Many years ago there lived a king, one who misused the magic that ran through his royal blood. The king was over thrown by four lords who divided his kingdom amongst themselfs and banished the use of magic and killed the king. Little did the men know that before the king died he had given himself to a woman, and she had taken his seed and was to produce an heir that would have the magic blood of a true royal.

The woman gave birth to twins, both boys. They each had the strong appearance of their father, but neither would grow to know who their father had been. Only their mother and a select few would know the powerful secret. They also would never know of the magic racing within them, for it had been tainted with an unworthy woman's' blood that had masked the magic. Since the union of the king and the woman was non matrimonial and was not blessed by a priest the gods had with held the great power from both boys, and only one would be able to give his wife a child.

For the next hundred years the only surviving blood line from the king continued with no idea of how powerful each child could become. Then one day four men, princes from the four kingdoms, came of age. Per tradition, to keep them humble and intertwined with their people, the eligible woman would be summoned to the castle upon where all four of the countries touched, the home of the long dead king. To this summoning would come four sisters, a great number for their blood line, and they would each be chosen by a prince and then whisked off to their new homes. They would be far apart but they would also come to face strong challenges with their new lives. None of them could expect the horror that would come one stormy evening when each woman would go into labor, and bring into the world a child that was a true descendant of the king. For once more the kings blood was purified by mingling with that of royals through a marriage that the gods had blessed.