From the Unknown Regions (Revised and Rewritten)

From the Unknown Regions Chapter I: The Bigger Picture

Ashoka Tano and Anakin wer eon the bridge of a starship whena soldier said "general were picking upa distress call!" Anakin looked at the soldier and said "put it through" the message began playing This is Captain Omaley of the 5th NR Army aboard the NRS Democracy we are stranded i am putting my self in cryo stasis until i am brought out if any one hears this the coordinates will come to you. Anakin looks at ashoka and says "Well snips another adventure lets go find our mysterious caller" The Ship jumped and came out near a unknown planet where the remenants of a ship were floating. Anakin, Ashoka,Rex and 2 clones went aboard the ship. As they walked down a level of the ship Rex said "This ship is of unknown doesnt even match designs to the old rpeublic or ancient sith empires." Anakin looked at ashoka and said "Well ashoka what do you think it could be?" Ashoka though then stopped as she stared at a flag "Well...ive never seen a flag like that." She points to a flag with blue and 5 stars. Rex went on ahead and yelled back about 5 minutes later "I found something General!" They all ran down the hall in there suits and found a cryo stasis module with a person in strange armor inside. Rex finds a console and turns it on and says "Err...ok this is ina completely diffeent lan" All the sudden a Hologram in color pops up and says "NRS Democracy report in you have been MIA for over 6 months report in." Rex replies "This is Captain Rex of the Grand Army of the Republic...this ship has floated into our borders who is speaking?" the hologram responds "This is Master Admiral Analla of the New Republic Navy you will send your coordinates imm-" The Hologram turns off and goes to static. Rex looks at Skywalker who is speechless along with ashoka and the other 2 clones. The Cryo Stasis pod then starts to depressuries and they all look at it as it opens the Helmet visor turns blue and he coughs and looks around and passes out. Anakin orders the clones to call for backup and tells ashoka to get any info she can from the terminal.

52 hours later the mysterious man wakes up slowly in a medbay in the jedi temple. As he gets up a doctor runs over looks at him "Are you ok? Youve been out for a few days." He nods and looks at her and she helps him up. He looks around and says " i...?" She says "Your on the jedi temple." He looks at her confused "What is coruscant.." She looks dumbfounded "Coruscant is the capital of the Rpeublic how could you not know that?" He looks confused and says "The Republic...what...Im from the New Republic...from earth...". Eventually the council calls him in and they see him. The Mysterious man looks at the council and Windu says "Where are you from?" The Soldier looks at him "I am from the Colony world of Lutina in the Untari System of the Frontier Galaxy." Windu looks at the others and ask another question "The doctor said you referenced a New Republic...what is the New Republic?" He looks at them "Are you all stupid...or...have i discovered a new galaxy..." Windu looks at him "You didnt asnwer my question." He looks at Windu "Yes...well...the New Republic is a Alliance of millions of Republics fighting under 1 flag against the Empire of Earth and its Colonies." Windu asked another question "You said Frontier galaxy are you implying that your civillization has been able to colonize entire galaxies?" The soldier smirked "We have colonized over 6 million galaxies and the war has made 1 big line between the known universe." The entire council was in shock, how could 1 species colonieze over 6 million galaxies...Ki-Adi Mundi then asked "You said somehting about a war...what type of war?" The Soldier looked at Mundi "The Genocidal War...over 2 Quintillion Cassualties...Weve been fighting it with the Empir eofr over 500 Years...The Empire has been advancing on every front and weve had no success in any major operations." The Council was shocked then Windu said "What is your Name?" The Man looked at windu "I am Captain Isaac Clarke of the New Republican 654th Army." A few days later he walks out to see younglings be trained then Ki Adi Mundi sits by him and says "Sorry if the council seems...pushy just weve been on edge with our own war." Clarke looks at him "Its ok." Mundi then ask "so...your war what is it like?" clarke says "We fight for every ince of ground and use anything we can."

Mundi then ask "So...your Goverment is fighting against a monarchy?" Clarke Replied "Pretty much they want to unite humanity under 1 flag but refuse to do it through diplomacy instead fight...There is more then 2 nations fighting...There is the Trading Republic, The Federation of 27, The Jedian Empire who recently have gotten involved.". Mundi noids and says "So what do you want to ask?" Clarke looks at him "As first contact i suppose i want to ask if i can use a hologrma to make contact with my goverment." Mundi nods and clarke walks off. A Few Months later 3 fleets of unknown ships came out of hyperspace in CIS territory. The CIS 3rd Fleet was sent in to investigate and when it came out the Alien admiral stood up and hailed the lead ship "This is Admiral Lun-Ka of the CIS who are you!" The person in strange armor stood up and said "I am Admiral Kai-Shei of the Imperial Navy and you will surrender this territory now! OR FACE THE WRATH OF THE EMPIRE!" The CIS Admiral replied back "Then fight us!" The 2 fleets began firing and the Imperial Fleet's out flanked the CIS Fleet and anniahlated it. When Palpatine made contact with dooku as Darth Sideous Dooku explained the situation and Palpatine said "Hmm...this is...a new development...make a cease fire with the Republic...i'll make sure it is done and destroy this "empire"." Dooku bows and walks off. A few days later peace is made between the 2 made peace and the CIS began fighting the Empire. The Chancellor had to change his plans and wait at least another 12 years before he could initiate the order. When the Republic and the New Republic met it was a first contact scenario. The President of the New Republic sat across the table and looked at the Chancellor and said "AAs President of the New Republic i offer you a place in our Republic." The Chancellor said "We cannot accept such a offer at the moment for you see...we are in the middle of a civil war." The President said "It does not matter we will unite you peacefully if you join." all the sudden a man that was by the president who was in what seemed like old rpeublic jedi armor said "M'lord i dont trust this man...he seems...dangerous somehow." The Presidet nodded and said "now Now Zha no need to insult our guest now back to buisness...will you join the New Republic or not?" The CHancellor ebing ina precarious accepted and like the other million republics were free but had to contribute there military to the front. The Chancellor sat in his office and looked at the city of coruscant and at the jedi temple and said "My plan wont fail...".

From The Unknown Regions Chapter II: A New Begining

The GAR had been sent to the front to fight the Empire on several different worlds along with the Jedi who led the army. On janaury 21st Master Windu and a fe wocuncil members walked in and attempted to place the chancellor under arrest but failed. The Chancellor then contacted Commander Cody of the 212th Airborne Legion (which had been mixed in with a New Republic Airborne Unit) and said "Commander Cody the time has come...Execute Order 66..." Commander Cody replied "It will be done m'lord." Commander Cody then turned his communicator off and looked up and found a New Republic Assult Rifle barrel at his head "Give the order and your dead cody." The person aiming the gun was Commander Kamara a capable women who led the airborne unit with extreme efficency. Cody Replied "Kamara i wouldnt give the order...i need to get this info to coruscant immidiatly." Kamara nods and looks to the sky and takes off into the air with her jet pack. Cody sends the information to the senate without the chancellors knowing.

The Chancellor had given the order to about 5 commanders when the door was blown open and the chancellor turned around "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?" A New Republican captain walked foward and aimed a derringer at the chancellor and cocked it "You have been tried for treason and found guilty the punishment is death.". The Chancellor attempted to shoot lighting but the officer shot first, smoke could be seen from the gun and eventually from the chancellors head a small hole where blood came out of, the chancellor fell to his knee's then his face. The Captain looked to his men and said "Throw the body out and give the news to there senate and halt anymore of these 'Orders'."

Some Where Else on Utapau

Anakin and Kenobi met at a nearby encampment of clone and New Republic soldiers and went to Cody who said he needed to tell them something. They both walked over and Cody looked at them and saluted and said "Sirs...the Chancellor gave Order 66...i sent the info to the senate...the Chancellor is dead." The 2 looked at him and Obi-Wan Asked "So palpatine is...dead..." Kamara ran over to the 2 "Generals!" the 3 look at her and she says with distress "Scouts report a massive Imperial force moving to the west...they dont seem to know about us for the moment but the initial defences to the western banks are failing there reqeusting support!" Anakin said "well old man you up for a bit of a challenge?" He smirked and kenobi said "Well arent you a optimistic one...Anakin we must pay this safe what if these Imperials are the advanced scouts for the entire Army?" Anakin looked at him "Then...we attack from the sides...and from above." Kamara looked at him with a crazy look "Out of all the crazy ideas ive hear din my career that is the craziest yet smartest thing ive ever heard/i could kiss you right now skywalker!" Anakin looked at her "Well Commander see you on the front." Kamara ran off to her 2nd in command and anakin looked at Obi Wan and Said "well...i guess were doing this." Obi-Wan smirked a bit "You got your self into this." He walked off to cody and Anakin looked off the cliff down at the plains.

The Senate was in turmoil over the chancellors death. Yelling and Screaming was going on until senator amidala (who in this timeline isnt pregnant) yells "QUIET AND SIT DOWN!" Everyone looked at her and sit down quickly. She Stood up and said "We must vote for a new chancellor or we will be left weak and left open for an Imperialist to take over which i refus eto let happen!" Everyone got in an orderly and began talking about a new chancellor, when out of no where a senator from one of the former CIS worlds came forth...her name was Bontari and said she would run for Chancellor then after her a senator from Ryloth would run and finally...a man from the New Republic its self...a man by the name of Kin Shei. The Galactic Republic voted after several hours and Bontari had been elected as new chancellor of the Galactic Republic

Meanwhile on Utapau

In the dark of the night Anakin was hiding in the tree line with about 100 clones watching the Imperial line march by...then out of no where a white flare went into the air lighting the sky up causing the imperials to halt and look up. Anakin then jumped activate dhis sbaer and killed a Imperial and yelled "CHARGE!" The Clones stood and yelled war cries as they charged into the Imperials who were shocked to say the least...then death...came from above. New Rpeublic airborne units jet packed down into the fray and started shooting the imperials sending them into more chaos. As Kamara kept on shooting a Imperial came from behind and hit her in the head and aimed a gun at her, a she was about to pull the trigger cody came out of no where and jumped on the soldier and shot the soldier point blank in the face with the soldiers own pistol. Kamara stood up and shot a few more then helped cody up who had blood all over his armor. After the Imperial Army had retreated and the little attack force returned home. Anakin and Kenobi were eating some bread from the MRE's which according to skywalker tasted like sand. Kenobi had always thought that the food of the NEw Rpeublic military was weird at best but he wasnt one to judge. As Cody was looking through binoculars kamara came up behind him and sat by him, Cody then said "Need something Captain?" Kamara said "well...mor elike...talking...about what happened during the battle...why did you save me?" Cody looked at her "Cause the unit wouldve fell apart had you died." Obviously lying Kamara looks at him and says "Your lying Commander." Cody says "Well your good at reading peoples emotions...fine...2 reasons...1...If you died the whole plan wouldve fell apart...2..well umm...i...umm...oh screw regulations!" he turns towards her and kisses her. Taken by surpirse she is shocked then eventually pushes deeply against his lips and kisses deeper.

He breaks the kiss and they both smile and Kamara says "Lets...keep this a secret..." Cody replies "I agree." kamara smiles and looks at the city. Back at the tent Anakin and Kenobi are talking "And then i said well where is the wine at if you plan to go through with this!" Both Anakin and Obi-Wan begin laughing so hard that Obi-wan falls out of his chair laughing. Anakin stops laughing and wipes a tear off his eye when the hologram turns on and it is Padme, she see's kenobi on the gorund laughing and anakin still chuckling a bit and then Padme says "Well it seems you 2 are having fun while i play politics...the senate jsut elected a new chancellor, Bontari." Anakin looked at her "A Former Sepratist is Chancellor? Surprising." Kenobi got up and said "A Sepratist Chancellor these are strange times indeed." Amidala nodded and the hologram ended.

From the Unknown Regions Chapter III: The Empires Last Light in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Within the next few weeks the Imperials were pushed off Utapau and the advance to push the Empire out began. Back at the Temple the Council was discussing whether the jedi should pull out of this new war. meanwhile aboard a Imperial battleship the Admiral is talking to the captains of the fleet and says "Then wer ein agreement that in order to get the empir eoff a 6th front we must assult coruscant and enforce our own demands?". One of the Captains says "An attack on Coruscant would show were not willing to retreat.". The Other Captains agree and the Admiral says "Then we launch our attack!".

Meanwhile on Coruscant

Padme was looking out of the window in her apartment as she was doing paper work. As she looked up a fighter flew over giving off a terrible scream, and then another and another. Then a transport flew over and troops were parachuting out. The Sirens on coruscant went off and AA fire went off into the air. The Jedi Council was deciding whether they should stay out of the war when the attack happened. Master Yoda stood up and said "DEFEND THE CITY WE MUST!" The COuncil and the order went out to defend the city. On Utapau as Kenobi and Skywalker were making plans for the new offensive a hologram came on it was from Bontari "Generals...Coruscant is under Attack by the Empire!" They both look at her then at eachother then at her "We'll be there as quick as we can!" they both get up and yell "GET EVERYTHING TOGETHER! SOUND THE ALARMS WERE HEADING BACK TO CORUSCANT! CORUSCANT IS UNDER ATTACK BY THE EMPIRE!" The troops ina hurry began packing every thing and Kamara ran over "GENERALS WHAT IS GOING ON!?" Anakin looks at her "THe Empir eis attacking Coruscant! We've bee ordered to return to coruscant and defend it!" kamara nods and runs off to get her men in order and within the enxt few hours they came out of hperspace at coruscant and found a massive space battle going on. Obi Wan looked at Anakin "Get out into space i'll controll the fleet!" Anakin bows his ehad runs to the hangar and takes off rallying the sqaudrons. Kamara walks to the bridge and see's Kenobi and says "Sir ive conformation that the 54th New Rpeublic Fleet will join you in battle." Obi Wan nods and says "Good when we break through the line will your unit be ready to do a air borne assult on occupied regions of the city?" Kamara smirked and said "When have we NOT been ready sir?" Kenobi nods and looks to the men and says "Fire all foward cannons and take us into the fray slowly tell all ships of the fleet to stay on us and form a arrow were pushing directly through." The men give the orders to the other ships.

As the Battle above went on down on the surface the defense was failing and the Imperial Army was using the tactic that the NEw Rpeublic failed to orm a defense against..Pasekrieg. A tactic in which the Infnatry and armor advance in massive formations and use training and numbers to overwhelm the enemy. This Tactic took the GAR at complete surprise and which was why they were being oblitirated at every front.

As the Imperials pushed towards the Senate building a last attempt to hold the Enemy back was made about 5 miles from the senate building. Commander Wolf was in charge of the defense and had ordered the men to hold to the last. As the Imperials lauched there attack they were stalled for the frist time since the attack as the Clones had brought in mobile artillery which was finally in position and firing. Eventually though the Empir ebroke through the line and made there wya to the chancellors office where the Admiral walked in and sat in front of her and said "Coruscant has fallen...surrender and we will leave pe-" All the sudden an explosion went off outside in the city and a New Rpeublic cruiser came out of the clouds. The Admirals tood up "IMPOSSIBLE!" He pulled a pistol and aimed it at the chancellor "Sign the surrender now! OR I WILL SHOT YOUR BRAIN OUT!" She laughed and said "I ebleive its too late for that." As she said the admiral felt a blaster put to his head and the clone said "Put the gun down sir." The Admiral put it down and put his hands up.

With that the seige of coruscant ended and the Imperial Armies on coruscant surrendered. The Empires Failure gave hope to a broken New Republic who had been fighting the Empire for over 500 years. The New Republic would allow the Galactic Rpeublic to stay out for while and allow ther eindustry o revive and the military as well.

To Be COntinued...

Authors Notes

I know mos tof you will hate Cody being ina roamntic relationship but it is something im trying out so...may have her killed if you dont like it (For those that read this and review)

Secondly this is a revised and rewritten version of the first From the UNknown Regions. This is more "realistic".

I know the Galactic Republic wouldn't probally give its independence up to join a bigger Republic but when your being invaded what are your choices?

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