In the year 2208, a descendant of Donald Trump was president and had caused a change in this world never before seen. His name, was George Hall. George was a hands on individual. Whenever he could, he would go on trips around the the world. George had a love for fiction and history, and while he understood reality as best has most people could, he never had an instant disbelief of the supernatural. In Fact, he searched for it. He was an intelligent man that had money, success, and character to his name. After years of searching for something, anything that was out of this world and truly undeniably special, he found it. It was a book. Turquoise cover with fresh looking pages. He had heard tales of it doing things to people. But most these people were african religion practicers. He had finally managed to make personal contact with the book. When he did, all of Nigeria exploded with a wave of intense energy. Nigeria's exact land was gone.

The only survivor was George himself. He was left floating in the sky of New Nigeria until the result had settled for the rest of the world. Others had touched and interacted with the book. They had even attempted to read it. But for whatever reason, George's touch caused a reaction on a whole nother level from the claims of restless sleep, or minor predictions of future events. The beam of energy went well into space. And it all balled up, and came back to earth. The energy filled the gap with new land. Completely new land, with new plant life, creatures, and sentient beings alike. All of which, were in the infant stage of life. The new Nigeria was also inhabited by spiritual, ghost like, blue figures. That looked like the grown and adult versions of the plants, and life forms of the New Nigeria and only had physical contact and communication with the things of New Nigeria and some outliers.. They behaved in a more mature, and developed way then the completely physical infant versions of the figures.

There was a smoke like, light blue energy left from the eruption from the book. It covered Nigeria and a lot of parts from the surrounding countries before it spread out over the Earth. While at first it stopped vision, like a thick fog, by the time most of the Earth was covered, it had a very light blockage on sight. After a year, the only seeable signs of it were in Nigeria, where even then it was almost unseeable.

This energy instilled good feelings to all that were touched by it. Confidence, self satisfaction, and other positive thoughts were given to those that even just had contact with the energy. As the energy became no longer visible, it's effects on the minds of people and creatures lowered greatly. But never left completely. The regular Earthlings investigated all they could, but besides the mental and chemical effects caused by positive thoughts, there wasn't any reaction from the energy. Even when it was visible, touching it's thicker parts didn't do anything else, but increase the positive thoughts. No other possible effects could be noticed. No amount of research changed this.

Now, the inhabitants of New Nigeria and the land itself were an entirely different issue. There were some animals and plants that were familiar, but there were even more that were new. Different variations of known animal and plants, completely new ones, and humanoids. Rhino people and lizard men alike. There were some attempts to separate the new world from the rest of the planet. This didn't work. The humanoids didn't stray from the land, but the creatures and bugs were roaming and even seemed curious. The ones with less intelligence never attacked humans that weren't from New Nigeria. The more intelligent ones only did so when provoked.

It wasn't until 2210 that George Hall awoke from his coma like state and slowly lowered miles down to the ground. He was obviously confused. When he reached the ground the United States soldiers assigned to watch him were already prepared for him. He had many questions, and he received all the answers, satisfying or not, shortly after returning to the USA. He was swiftly put back in office. His wife and Vice President helping him to the best of their ability. He was tested severely before this, however. The results were astonishing. He was capable of listing tons of of weight and reaching speeds of Mach 3000. His brain was capable of much more impressive feats. Like a seemingly unlimited perfect memory. All positive aspects of his physical self were enhanced. His senses and abilities were far greater. And while I was overbearing for the first two months, he got control over his new powers rather quickly. As if control was an added power itself. He become a bolster for the American people, an assurance that if things hit the fan, they would be safe. The US had agreed to not use him unless in dire situations. His usage was even more prohibited than a nuclear strike. He easily won his 2212 election. And January 5th, 2213, The Outbreak occurred. People all over the world were acquiring abilities. None even a thousandth as impressive as George Hall, but above what was previously possible for humans.