Once upon a time there was an ant named Arnie. It was his dream to live with humans. He decided to work hard and become the strongest and fastest ant around. He ran to and fro around the tunnels everyday to get faster and lifted heavy branches to get stronger. Arnie gathered more food and dug more tunnels than any other ant in his colony. He was highly praised by all his fellow ants, and even the queen.

Finally, Arnie went to the house of a human. He was met by a large man.

"Please let me live here with you!" exclaimed Arnie. "I am the fastest, strongest ant around. I can lift 50 times my weight and can run from here to the anthill in 15 minutes. I've worked hard all my life to help feed and grow my colony. You will never find a better ant than me!"

"You puny insect!" Shouted the man. "Why would I want to live with an ant? I could squish you with my pinky finger! Now get lost before I stomp you flat!"

Scared and sad, Arnie scurried away. He was stopped by a little boy. The little boy bent down and put his hand on the ground, allowing Arnie to climb up onto it.

"Oh please can I keep him?" The boy asked his dad. After a brief discussion, his father relented. Joyfully, the boy took Arnie to his room.

Author's Note: God is holy. He is love and light, omniscient and all powerful. He is so much bigger than us, that the comparison of an ant and a human is grossly inadequate. We could never be good enough or do enough to earn a place in His home. But he invited us and did everything necessary to pave the way to heaven.

I am a Christian and the analogy of an ant and a human popped into my head while talking to one of my co-workers. If you have any genuine questions or comments, I will try my best to answer - but I will not respond to taunts, personal attacks, or any mean or rude comments.