Deep inside this hollow corpse, soaked in
Rigid terror and utter disgust,
A soul despised and shunned as all sins,
For sainthood it still longingly lusts.

But trapped within is this lonely soul,
A living essence chained in hopless despair,
Crushed by many worries and troubles,
But then again, no one really cares.

Hostaged and imprisoned, when
From the fickle existence emerges blood and puss
As steel renders it still and pushes in
And outwards, this lonely soul thrusts.

A dejected soul so heavy and full
Of nothing but perpetual growth of despair,
With mustered strength it strains to pull
Itself towards heaven without any prayers.

But massive are the inequities that rip it down.
And none are the holy petitions to help,
An earthwards journey to the ground
And plummets into the end of what was self.