back with all there strength the greedy hands of there attackers.

The score at halftime foreshadowed a victory by the home team. Manchester Academy was leading with a score of thirty four to a score of fourteen. The brief paused in the action, allowed for Lana to collected her thoughts before the second half of the game resumed. Taking a deep breath she reached into her pocket and pulled out a long string of glass beads.

By her very nature, Lana was something of a carefree person, the last time she had attended Mass was some weeks ago, when her mother had dragged her and her sister from there nice warm beds. Indeed she could still remember being dragged from her nice warm collection of blankets and pillows, being forced into the shower, having ice cold water poured upon her body. Squeezing herself into a nice proper dress and being hauled into the awaiting car.

Then enduring the twenty minute trip from there little cottage in the sticks to downtown Yazoo City, and then worst of all having to sit in the musty, incense filled church and listen to the Proper Latin Rite being read by one Fr. O'keen, one of the last of the classic Irish Priest. She recalled nothing of the service, only recoiling in confusion as Fr. O'keen had offered her the host. She still pondered when Erin switched from exporting priest to pork. As most of pork products brought into the house had the label 'Proud product of Ireland' as if the merchant was proud to sell pork from the stepchild of the Islas.

Not that any of this mattered. But it did help her pass the time and endure the horrible halftime show the brass marching band put on for the entertainment for those who had turned out to support the players. Despite the intense rivalry between the two, both sides applauded. The slaughter resumed again.

And what a slaughter it was, control of the ball never left Manchester's hands, as a result they scored one touch down after another after another. By this time, the defeat was a real possibility for Benton Academy along with seeing there hostage being slimed in twenty gallons of green, pastel colored slime. The slime was a classic mixture of cake batter and eggs and cooking oil.

"Hey." A voice behind Lana said. The voice belonged to a young girl with chestnut brown hair, "No hard feeling right." She said offering her hand to Lana, her pale blue eyes seem to almost twinkle in the light cast by bright floodlights.

Lana blinked and blinked again as she peered toward the young girl. Quickly her baby blue eyes locked with the hers. Without saying a word she reached down and took the offered hand and forced herself to smile, what else could she do. "Nan." She said grinning a lopsided grin. Still smiling she squeezed the offered hand and then allowed her arms to drop at her side.

"Good," The girl paused as she peered toward the odd looking tank that was being loaded now with forest green slime. Bucket by bucket was being passed to one, solo student who was filling the reservoir above the tank. "Man.. It must be like, like having your foot stuck between two railroad ties, and peering toward the headlamp of a oncoming train." She said signing, she then rolled her shoulders a little. "Glad its not me." She quickly added before going off to the sidelines.

"Something like that.." Lana said taking a deep breath as she stood up. Quickly she started to smooth out the wrinkles that had formed in her clothing. In the course of her conversation with girl, the game had ended and home team had won a stunning victory. The tank was also now fully loaded and was in the process of being wheeled into the center of the field.

"And what a game that was, ladies and gentleman." A loud voice proclaimed over the sound system. "The final score, Manchester forty one to Benton Academy twenty one. Now, before we close for the evening, I would like to call your attention to center of the field. Before the game, both sides gave up one of there students as a hostage." There was a pause. " The hostage from the losing school would, covered in what the young folks are calling slime."

"Guess that my cue." Lana said taking a deep breath as she stood up and pushed the plastic chair back, releasing her breath she allowed herself to taken by shoulder as two cadets.

"Sorry about this." Whispered the one on Lana's right.

"Just following orders.." Quickly added the one on Lana's

"No hard feelings." Lana said sweat dropping a little as she was lead onto the field. Taking a deep breath she watched the one of the two, the one on her right leave her side to open the clear plastic door. Once the door was open, she stepped inside and eased her bottom down upon the heavy wooden stool, that had been placed just above the dripping tank. Once she was seated, she folded her hand in her lap and closed her eyes as she heard the heavy plastic door being closed.

Once Lana was sealed inside her plastic tomb, a loud count down started. Lana felt her cheeks turn a bright red as she peered toward the tank sitting above her head, a soft whimper escaped her lips as the seconds slowed down and time itself seemed to stop almost. Her eyes grew wide as a heavy rain of forest green slime fell down upon her head.

Being heavy, the slime rolled down her head, and down her back, it clung to her hair and her skin. A sudden shutter ran down Lana's back as she felt some of the slop running down her back, her blouse was totally covered and the thick mixture clung to her hourglass like figure. As the last few drops dripped down on her, Lana felt a sudden rage building inside of her. Just like that night at the county club. She though as she felt the green sludge pool around her ankles.

It took a solid minute for the shower of slime to slowly stop. Once the vault above her head was empty the plastic door open and a sudden blast of early autumn hair smacked Lana in the face, signing she forced herself to rise up from the hard wooden seat and gently she made her way onto the grassy field.

Once she felt herself touch the cold, damp earth, a feeling of safety washed over her, the worst of it was over for now at least. She'll spend the part the weekend cleaning herself up, and then come Monday she sink back into the hollow halls of academia. Then she'll do her best to keep a low profile and her nose clean, and maybe, just maybe when the fall carnival came around, she'll not be drafted into playing a part.

The End.