The Agents of Irongrass finally had a true home. They were given three acres of land. Along with a priory as their base of office. Malice Leaf the Loyal continued to walk along the priory halls. It was interesting as the prior was catholic and many of Godwin's daughters were pagan. The daughters of Godwin levies were busy training poorly at that. A contact and servant of Sir Awesome was willing to train the Irongrass agent troops.

Malice sighed and walked towards the city. It was nothing special the usual giant rat attacks. However there's always buyers for the rat meat and hides. Finally she arrived at the city of Grassouen (Grass-ou-en). She sold the hides for three Grass pennies. Malice then gave two to the homeless charity. It was act of kindness. Unlike her older sisters the shadow Leaves who solely do it politically.

Malice then went into the tavern. Folks were dancing and singing full of merrymint. Malice looked around finally seeing a lizard woman. She was shocked expecting the contact to be a male. "More girl power" Malice giggled. It was small talk the lizard woman was a captain in Sir Awesome's army. She served in both the capital Camalot and New Avalon. The captain asked for a salary of three pennies and a private quarters.

Malice smiled and showed the captain her contract. The lizard woman read the contract content with the terms they shook hands. Malice made her way back to the priory.

It had been a long day and in hours the levies were fighting harder and tougher. "You know for being the so called mary sues you're all mediocre at best". Indeed the captain boosted the agents of Irongrass's fame. The prior said that she was blessed by god. For all Malice Leaf the Loyal knew maybe she was blessed by god.

Lore: Daughters of Godwin are cloned daughters and are the protecters of king Godwin.