The Racist Restaurant Manager

By Shadowgate

Beatrice and David Colton along with their 10 year old son Andrew were at the airport in Orlando Florida. They were there to pick up David's sister Kate Dobson and her 16 year old son Derek.

When Derek and Kate got off the airplane they exchanged hugs and picked up their luggage.


Then they all boarded into two cars and left the airport. After 30 minutes of driving they pulled into a 24 hour bar and grill.

Derek was happy and said "alright a steak bar. I've not eaten since 5PM."

Kate said "okay but don't rush in there like a wild animal."

The kids waited for the grownups who took their sweet time but they finally entered the restaurant.

They all sat at a big table.

The waitress rushed out upon being ordered to by the manager.

The waitress covered three tables with people who entered the restaurant before the Coltons and Dobsons. The manager consistently harassed her and Kate was pissed off.

Kate told Derek not to order anything because she was so mad at how the fat redneck manager was treating the waitress. Although the adults did order just a few items.

Derek was very pissed off.

Derek called Andrew over to a corner. He told his mom that they would be "using the restroom."

Derek said "okay my mom is so offended that the waitress is being treated like a slave. Well she wanted me not to order anything just to lower the workload a bit. I want to play a prank on that manager and it will be a good one."

Andrew said "oh but you could get in trouble."

Derek said "we could get in trouble but we're going to do it and it will be a good one."

15 minutes later Derek and Andrew's parents were disgusted and decided to leave. Derek and Andrew told them they would catch up.

Andrew yelled "Mister Manager there's a black man getting a blowjob from a blond haired white girl in the parking lot."

The manager screamed "what?" and he also became furious.

Derek yelled "there's interracial sex out there."

The redneck manager yelled "that fucking nigger!"

Then he ran out the door. Derek and Andrew spilled soda and candy bits all over the floor and ran off. The manager saw there was no sex act going on whatsoever between anybody. When he walked back in he slipped on the floor.

The redneck manager began cursing really loud and a dozen people walked out.