You seem happy in your company.
For once, I see you smile like you belong.
So I took that step back,
away from my angel,
away from that blissful circle you have discovered.

It's alright, I thought.
You told me back then, that we will always be friends.
It's alright, I thought.
To be happy to see you once in a while,
that you will be happy too.
It's alright, I thought.
To hug you and tell my dear friend that I had missed her.

The fault is mine,
I had failed to see the signs -
How you started drifting away,
how you started flinching away,
how I had made you uncomfortable.
Where did I go wrong?
How can I make things right?

There was a time long ago,
when you signed off your letters with
"Amin mela lle".