I thought I would just try and put out one of the many poems that I have written over the years. I know, it doesn't rhyme, but I like the flow of free form poetry. I can write poems that rhyme, but they take longer.

This is an earlier work, I have changed in style and ability since this was written. Just keep that in mind as you read.

Anyway, let me know how I did. Drop me line or two to say hello or even where I can improve.



Such a small word.

Such an incredible demand.

To give a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes both.

To have a listening ear.

Sometimes two.

To give comfort when it is needed.

Always to help when the other is down.

You give your whole heart.

When you say you are a friend.

It can be said that it is too much of a demand.

But not if you are a true friend.

None of this seems like work.

None of it seems like too much.

Because the other person gives just as much back.

You both give your all.

And now both of have the strength of two.

What better way to face life's troubles?

To have someone right there at your side.

Facing the troubles with you.


Such a small word.

Such an incredible gift.

Thoughts? Opinions?