Chapter 22: Two weeks Later

Our father is gone, an attack from an unlikely source. He had named my brother his heir, I chose I believe was the wise one, but I fear my brother is getting lost in his grief. My brother's and I have tried to grieve with him, to some him is not alone but he refuses to see us. Perhaps one day he will be able to move on.

-Diary of Lady Annita

Over the next couple weeks, I learned a few things. First a foremost don't try to feed a cat demon cat food. You will wake up the next morning with said food scattered across your kitchen floor and a dead mouse on your pillow.

Second, gossip spreads like wild fire in the supernatural world. In the day's following the fight at Malevolence, I had people calling and asking me if I was really involved with the death of a high demon. So even asked me to help them take out another powerful person. I told each and every one that I had no idea what they were talking about and they if they wanted to hire me for a real job, I would be more than happy to set up an appointment.

Third thing I learned was that when a Prince feels guilty about almost getting you killed, he tends trying a buy your forgiveness. First it was the check he sent, it was twice what I told him I charged and then it was my rent on both the office and apartment getting paid anonymously. I tried to tell him that it was not necessary but he pretended not to have any idea what I was talking about. So, I let it go.

With all the calls, I was receiving; some of them actually jobs, and my bills paid I was able to buy cat supplies for my new friend. Not that the damn thing actually used any of it. I bought him two beds one for my apartment and one for the office. The one in my apartment went untouched as he somehow wound up in my bed every night. At first, I fought against it, even closing and locking my door, I found it creepy that he could think and be human, but no matter what measures I took. I always woke up with him curled up on my bed next to me. As the days passed and that's all that happened I stopped fighting it. The bed in the office only got used when people came in. I think the demon liked pretending to be a loving house cat, when strangers came in because he could watch them and they never knew the danger the small cat could be.

It was strangely comforting know I had a secret bodyguard if I ever needed it. So, I normally let him do whatever he wanted. Though at the moment he was sitting on my desk blocking my laptop trying to get me to rub his head. And if I didn't know for a fact he was doing ust to be annoying I would have. Instead I shoved him off the desk.

He hit the ground with a yep and looked up at me. A feeling washed over the bond we shared and I knew he was pouting. I sighed and got up and walked to the fridge. As I opened the fridge and pulled out a can of tuna, I heard my office door open.

"One sec!" I shouted and opened the can and placed it on the floor. The cat gave a look towards the door and then jumped at the food, digging right it. Telling me whoever was here wasn't threat.

I walked around the cat and noticed Ash standing next to one of my chairs.

"Hey." I greeted and took my seat.

"Hey." He said with a smile, but it didn't reach his eyes.

"What's up?" I asked.

He pulled the emerald out from his pocket and tossed it onto my desk. I could feel the buzz of it again, and I reached out and ran my fingers over the top of it. The buzz turned into a hum under my touch and I had to force myself to pull my hand back.

"My father finally told me about it." Ash said, "Turns out it's an artifact from the Vermiculo Wars." I shuddered at the words. There was a name ever witch and vampire knew. The Vermiculo Wars happened a long ass time ago. It was between the vampires and witches and it had almost destroyed both groups. I looked at the emerald, "What is it?" I asked, refraining for touching it again. Ash sat back, "If you know much about the wars, you will remember the story about the branch of witches that fought against the treaty?" he asked. I nodded. It had been a group that had been willing to let more witches die then agree to compromise with vampires. "This group attacked the signing, trying to kill both the Royal vampire's in attendance and the council members, had they succeeded it would have wiped out the both sides leaderships and continued the war." I knew this part too. "Yeah but the council over powered them and with the help of the vampires managed to fight them off and then the treaty was signed and the war ended." I felt proud remembering a history my mother had forced upon me as a child. "Well that's the version everyone is taught." He said, "But my father was there. He said that the attack was something they couldn't have prepared for. The coven preformed some kind of spell that linked their magic all together." I gasped. "The bound the entire coven together? But that's…" I didn't need to finish my sentence because Ash did, "ridiculously stupid." It wasn't exactly what I was going to say but yeah it worked. "The link, I'm guessing it gave their leader the ability to tap into all of their magic and use it?" I asked. "Yes, and according to my father, he had never seen anything like it before or after. When they attacked they overpowered the council, all but one member. My father didn't know all the details but apparently was a lover of the leader of the attacking coven. He pleaded with her to stop for her to see reason and that the treaty was the only way to save their people." I felt sad for whoever the council member had been. To have to fight against someone you loved to try and protect others had to have been hard. "When she refused, my father said the council member told he was sorry and then he attacked her with his magic." "Anyways, after she was dead, the rest of her coven fell, the spell that linked them magically caused them to literally die with her. But the magic they unleashed was too powerful for the council to destroy or beat. So, they came up with a plan. Using an emerald my grandfather wore, the bound the loose magic to the stone." I moved my hand away from the stone that I hadn't even been aware I was touching again. "Shit." I muttered and looked up at him, "Why the hell is that just hanging around your neck." "Apparently, my grandfather was given the necklace by the same council member that killed his lover. The man didn't want the power to fall into the hands of another witch like the women he loved. He felt it was safer with the vampires. Mostly because they shouldn't have been able to access the magic. So, it hung around my neck, "He said sarcastically, "Because I should haven't been able to use it." "But you did?" I asked a little confused. He shook his head, "No we," He pointed between the two of us, "did." That's right. "My father, can't feel the buzz." He whispered. My eyes widened. "He wants to lock it in one of our vaults and forget about it. But I feel that it is too important to just let fade away, and I'm connected to it. You are too." He leaned forward and touched and I could feel it hum without even touching. "So, what do we do with it?" I asked. Ash sighed and took his hand away from the necklace. Then he stood up, "You take it. Put it somewhere only you know and when the time comes we need it again. We use it. Don't tell me where. My father is going to be furious he discovers its gone. Keep it safe." Then he was turning away and leaving. I sat there staring at the emerald running my fingers over it until the cat jumped on to my desk and knocked my hand away from it. "Thanks." I mumbled and then took an old shirt I had on my counter and wrapped it around the necklace and shoved it into one of my drawers. I had a place I could hide it, not that I wanted to return there. But the emerald would be safe. The next couple hours where boring in comparison to my visit with Ash. But as it got dark, the cat meowed at the door telling me he wanted to go home. I reluctantly reached into the draw and pulled out the bundle, tossed it my should bag and headed out of the office and towards my car. With the car door open, I put my bag on the passenger seat and waited for the cat to jump in the car. It took a while because he seemed to have gotten sidetracked by a bush. As I waited a car pulled in to the lot and drove until it was in front of me. The window rolled down and Tristen's gloomy gaze met mine. "I need a favor." He said. I sighed and looked over at the cat, he was still smelling around the bush and didn't seem to pay us any attention. I opened the door and went to climbed into the passenger's seat but a small box was already there. I looked up at Tristen and then down at the box. He picked it up, "That's the favor." Then he handed it to me. I had feeling either deja vu or foreboding hit me. I had a feeling I knew exactly what was in the box. "The necklace?" I asked as I sat down. He nodded. "Why?" I asked. "I kept it to keep it away from the others, but I can feel it. All the time. And I don't trust myself not to try and use it. But you, you taped into it twice that night and were still able to walk away from it." In a way I understood him, even sitting in his car I could still feel the slight buzz of the emerald sitting in my car. I nodded. "If I hide this, I'm not telling you were. But Tristen, what if something happens and you need it?" He stiffened in his seat. "Alex, I have lived for several centuries. I have survived just fine without it. But if there is ever something that comes along that I truly think I need it. I will ask you for help. But until then, I want nothing to do with it. And please don't tell Tyler. I don't want him worrying about me." "Okay." I got out of the car. "Be safe." Tristen said as I closed the door. "And Alex, name him." He said pointing to the cat that had jumped up and was laying in the driver's seat, and then driving away. "How the hell does he know I haven't named you?" I questioned the cat shoving it out of my seat. "You know if you turned human you could just name yourself." I said pulling the truck out of my parking lot. I turned on my radio and let the music play as I drove. I knew where I was going to hide the necklaces. The drive was about an hour, and the whole time I cursed my luck that I had to return there. An hour later, I stood outside an old house. It was worn but in pretty good shape for a house no one had lived in over 10 years. I was standing on the property line and could feel the power of the wards surrounding it. I closed my eyes and placed my hand against the closest ward. I let it feel my power and then I felt the wards shift and I was able to walk in. The cat following behind me. He stayed closed and growled at everything. "Yeah I know." I mumbled at him. When I entered the house, I heard him whine. I reached down and picked him up and held him close to my chest as I made my way to the room I was looking for. I had to walk around a few pieces of abandoned furniture but the room was easy to find. It was at the back of the house and the room itself at more wards then the property line but just as before they let me pass. In the far back corner there was an old wooden desk. I placed the cat on top of it and dropped to my knees. I waved my hand over a spot no quiet in the middle and there was a ripple as the magic in the room moved to revile an old safe. This part I really hated, I reached into my bag and pulled out a small pocket knife. I used the knife to poke a hole in my thumb and let a drop of blood fall on to the safe. There was a click and it opened. There were several things already hidden away inside but I didn't pay them any attention I just reached into my bag and pulled out first the box from Tristen and then the bundle from Ash. I placed them both inside and then slammed the safe door closed and I washed as the safe itself disappeared. I stood up and grabbed the cat and then walked a fast as I could out of the house. I stopped once on the way home to get food, only to realize I had left my wallet and phone in my office. I cursed and head back to my office. I pulled into the lot not worry about packing in a spot. I left the car running as I hopped out and headed for my door. The cat followed me. As I pulled out my keys and went o unlock the door, the cat started growling and scratching at the door. I put my keys back in my bag, and turned the handle. The door unlocked and I pushed the door open. I was hit with the smell of fresh air and sea. Confused I was into my office, the light was already on and there was a woman leaning over my desk. She looked up when she heard me come in and smiled. Her hair came over her shoulders in blue and teal waves that matched her eyes. Fae. My brain supplied. Though I had never met one before, I knew what she was. She was gorgeous in a supernatural and could probably kill me in a second kind of way. "Oh, lovely. I was going to leave you a note but here you are." She said cheerfully and she started to walk towards me. As she approached, the cat grew and placed himself in front of me. The women stopped. Her smile never fading, "Oh you're beautiful and I mean your master no harm." "Can I help you?" I asked. "Oh yes. My name is Meara and I need your help." The cat shrunk down and moved around her. He jumped on my desk and sat down facing her. He had stopped growling but was watching her. Trusting his instincts. I walked past her and stood behind my desk. "Please have a seat." I gestured to the empty chairs across from me and sat down. As she sat down I reached out and ran my fingers though the cat's fur. I was definitely going to have to think of a name for him.