Just to brief the last volume's exhaustingly long writing, eyes. lasering, not staring.
Now, let us focus on a victim.
Think, and think hard. Who do you want to victimize? When should you victimize that said person?
Those two questions are very important to consider in the murdering process because it is most useful the first time around. Likewise, the more Germ-X you use, the more Germ-X resistant the germs are going to be.
The psychological part of this is also important. Once you have come up with a list (preferably more than 5 and less than 1000) make sure the situation your victim is in while you are doing the lasering is a public place, but not crowded. Public, so the other victims on your list can witness the murdering, and not crowded, or else nobody can see anything.
Side note: lasering your victim in the back of his/her head is not useful. At all.
Conclusion: don't pick your brother.