Inside one of the city's largest banks, two security guards lay on the ground clutching their shoulders as blood oozed out of the bullet wound as each had a bank robber pointing their AK-47 at their heads while two others watched the customers and bank tellers.

"Anyone who lowers their hands will get a bullet in their skull," one of the bank robbers said. Five more where in the volt stuffing duffle bags. It was tough to see because of their Halloween masks. Outside the bank, a man stat in a minivan waiting for his companions, his right leg twitching as every car drove by.

"Come on, come on. Hurry up will you," he muttered as his paranoia started to spike when a white car drove by. The five men in the safe hopped over the counter and rushed outside as the four in the lobby followed them into the minivan and sped off, nearly taking out an unmarked police car.

"Damn it Craig, try not to draw too much attention to us," the bank robber in the passenger seat said. He had on a clown mask with blue jeans and a Christmas sweater.

"Sorry Jerry, I'm just a little nervous is all. We've talked about this for months but actually doing it is easier said than done," Craig said. He wore a Michel Myers mask with a blue jump suit.

"As long as we can actually disappear and not get caught. I'm ok with it. This city owes it to me after everything the fucking governor has done," one of the bank robber said in the back.

Soon the robbers heard the sound of police sirens as Craig punched the steering wheel and yelled, "Damn, I knew this was a bad idea. I should have listened to my wife and never gone through with this."

"Calm down Craig, just turn down the next street and head to the docks. I've got a plan," Jerry said. Craig hesitated as his paranoia started to grow. Everything that could happen went through his head, but his body made the decision for him as he turned down Silver Street and headed towards the docks as three cop cars followed them. The sun started to set as darkness fell on the city filled with red and blue flashing lights.

One of the bank robbers, who had on a scream Halloween mask with grey ripped pants and a yellow shirt, looked out the window and snarled at all the police officers waiting for them.

"Damn it, look at all of them, how the hell are we going to get out alive," he yelled. Jerry just sighed before he walked over to him and smacked him on the top of his head before saying, "Keep calm Dave. We have the warehouse workers as hostages."

"I know Jerry, but I only agreed to this so I can help my kids. You promised me I wouldn't have to worry about getting caught and being sent to jail. Now, I don't know what to believe. I should have never done this, I should have never agreed to this. I'll never see Jason grow up, I won't be able to walk Amy down the aisle," Dave said.

One of the robbers saw something out of the corner of his eye and pointed his AK-47 at a dark corner of the warehouse. He squinted to see in the darkness before three shurikens flew from the darkness and pierced into his chest making him pull the trigger as he fell. The other five bank robbers looked at their fallen comrade and started shooting in all directions before their clips were empty. While they were reloading another gunman was swept off his feet and dragged into the darkness before his screams where silenced. Those who remained struggled to reload their weapons, but a figure appeared and attacked another robber. Kicking and punching him furiously before his body fell to the ground and the figure disappeared into the darkness.

Two more were taken out by shurikens. Dave dropped his weapon and ran, leaving Jerry to fend for himself. His calm demeanor turned to terror as he threw his AK on the ground and raised his hands in defeat.

"I give, don't kill me bro," he yelled. The figure walked of the shadows in front of him. The figure had go-go black boots, plain white sweat pants, and hoodie. The figure said nothing before round house kicking Jerry in the back of the head. The figure then freed the hostages and disappeared into the darkness.