They say that
The eyes
Are windows to
The soul

But if you looked
In my eyes
You would find
An empty abyss

And you would likely
Ponder and wonder
How I am still
Alive and breathing

But few would notice
That the answer
Lies within the iris -
The tinted glass

What would you see
Looking deeply within
The kaleidoscope flames
Dancing eerily?

What would you see
In misty green -
Dew covered joy
Or thorn coated envy?

What would you find
Within my golden flames -
The sparks of passion
Or the ores of greed?

What would you discover
Peering through stormy grey -
The strength of a mountain
Or the bloodlust of a wolf?

What would you perceive
Within the vastness of blue -
Free and open skies
Or tempestuous typhoons?

And would you thus
Judge me to be
A being of gradients
Or polar extremes?