As Shelly drifts through the flooded town, the sun beats down on her. She has few options without oars, almost on pur instinct she throws the beads out of the boat. She is unaware she is being watched through a telescopic lens.

A woman's voice says, "Looks like you were right, the demon inside her adapted to the beads."

"There is no demon inside her," comes a man's voice.

"I thought you said..."

"No," he replies, "her soul is the demon, thus she is a demon with a human body."

"Is that guy we hauled in also a demon then?"

"No, he is a human soul."

"But...his body, it healed so quickly..."

"A soul body," the man pauses collecting his thoughts while watching Shelly looking about the sides of the row boat and paddling in the water with her hands, "that man was a soul that escaped Hell, his body is what they give torture over and over again with fresh unscarred meat."

"Wait...then how'd we not find him sooner? I thought the dossier said he found this town."

"Because," says the man moving as Shelly is paddling to a two story house's second story window and climbing out of the boat, "his soul isn't from our world."

"Okaaay," says the woman as they move to get a better view of Shelly as she climbs into an open window of a house, apparently tying the boat with a bed sheet to the rails of a bed inside, "So we have an alt-universe soul who escaped from Hell in an immortal body who founded a town and used magic to bind a demon into the body of a fetus twenty years play a game slash keep another stronger demon from just dragging him back to Hell?"

"Yes," says the man, "Maria...I also read the dossier. and I don't think they have it right."

He stops as they watch Shelly climb out of the window with hockey sticks.

"Resourceful," he says, "and lucky."

As Shelly is rowing away, the man says, "You saw the photos they got of the old chapel basement, even smashed up, Mr. Conners was very resourceful and clearly well read...but I don't think what was there...was what he thought. Seems to me we have a pair of Onryo, a Nure-Onna, and assorted Yokai...look at the destruction here, the storm, the flooding...the fact these other revenants regarded one as their master..the thing he stole seems to be a Nekomata if not a sub-species of it. We have a Goryo, no doubt."

"A what?" asks Maria as the two black clad individuals move their position on the overlook of the town to keep an eye on Shelly as she rows in uncertain directions; apparently trying to get her barings if nothing else, "I mean...I know what a Goryo is...but its just an Onryo, feudal bull shit to make people think the aristocracy had stronger souls than the common folk. Besides what would a host of Japanese ghosts be doing in Indiana?"

"Maria," says the man, "you know as I do, how universal some of these creatures are, the Goryo was just what they called the regal acting spirits. We've seen these weather and water aligned creatures in other cultures as well. The top of the supernatural food chain on Earth; even demons and gods respect these far removed from humanity entities. But they also demand sacrifice."

"Wait..." says Maria, "I thought the girl was the reincarnation of a demon servant of this...entity."

"Look around," says the man, "once it already started, it has taken people, killed them, killed people it took before. Getting its servant back is just part of this, we are looking at an Alpha class apparition trying to cement its self in way we can allow that."

"In other words," says Maria, "its another sleeper that thinks its waking up in the world it knew and starting shit...but still...this feels Asian not American..."

"That escaped soul," says the man, "his soul reading shows he did in fact come from another Earth like he claims...he thinks these things followed him to retrieve him. I surmise that instead he left a door open, and things that would normally appear elsewhere appeared here from that world. Not that it matters, before the day is will be ours."

He taps on a device on his ear, "Sector B-12, the bait is moving into Sector B-12, be advised the bait is now self mobile."


The cool dark water fills the still city as Shelly paddles her way to an unsure destination. She can see islands that were once hills, it as though the whole world had flooded. To think the entire valley; which she hadn't realized was this much of a valley could be flooded. Her boat is or rather was filled with odd beads; the sight of which made her sick so she threw them overboard. The last thing she remembers; the thing that flashes through her mind is being in the basement of the old chapel, of the warm darkness that crept around her, the mysterious woman who hugged her; after that it was horrible noises, lights, and a dreamless sleep...

"No," she says aloud, "I remember...that man...talking."

She was paralyzed, her eyes closed, but she was awake, she remembers hearing him, of being moved around and powerless. But then were the other voices, talk of her being offered up as a sacrifice...then sleep. Only to awaken floating in a boat. The houses go past like tombstones to watery graves, thankful that she hasn't seen any bodies.

"In fact," she says aloud, "Shouldn't there be people on roofs...that house wasn't that bad."

Truth be told the town looks less like it was hit by flash bloods than it does like it was simply filled up with water. Sure some damage occured as the water rushed through streets, tore up pipes and weaker structures. Her thoughts are cut short as something bumps the boat and it starts to move in a different direction. She can hear *humming* coming from the front of the boat. Timidly she looks over the front and jumps a little as she sees the woman, the creature, the thing from the lake, from the house, and the basement of the old chapel. Its claw like hands gripping the boat as its hair trails into the water under it. An undulating motion behind the boat draws her attention to what looks to be a combination of a snake's tail and an impossibly long robe propelling them gently through the water. As Shelly looks over the front, the creature smiles gently up to her, aside from its actions, nothing about its face other than an impossible symetry as she noticed before really gives away any malevolent intent.

However this peaceful voyage is short lived as the water erupts with violence, gunfire, white and blue flares fired into the water, and some foreign chant projected over an unseen megaphone or speaker. The figure vanishes below the water before erupting from the surface. It stands upon the boat over Shelly, from the long sleeves of its robe are eight long black blades, four from each sleeve like fingers or the wings of some metallic bird. It stands in a strange pose. It leaps from the boat and dances on the water and across roof tops. Despite the screams and men exposed who had been hiding, camoflagued to the wreckage and debris, the entity's movements are beautiful, a dance of carnage yes, but beautiful none the less. These soldiers or mercinaries are helpless before its assault, oddly its long hair is stiff and shortened to the small of its back; although thicker than any human hair and coming to a blade like point. When the screams stop the giant specter lands back onto the boat, its large pale breasts in Shelly's face as it holds its arms around her, guarding her. It has a look of concern and anger as it surveys the area before it grabs Shelly and leaps into the air. It carries her across rooftops, over the water, the breeze telling Shelly they are moving as fast a car or speedboat. She can hear gunfire, the chanting, the sounds distorted by their speed as the entity seems to dodge oncoming attacks.

There is a flash of light and Shelly finds herself being held in what appears to be an ancient mansion on indeterminate cultural origin, a blend of seemingly every culture on Earth, the decorations a bizare collections of ancient statues, paintings, gargoyles, and even anime and videogame figurines. As the figure releases her, letting her drop to the floor even as her face brushes against the giantess's breasts nearly pulling the robe off of them; she becomes aware of other eyes on them. Several figures bowing on the floor, a Japanese woman, glowing blue with three feathers above each ear and wearing the robes of a priestess, another wearing pure white robes and long black stringy hair that covers her eyes and trails down her back; the third Shelly recognizes from the tape Phil Garris her ex-land lord had shown her, the Japanese woman with long black hair, blue skin, large breasts, wearing the seethrough gown. There are others as well, a Chinese woman with clean long black hair wearing impossibly white robes and a calm demeaner, her eyes however silver mirrors where pupils should be and her irises shifting between grey and blue as her eye rise and drop looking at her. Between two others, a woman who is deathly pale with icy blue eyes and white hair, with ice like clawed nails and a woman who seems to have black thorn vines for hair, green eyes, and green nails, there sits a creepy doll. Shelly had thought it an empty space but there it is.

This line of strange otherworldly women leads among others similar yet with slight differences, mostly in eyes, hair, and patterns on their robes. Shelly has no where to go as the entity behind her walks between them. Shelly sees a throne like cushioned chair. Two women on either side, both have the three feathers above their ears, yet lack the glow of the one in the line. Shelly walks before the throne up the three steps and is grabbed up by the giant woman. She sits down, and places Shelly lying down across her lap. Shelly is confused as the woman like entity pets her back and head.

Like candle lights going out the women on the floor vanish, the very room with its vague dark boarders shrinks in darkness. Even the attendents vanish, leaving just the throne, the entity, and Shelly; before the throne too vanishes. The darkness is quick to depart revealing a bed champer and the entity sitting on the bed, Shelly across its lap, her legs supported by the bed...although she's not certain if the bed wasn't here a moment ago what was supporting her legs before. The entity places both its hands on its knees, its sleeves practically blanketing her. It moves its right hand onto Shelly's head, rubbing her head in an oddly soothing way while its other hands floats down her back and under her shirt.

*RRRIIIIP*, in an instant it has cut through her shirt and bra strap, yet not her skin.

"What the hell," says Shelly as she somehow is able to right herself and sit next to the being, trying to hold her shirt and bra on with little success.

Sitting there however she can see just how much bigger the entity is, it seems larger, yet she knows its not, than the night it straddled the hood of her car. With claw like fingers it points at a sliding door, which opens to reveal robes.

"Oh," says Shelly, "you..."

She pauses as it leands over and pulls the robe down off its right breast exposing its pink nipple. It places its hand on the back of Shelly's head pulling her closer, she lets her shirt and bra fall away. The breasts are so large she could contemplate putting one in a strangle hold, the nipple nearly the size of her lips. The nipple goes erect and the entity *moans* from Shelly's breath alone. Before she has a second thought she licks at the giant erect tit, it isn't long before she has the entire tit in her mouth sucking at it and flicking the erect nippled with her tongue. She barely notices as the entity slowly falls backwards on the bed and pulls them both lengthwise on it; or that its hair tendrils have stealthfully shredded and removed her pants.

It wraps its long sleeve covered arms around her and smiles as she releases the tit with a pop. She notices as she takes a breath that the long black hair is spreading out across the pillows and down the back of the giant bed. Shelly is shifted about as the giant entity opens its robes and closes them around Shelly, her naked body now completly against the giant phantom. Shelly's head, about the size of one of its breasts, is barely out of the robe as she licks around the tit. As she proceeds to the left tit teasing it...she stops and *blinks*.

"Are you asleep?" asks Shelly looking at the closed eyes and smiling face.

Shelly's eyes narrow, "oh we'll see about that."

Shelly crawls under the robe, over the giant soft warm body and turns around, her legs straddling the torso like a tree trunk as she dives into the giant pussy and laps at the giant clit while rubbing her hands along the labia, massaging it, feeling the moisture flow and the giant body squirm under her. In a moment however she can feel the weight on the bed shift, on both sides of the entity. But not like two more like it, but rather two more normal sized people. She feels them move up the sides of the entity and pull on the robe, exposing the giant breasts completly, the light behind her, looking over her shoulder she sees the blue woman and the pale woman with the flat chest and long black hair are up there sucking on both tits.

Shelly is quick, in unexpected anger, to turn around and climb up and poke out of the robe. She is greeted surprisingly however by the pale flat chested one kissing her. Shelly's tongue dances with the ghost's for a moment, before it turns and its long inhuman tongue licks up the side of the breast and circles the tit.

"Who...who the hell are you?" asks Shelly surprising them both.

"You...don't remember?" asks the blue one, "Your instinct it seems is still intact sister."

"Sister..." whispers Shelly.

"The thief," whispers the pale one, "his spell to hide her...this is how."

"Hold on," says Shelly, "My name is Shelly...I am twenty two years old...I am no one's parents are...are...Bob and Lorraine...something...why don't I remember my last name?"

"I am Yukiko," says the blue one, "this is our sister Fukiko...and you are Nyako..."

Shelly grabs her head in anguish, nearly punching the giant tit in the process, it lasts only a moment before her eyes eyes.

"I remember now..." says Nyako, "I am Nyako-Neko, the cat of eternal shadows...the mistress..."

"Hid your memories," whispers the giant entity, its eyes still closed, "how he hid you...turned you into a baby human, given to his subjects...could not see you...but I could see the trace on them from you...made them send you to me...the fool stole you came back; escaped him...your sisters mistook you for Oscar...he stole you again and turned you into the child...mine again."

The arms rise up, pulling Yukiko and Fukiko to its sides and cup overtop of Nyako, "I need to rest..."

There they all fall asleep together.