Brave Breakers

Chapter 1

Trails of the Brave

"Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind" – John F. Kennedy. War is fought for a person, an ideal, or money; but, a war that does not end shall have the fate of its participants be what is written above. Will extinction be the fate of those fighting in the skies above London, England as well as those fighting in the city below?

"Goliath squad, form up and keep your heads on a swivel! We break through to their last line of AA up ahead and air support will be able to raze the OUR command base to the ground and we'll have retaken London!" a young man yelled over a radio

Sir, yes sir!" the 5 soldiers following the young man yelled.

The young man commanding these brave souls looked no more than 18 years of age, and the men and women under him dwarfed him in age save for one. They had only 2 things in common asides from their current assignment. The first was that they were fellow soldiers for the United Earth Federation Government or UEFG, and the second was that they were all pilots of the humanoid combat robot called Breakers. Machines similar in size and shape to the certain TV series the "White Devil" originated from.

"Glory to the Red Leo!" screamed 4 out of the 5 soldiers under this young man's command.

"Yeah yeah… if you guys promise to try not to die… I'll buy you all drinks on my next paycheck." The young man….. the young leader chuckled.

"But captain…." Said a young man who spoke with a Japanese accent, "You're not old enough to drink yet."

"Neither are you Goliath 3." The young leader retorts.

The 6 pilots are flying between the buildings of downtown London both for cover and to stay undetected until the time is right. Three of the 6 pilots are flying standard mass prodection models that look like a get that grew arms as well as legs, 1 squad member is piloting a captured enemy machine called a Berkut, the Japanese pilot has control of an ocean blue sort of super prototype, and the captain has one as well…. a sort of "White Devil" in real life. Only this one is a bright orange red.

"I don't like this captain… given the number of forces sent to hold England and the size of the OUR unit that attacked us right after takeoff…. there should be at least 2 or 3 squads in our way right now. It is standard military procedure for them after all." a young woman pointed out with a heavy Russian accent, of whom happened to be the one piloting the captured enemy unit.

OUR or its full name Orbital United Republic is the name of the government that controls the military, of which in turn has control over the city of London.

"You're right there Goliath 4… it is way too quiet, but don't worry. We'll get you back to your….. to our daughter soon enough." the young man said pausing almost like he felt guilty for forgetting something important.

"Understood si-" the Russian pilot was saying before being drowned out by the sound of gunfire.

There was already the sound of gunfire, artillery shells, and civilians screaming as they try to get to safety filling the ears of these 6 pilots. There was also the sight of burning buildings, buildings with gaping holes, and lifeless husks in the street whether enemy/ally/civilian for these 6. Yet all together these 6 saw and heard the rounds fired from an enemy beam rifle. A classic weapon in sci-fi tales, but still a very dangerous one none the less.

"Take cover!" the young leader screamed.

The young captain's squad mates followed their leader's orders as fast as possible, but one member simply wasn't fast enough. That particular machine took a shot straight through the cockpit killing its pilot instantly.

"Jason!" the Japanese pilot pointlessly screamed at the top of his lungs, "Damn it…. he was just a week away from retirement."

"Goliath 2 and 6, be ready to take aim and avenge Goliath 5." The young leader ordered as he peeked around the corner of his cover only to see 2 enemy machines just fewer than 150 meters away from him.

The leader of these brave men and woman flew out from behind a large office complex, and headed towards the two crimson red enemy Berkuts at his machine's greatest possible speed.

"Easy pickings." one of the two pilots of the enemy machines thought as he and his ally took aim with their beam rifles.

These two enemy pilots stared down the scopes of their oversized guns as they saw this young leader…. this infamous (for them) Red Leo like a lion about to pounce upon it's pray. This causes a sense of fear and dread to be heavily ingrained throughout their very being, of which in turn causes them to put away their rifles in exchange for their melee weapons….. beam sabers…. a classic weapon of the sci-fi tales men and women like to read or watch.

"Fire on my mark!" the young squad leader ordered of Goliath 2 and 6 as he drew his own beam saber.

The young leader wasn't aiming for either enemy Berkut, but rather the space in between them. The enemy pilots thought it would be an easy kill once this young leader came right between them and swung their beam sabers down hard in response, however they only hit air. At the last possible second the young leader had his machine dive straight down at the last possible second stopping only a second before hitting the ground.

"Light'em up!" the young squad leader ordered.

There was the pitter patter of machinegun fire from 2 of the 4 remaining members of the young squad leaders subordinates, and there was the distinct swooshing noise from his latter 2 subordinates beam rifles despite the fact that they weren't ordered to fire. This could in turn be another way of saying that war comes in many shapes and forms, however this bit of overkill still results in the flaming destruction of the enemy units.

"It looks like we just happen to be lucky and avoid the OUR forces defending the area." Goliath 3 suggests as he and the rest of his unit return to formation and continues advancing on their objective.

"That….. or the supreme commander of the OUR forces in London realized their error, and is in the process of correcting it." Goliath 2 suggests in turn.

"But either way they sure as hell know where we are now." the young squad leader pointed out, "So we should hurry up and take care of the objective before we're surrounded and ultimately overpowered."

"Captain!" Goliath 4 yelled at the top of her lungs over the radio.

"What is it?" the young squad leader asks as he becomes quickly concerned at the urgency in his subordinates voice.

"I've detected one OUR Breaker heading straight for our position….. it's moving way too fast to be a Berkut. ID confirmed….. it's the AGX-X205A Zorica!" Goliath 4 declared as a sense of dread and fear appeared in her voice.

"The Zorica….. that has to mean… the Black Wolf is heading straight for us." Goliath 3 notes.

"Shit.. this had to get worse." The you mumbled just quitley enough that his radio's mic didn't pick it up, "Goliath 2, take command of the rest of the squad and proceed towards the target objective. I'll handle him on my own."

"But sir…. you can't possibly deal with him on your own." Goliath 2 says in clear protest.

"No… I can deal with him alone, but it sure as hell won't be easy….. in fact…. I have to settle things with him alone." The young squad leader declared as he recalled all of his previous encounters with the Black Wolf, "That aside….. what I said wasn't a suggestion marine… now do it!"

"Understood sir." Goliath 2 begrudgingly says in acknowledgment.

Goliath 2, come what may wanted to fight alongside her captain out of a unwavering sense of loyalty; but, this situation was one where she'd have to choose between the success of her mission and the lives of her men. She decides to go because she knew that if she and the rest of the unit stayed, they'd only be a distraction for their leader.

"Good….." the young leader whispered under his breath once the rest of his unit was out of visual range, "Come what may….. I accept my fate."

The Red Leo takes the first step towards accepting his fate by hovering above the tallest building in the area, of which essentially makes himself visible for all to see. A couple of enemy Berkut units even stop to take a look at the Red Leo, but they quickly move on once they realize a more powerful predator has their eyes on him.

"When I got the word you were here I wasn't sure if you'd stay with the rest of your unit or not." a young man with a Kurdish accent pointed out, of who seemed to barely suppress his anger.

The young squad leader turned 90 degrees to his left and saw a black Breaker with dragon like qualities in its design from the shape of its upper body to the scale-appearance of its exposed components come to a stop just 50 meters away from him.

"As you can see I didn't, but then neither did you. Still….. that makes it easier for the both of us to settle things doesn't it the infamous Black Wolf?" the young squad leader chuckled as if he was greeting an old friend.

"Shut up!" the Black Wolf screamed as he drew and pointed his beam saber at the young squad leader, "You have no right to refer to me by any sort of moniker after you turned Mary against her people!"

"Don't you get it? It's your beloved OUR that caused this!" the young squad leader screamed back, "She defected because your leaders were going to raze Singapore to the ground, and refused to let her pull her….. our daughter out of the danger zone!"

"She's Mary and Abel's daughter damn it… not yours you son of a bitch! You don't think I know that?! If she just came to me… to the rest of the squad…. we would have gotten her out a lot faster!" the Black Wolf retorts as his voice just oozed the pains of betrayal.

"Maybe you could have, but then we both know what your government would have done to her child afterwards." The young squad leader said as he implies this unknown action to possibly be a fate worse than death.

"No more talking….. when the day is over… either one of us returns home alive or both of us will become a footnote in history." The Black Wolf said as he drew a second beam saber.

"Yeah…. your right. I still…. I still have to avenge Eula after all." The young squad leader said as his resolve wavered for just a split second while pulling out a pair of beam sabers of his own.

"And I for my friends you've killed." The Black Wolf retorts as he only reaffirms his resolve.

Then these two rivals charge at each other as fast as their respective machine's thrusters would allow. Their pair of beam sabers quickly collide sending sparks all over the place and intense shock on each other's units…. so much so that the same amount of force would have damaged lesser units.

"Tchh.." the Black Wolf mumbles as he swallows the pain caused by the collision with his rival.

"You'll have to do better than that!" the young squad leader screamed.

Up and down, left and right, back and forth, corkscrew, and loop de loop….. these simplistic aerial maneuvers and more were performed as the Black Wolf and the Red Leo backed off from one another and had their blades clashed again and again. To those watching from a great distance whether soldier or civilian, it looked as though a black and red light were dancing in the sky together.

"I'll swear again like I've sworn to you before… I will slay you the specter possessing Abel's body….. so that my friend, and the father of Mary's child may rise again like Lazarus!" the Black Wolf yelled after his latest clash of blades with the Red Leo.

"And if you can't?" the young squad leader asked.

The second after the Red Leo asked that question, he and the Black Wolf stopped engaging each other in a manner that tested their respective swordsmanship. Instead they switched over to taking shots at each other with their respective beam rifles, and dodging like two jets in a dogfight.

"Then I'll crush you completely so you can't destroy everything that Abel believed in and everything he fought for!" the Black Wolf screamed.

"To think…. a year ago today was college's freshmen orientation." The young squad leader thought.

To Be Continued