That man is on trial for a heinous crime,

And the jury's given all their pity to

An innocent man who, to death, was consigned.

Since the suspect was first confined,

The police had no doubt they knew

That this man was guilty of the crime.

And it's made clear, with a victim enshrined

By a mother whose sobs would not be subdued,

It was an innocent who, to death, was consigned.

Like a prompter who knows every single line,

The media's viewers to the jurors cue,

"That man is guilty of every possible crime."

And if condemned, the guilty man will be assigned

Death row, for the judge declared his life is due

To the innocent man, to death consigned.

So though the public demands a verdict be assigned,

After days and days the jurors still review.

For if this man is not guilty of the crime,

Another innocent man, to death, would be consigned.