"Could we sit here, all the other tables are taken and most of them are full," the woman asked.

"Yeah, no problem," Serenity said as she motioned the two to sit. The women thanked her and sat down while the man sat next to her.

"Names Rachel Price but my friends call me Viper for my snake tattoo and this is my Step-brother Mark," Viper said. Mark waved while his mouth was full of boneless buffalo chicken wings before Viper added, "Sorry, he lacks manners."

"It's alright," Serenity said.

"Early childhood development, Right?" Viper asked.

"What?" Serenity questioned.

"Your major, that's what it is. Right? You look like the type who wants to take care of peoples kids and care for them. You have this look about you, like you're a caring person," Viper said before she added, "I can't stand other people's kids or kids I general for that matter."

"No, Veterinarian," Serenity said.

"That makes it oh and 25," Mark said before he got up to grab another helping.

"Sorry, I try to guess peoples major just by their looks. So far I've been wrong 25 times. Guess I should stick to programing," Viper said.

"So you're taking computer programing, is Mark taking that as well," Serenity said.

"Mark!?" Viper questioned before she laughed and added, "He couldn't set the timer on a VCR. He's into the graphic design and animation stuff. He loves his anime," Viper said.

"What's your point, my addiction to anime is like your addiction to snakes," Mark said as he sat down and started eating his wings.

"It's not an addiction, it's kind of like a," Viper said as she tried to put the words together before she added, "A curiosity, no that's not right."

"Well whatever it is, it's creepy. How can a person be that fascinated with snakes?"

"That's it, a fascination," Viper said.

"Still creeps me out," Mark said. Serenity couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic. The two bickered like Trixie and Jessie use to.

"Mark, don't you have your animation class at 2:30?" Viper asked.

"Yeah, same as your programing class with the old ding bat," Mark Managed to say with a mouth full of food.

"Well, its 2 now," Viper said as she pointed to the clock. Mark nearly chocked on his food before he belted out, "Shit" and quickly ran out of the hall leaving his plate on the table. Viper just sighed and placed her hand on her face.

"I guess we'll see you around. It was nice to meet you," Viper said as she picked up her plate and Mark's and walked to the trash can before walking out of the dining hall. Serenity chuckled a little bit before she finished her food.

The next few days when Serenity went to the dining hall she would run into Viper and Mark. Whether they would already be there or they would meet up in line. Losing her three friends was still on her mind, but it seemed some higher power wanted her to meet these two like it was fate.

Each time she meet them, it was the same routine: Mark would stuff his face while Serenity and Viper talked. Mark would chime in, but nine times out of ten he would just eat.

As the three walked out of the dining hall, Serenity waved goodbye to Mark and Viper as they went their separate ways. Mark and Viper walked off the campus and into a large black limo. Sitting in the limo was Nails waiting for them.

"How much fucking longer do we need to do this," Mark said. Viper sat next to Nails and chuckled at Marks sudden outburst.

"What's wrong Darling brother," Viper mocked

"You! This act you put on is disturbing. I'm not sure if you're going to hug me or stab me," Mark said. Viper snickered before she crossed her legs.

"Come now dear brother, why would I do such a thing to you," Viper said before she repositioned her legs so her right leg was resting on her left leg. Over the course of time, Mark had gotten to know everyone and out of all of them. Viper scared him the most. He felt she could manipulate anyone around her and keep them tangled around her finger until they were no use to her. After that he felt she'd off them and move onto the next person.

Viper tapped on the glass behind her before it went down and she said, "Drop me off at the pet shop down main and fourth. I want to see if they have any new critters." The limo driver nodded before the window went back up. The limo drove up to a small pet shop with an iguana on the sign.

"I'll meet you back at the house," Viper said to Nails before she climbed out. She skipped into the pet shot as the limo drove off.

"You do know she's trying to manipulate you right," Mark said. Nails let out a laugh before Mark added, "You have to see it?"

Nails could see how Viper acted that she was trying to manipulate him to her own ends, but Nails knew what she really wanted. In fact, her true intentions came out a few days ago when Zack returned.

Five days ago:

Zack, Viper, and Nails all sat in the living room as Zack recalled everything that had happened. When he was done, Nails sat back into his chair and chuckled, "So for a split second, he reverted back to his old self. All because that doppelganger was in danger. We could use this to our advantage. Imagine Rex returning to his old self and helping us." The thought of Rex returning made Viper twitch a little. She got up and headed towards the other room.

"Where the hell are you going?" Zack asked

"I just remembered I hadn't feed my babies in a while," Viper said before she left the room.

"And I thought she couldn't get any creepier, but calling her pet snakes her babies. That tips the creepy scale," Zack said with a shiver.

Viper left the living room and walked down the hall to her room. She passed by Dark who tipped his hat to her as she walked by, but she hadn't been paying attention. When she got to her room she slithered inside and closed the door behind her. A smile formed on her face as she said, "I'll finally get you back. Once I have you by my side again, everything will feel like heaven. Just like before." Her forked tongue flickered from her mouth.

"She has tried and she has failed. Besides, she's in the same boat as me. She wants to see Surge Guardians worshiped as gods, but more importantly. She's looking to bring back her loved one," Nails explained.

"Resurrection? How can that be possible? Can your powers really bring someone back from the dead?" Mark asked.

"She's not looking to bring back her love from the dead, but rather bring him back to the way he once was," Nails explained. Mark nodded and for a while the two sat in complete silence. He hadn't answered my question though. Can his powers bring people back from the dead, but more importantly: could he be the one I need to worry about? Mark thought.

"So how long are we going to act buddy, buddy with the copy?" Mark finally asked.

"I believe we can eliminate her now. When Viper gets back, you two will come up with a plan and kill the filthy copy," Nails said.

"A slow or quick death?" Mark asked. Nails simply shrugged.

"Your choice," Nails said before a Cheshire Cat Grin formed on Mark's face.