Zachary Battle Stories 1

I threw my javelin killing a clown. "For the Irongrass Kingdom" shouted a Zachary Sergeant. Names Zachary Oswalding a Irongrassmun (Iron-grass-mun) Javelineer. Been training with a spear since the age of five. We Zachary's or Irongrassmun prefer to be the unsung soldiers.

After all the mary sues like that prestige. I have four vampire daughters Adda, Aveline, Rocca, and Myria. I fight so they can sleep at night. The Zachary sergeant cleaved through the clown lackeys. This was just a patrol though. I steadied my breathing throwing another javelin.

It's always tough saying bye to my children. Being pious they pray till I return. I could have swore I heard them say duck. "Duck father" I did that. A hatchet tore into a Zachary bowman. I checked on him he smiled "I'll live" I pulled him to the cleric. The elf cleric nodded.

I returned to the fray. The clowns morale was wavering our spear wall driving them back. Finally they sounded the retreat. Four of my kind were dead and twenty wounded. Dozens of clowns were sent back to hell. I was given my pay. I was even complimented for my skills at arms and bravery.

I returned to my home the town of Hodge. My youngest Myria ran to me and gave me a hug. As their not true vampire they have more compassion. Yes vampires call them hybrids. A mix of Irongrass and vampire blood. I could careless I kept them safe. A proud soldier of the kingdom of Irongrass.

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