Now that the null is gone, the power inside me has subsided, but only slightly. Curiously, I look down to see what this excess of power has done to my body, which of my six appearances I take, but I see nothing. This power destroyed my body and now there's nothing of me left… no… that's not true, I'm what's left. I'm still here and alive, even if I shed my body, I'm still the me that I was before. I am aether, the seventh element. Slowly, my consciousness floats down to the surface of the world, touching the thoughts of the earth people who gave me a home for those years I spent with them, further down, under the waves to the water people, who raised me and, though I never quite fit, they never forced me to leave. I whispered a few words into my brother's mind, though I'm not sure if he heard them, or if he even understood what I said. Those words were, "I'm sorry" and with that, I drifted up to the sky people, the only ones who had been truly aware that there had ever been any danger to begin with. I leave a brief trace of my presence in their minds. I then visit the other cities, villages and towns, leaving a small part of myself in the minds of every living person, no matter the element. With this, others like me can be born. My existence is the birth of a new element. And I now sit quietly in the place I have chosen for my new home. It is close to the mountain from which the molten fire flows, nearby the ocean where the cool water laps at the shore, surrounded by trees and nature, born from the earth, a wide view of the sky where the winds sweep through and open to any storms that may come out way, casting lightning down onto us. Here, in this world not for any singular element, but a mix of them all, I wait. I wait for the new children to find their way here. To defeat their own demons and find peace within themselves and come to the place where they can simply be themselves.