The price

I Am One
We were might...
We once stood for what was right.

The Shadows creep,
The Darkness bleeds,
While the innocents die and bleed.

Dark Cloaks raging,
Holy battle,
World over-run as rich men Prattle.

The Under-struck,
The True of Men.
Who is left to Fight for them?

Fallen Towers,
Broken streets,
Home of the Free reduced to pleates.

Dark Cloaks singing,
Deadly song,
Singing, Singing, on and on.

The Ignorance
The wasted dime,
Costs us dearly every time.

Darker, darker,
Shadows Grow,
Falling as the world lay low.

We were to late,
It was far away,
But the Shadows choked the day.

The last of us were doomed no more.
Dark cloaks at the Gateway door
The last of us stood fast and true,
Fires raging as shadows grew,
A new song comes to fill the sky,
All the songs of do or die,
Singing the song of all ages before:
If you want Peace,
Prepare for War.