I Dreamed of a Long Way Home

I look and see but

I can't possibly believe

What I have lived to dream


The silver streams slowly mixed with the growing pools of blood. A bright vivid red among the pools of fine silver. Contaminated, no longer pure. The sacred waters of this life have become tainted with swirling crimson blood.

Chapter 1

My feet crunched against the glittering snow, winking at me as I walk down the road towards home. The snow flickered in and out, dark and light as I walked under a failing street lamp, the bulb was fading slowly turning to an empty void.

The world rushed around, changing all the colors that I could see. A bursting flash of light, and a swamp of a black night.

I sat on the ground in the cold menacing snow. The burst had frightened me out of my socks and deposited my body on the frozen ground.

Everything felt cold, freezing cold, I had two and a half miles of walking to do, with no money, with no hat and with no flashlight, I had to reach home.

Reaching out with my hand, feeling for the street lamp I pulled myself up and with a shivering shake the snow slide off.

The snow blew through me,I shivered trying to fight off the cold. It was the middle of winter, yet here I was walking down the snow covered road going home.

A wavering and stumbling trail of prints fell behind me as I huddled and inched my way down the desolate road.

The sky's gems fell,covering me from head to toe and I could only watch in amazement but so completely alone. My body burned but that hasn't seemed to affect a flake of snow, a blanket now covers me, shaking I try to rid myself of it, but all my energy has fled from my heavy blinking eyes to my dizzying sight I had lost the fight of staying aware of time, I knew I would die but I couldn't summon the need to fight. With my back pressed against a small Pine tree and my small hands and arms folded around my knees I gave in… to the possibility of no morning.